Youthology Review


Youthology is a line of beauty products created specifically for use around the eyes. The official website claims you will “Look up to 10 years younger in 90 seconds!”. The Youthology line of products is manufactured by the Youthology Research Institute, which is based in Encino, CA. At the time of this review, Youthology currently has four products available and these are the Youthology Ninety Second Wrinkle Removing Eye Serum with Active Rejuvatin, Youthology Daytime Nourisher, Nighttime Nourisher, Rich Collagen Repairing Mask, and Radiance Mask.

The wrinkle serum was created for use around the eyes and is the dominant product on the official website. It claims to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the eye and cheek area, erase crow’s feet, get rid of bags and puffiness around the eyes, and to last for up to 8 hours.

Product Details

The official Youthology website says that the active ingredient in the wrinkle removing eye serum is Active Rejuvatin which claims to be a “clinically optimized” substance that “suspends” your skin. Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t go into any more detail than that about what Active Rejuvatin is. The key ingredients are listed on the product description page and they are: Echinacea Angustifolia (Coneflower) Extract and Centella Asiatica (Gotu Cola) Extract.

The other products in the Youthology line seem very similar and also seem to be designed to work together if you want the maximum results. This means you will have to purchase all four products plus the “bonus” lip line reducer. Each product costs around $40 so you will spend well over $140 to get them all. We like how the official website is set up and here are some testimonials available on the official site and that is always a plus. The lack of any proven wrinkle fighting ingredients really puts us off, however, and there isn’t a full list of ingredients for any product.

The Good

  • The official Youthology website has quite a few testimonials and some before and after pictures.

The Bad

  • The Youthology products don’t contain any powerful and proven wrinkle fighters.
  • You need to purchase all of the products to use together if you want to see maximum results from Youthology.
  • Each product costs around $40.00, making a set fairly expensive.

The Bottom Line

The Youthology line of products come in a very nice package and the website is very pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, that’s where the good points seem to end. The 90 second eye serum contains echinacea and gotu cola as its active ingredients and there isn’t much research to prove that these will help with wrinkles at all. We do like the testimonials and before and after pictures but there just isn’t enough real information presented to let us recommend Youthology products at this time. Instead, we’d recommend sticking with a more well-known wrinkle cream that contains numerous anti-aging ingredients working together in one package.


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