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Editor's Review: 3.7 / 5.0

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Yonka is the name of a skincare company based in Paris, France founded by the Mühlethaler family, who were prominent botanists. Yonka bases its skincare formulation on aromatherapy and phytotherapy, mixing all natural plant extracts to produce an all-natural skin care solution. Today Yonka is regarded as the skincare line of the rich and famous, and famous stars such as Catherine Zeta Jones claim to use Yonka extensively. Yonka currently produces skincare topicals for the face and the body, but this review will focus on Yonka’s anti-aging skincare products.

Yonka currently bases its skincare creams on four therapies: aromatherapy, phytotherapy, fruitherapy, and marinetherapy. The Mühlethaler family believes plants and fruits contain important ingredients essential for optimum skin health, and apparently they’re on to something — millions of people, including the rich and famous, use Yonka extensively and rave about its benefits, including softer, radiant skin and reduction of wrinkles. Some believe this is all hype, however.

Currently, Yonka is sold in select skincare outlets and spas, so these products are not easy to purchase. Likewise, there is no money-back guarantee or smaller samples to try — and you should be prepared to spend a lot to purchase it. Most of Yonka products range between $40-$80 per bottle.

Product Details

Yonka’s anti-aging skincare line contains two types of anti-aging products: all-day products and all-night products. Each are meant to be used together, which can racks up pricewise. Typical products included in their all-day line are Optimizer, a serum with horsetail and wild rose extracts, and Galbol 90, a serum containing hop extracts. These are not filler ingredients — clearly the Mühlethaler family did their research. Horsetail Extract, for example, contains silica, which is fundamental for restoring skin elasticity. Hop Extract has been used for centuries to cleanse the skin and ward off numerous skin problems. Most of these main ingredients have actual backing as legitimate skin protectors, but there is not an actual ingredient list available about any of these products. It is not clear what else is contained in these products, and consumers should be wary — this might lead to unwanted side effects.

The Good

  • Created by botanists as a plant-friendly alternative form of skincare.
  • Used by celebrities for optimum skin care.
  • Main ingredients have shown some evidence of improving skin texture.

The Bad

  • Yonka is extremely expensive.
  • It is only available in select spas and skin care facilities.
  • They offer no money-back guarantees because of its price – people need to be careful when purchasing this product.
  • They do not offer a complete ingredient list on their official website.

The Bottom Line

As expensive as it is, Yonka offers an interesting form of alternative skincare. It contains helpful ingredients that increase skin elasticity and helps improve the skin naturally, something most people covet. It is simply too hard to find Yonka at the moment, and hopefully they will expand their skincare line to popular brick-and-mortar outlets as well.

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Yonka

  • 1


    I have been using Yonka for literally 20 years. I am 40 years old and truly believe that this product has given me the ten years discount! Which means I look 30 not 40!!

  • 2


    I use Yonka also . . . I have tried MANY and without a doubt, Yonka has given me the BEST results. You can find online stores that sell it at reasonalbe prices. All told, you get, what you pay for and Yonka will give you the results you want!!

  • 3


    I have been using Yonka for 5 years and my face looks fabulous! I used to suffer from little white pimples under the sking – they are gone! I luv it~

    Marie L.

  • 4


    I am an esthetician with hands-on experience using Yonka Paris skincare for the past 4 1/2 years. I will never work with or personally use another skincare line. The reason Yonka is not easily obtained is because of the extensive training and strict requirements a spa and its service professionals must meet in order to carry and use the product. Yonka is unlike any other skincare line. The results have been proven and the product continues to receive rave reviews through the years, unlike many new products that fail to impress beyond their initial debut. The cost of Yonka is comparable to many leading lines and in all honesty-you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that true professional products(only available in licensed facilities) are concentrated. While you may be able to purchase a less expensive product over-the-counter, you will have to use 2-3 times more than a professional item. Yonka does provide samples and They are pre- packaged in containers that provide about 4-6 days worth of product. Every home care product is available as a sample and are handed out generously. Full ingredient lists are available within the package in the form of an insert that also provides tips on how to use the product and information about other products available that compliment the product you have purchased. Product refunds are solely based on the regulations set up by the facility carrying the product. I have personally never denied a client their right to a refund or exchange in the event they are unhappy with their purchase. However, in over four years I have only had one client return a Yonka product and it was due to an allergy. This product is worth a try, I guarantee you’ll love it. Your skin will be healthier and more vibrant from the first day you use it.

