Zasmin Skin Therapy Review


Zasmin Extra Moisturizing is said to be a wrinkle cream that aids in the reduction of wrinkles. In this review we are going to take a deeper look at this product in order to determine whether or not it could be an effective anti-wrinkle agent. We will see if it can possibly live up to the claims that have been made about this cream.

Product Details

While trying to find evidence that may support the claims that have been made about this product, we were very much disappointed. While researching, no listed ingredients were found. Nor was a product or company website there to be found. We did find one source that reveals that this product could possibly contain such ingredients as Marine DNA and Ulva Lactuca Extract. This is usually found to be disappointing to the potential consumers, due to the belief that most women want to know what it is that they are putting on their face. This may also lead some women to believe that a product cannot be trusted if it appears that it is trying to hide something by not disclosing all possible information about the product.

While researching the possibility of Marine DNA to be used as an anti-wrinkle agent, we found it difficult to find any kind information on such an ingredient. It is thought that maybe the type of Marine DNA that is used should be made available to potential consumers so that it could possible to help with finding some sort of evidence that could support this ingredient. The Ulva Lactuca Extract was found to be nothing more than a fancy name for a type of algae that is found off the coast of Scotland. In Scotland it is not used as a skin care product, but as a type of greenery or vegetable in a variety soups and salads. The possible effects that it could have on wrinkles was not able to be determined due to the lack of information that was available.

The Good

  • Could possibly be found at discount prices.

The Bad

  • No website was found to be able to perform proper research.
  • Too many questions about the actual contents of this product.
  • Does not appear to contain clinically proven ingredients.
  • No testimonies or customer ratings were found.
  • Apparent risk-free trial does not appear to be available.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to research this product, you may be out of luck. Many of the regular resources were checked in order to try to determine if this could be an effective product. All the research revealed was that it could be bought at a discount. It seems as though some women, mainly those with sensitive skin or allergies, would find it to be neglectful not to disclose such potentially important information. The company may have better results while promoting the product if they were to at least provide some sort of free trial offer, or money back guarantee. There are too many skin care products out there that are considered to be competition that offer these types of things, not to mention the ones that contain ingredients that have clinically proven ingredients and that are backed by scientific research.

7 thoughts on “Zasmin Skin Therapy Review”

  1. I have used Zasmin products for over a year and I believe that I see results. I feel that it tightens and firms the skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  2. I also use zasmin and love it. I have used many products and I feel that zasmin works better than many expensive creams.

  3. I noticed immediate results when I used Zasmin eye contour serum. I found it for under $6 at a local discount store and it seems to be minimizing the appearance of fine lines under my eyes. Is it as good as the $350 creams? Probably not. Is it better than the cheap junk from the drugstore? Yes.

  4. At 78 years of age I can say that zasmin wrinkle creme is the best and not overly expensive – sorry “hope in a jar”!

  5. Can’t find it any longer! Use to buy it for years at a local discount store (across the United States). Tried to get info years ago, found some info from Europe but can”t find it now. Anyone know where to purchase this product please email me.

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