  • 5


    Are you kidding, you can buy Yonka (general and professional) on eBay, Amazon, the web in general. It is expensive and high quality, my daughter swears by it. But please, it isn’t elusive.

  • 6


    Its elusive in the sense that not every spa can carry it. AND usually people who sell Yonka and similar products on Amazon/Ebay or what not are doing so illegally.

  • 7

    Siobhan O

    I used Yonka products exclusively during my 20s. It was a superb product for my skin. At 32, my skin started to change a lot and YONKA started to work less for my needs, although I did switch their products up, it no longer did the job. I was then turned onto Sonya Dakar, which I also think is a brilliant line. It seemed to work better than Yonka, but not “the best.” The scrubs are bar none for clogged skin, though.

    Now that I am on 40, I recently started to try the MD lines out there. I tried Dennis Gross, Perricone, and Colbert MD. I am now settling on Colbert MD as my winner, but they don’t have a wash. I am thinking about using Yonka Face washes again with the Colbert MD creams, and serums.

  • 8


    I have been using Phyto 54 for Rosacea going on 4 weeks now and see improvements beginning.

  • 9


    Their newest line, Vital Defense, is amazing. You can request the Vital Defense facial. I got it and was blown away by the results. True, people sell it illegally online. Through a salon, you will have a return policy. At $40+ an item, the return policy os worth it!

  • 10


    I am an African American woman in my 30s. And I am curious how Yonka ranks amongst our skin type.

  • 11

    avril gribbon

    can you tell me what percentage of glyco is in professional yonka facial please

  • 12

    avril gribbon

    what is a vital defence facial

  • 13


    They offer samples, we get them for our clients every month. Maybe not all retail outlets offer them then? All I know is our samples are awesome and come in fantastic little bottles, tubs an sometimes foil sealed packs.

  • 14

    julie benson

    I just need to know how to use my Yonka Mesonium 1 and Mesonium 2. What order to apply, skin preparation, when to use. Thank you.

  • 15


    Julie, use Mesonium 2 first, and then Mesonium 1.

  • 16


    Its over-rated, too expensive, with aromatic plant based products. A great spa type facial, but without true merit for long term affects. Its definitely better than soap and water.

  • 17


    I used Yonka a few years ago and didn’t really give it a chance. And was using Chanel. Love their makeup but the skin care line just wasn’t working for me. I went back to using Yonka about 2 weeks ago, btw I will be celebrating my 44th bday in 2 weeks. I have had a minor problem with small white bumps under the skin, very large and clogged pores, mask over forehead area, and broken capillaries. Since restarting the line my skin looks brighter, is so smooth, and I have had so many compliments as to what I had “done”. Ha! I won’t go back to anything else. I use the fruitelia, grommage, and photo along with the gel cleanser. But I think I will start using the milk cleanser now that the weather is colder it will provide more moisture. I also want to try the new elastine jour.

  • 18


    I have used Yonka for years. If you go for facials the odd time the people who sell Yonka are trained to give you advise on your skin. The products are all great and they have a line for all skin types. remember your skin changes as you age and these people know what they are doing. Give the products a chance and you WILL LOVE THEM.

  • 19

    Kindel Booth

    I think your product is great! It is the best I have have ever used!

  • 20


    The products you are buying on Amazon and EBay are not authorized by the company and chances are you are buying toxic rip offs made in China which are causing record numbers of melonamas from illegal produced products. You should only buy name brand products from Authorized Dealers. Buyers Beware!

  • 21

    jessica hare

    BEWARE SALON OWNERS – The educator for northern california is the rudest, most unprofessional and condescending person i have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Zero class , Zero knowledge of skin. Totally turned me off from Yonka for good. It’s a shame that a company like Yonka would hire such an obnoxious person.

  • 22


    I’m not really sure where some of the feedback above is coming from. I’ve used Yonka for over 15 years and have been over-all very happy. but lately the product seems to have been refomulated and its not the same. Once they repackaged the product it seems to have changed. Not only did they reduce the amount you were receiving while jacking up the price, but its also noticable the formaula change. I still had some of the old Elastine Jour and compared the new one to it. Not only does it smell different, but the consistancy has changed and most importantly, I’ve noticed a change in the way it works. i also did the same compaison to the Gel Nettoyant and found the new one to be watered down.
    As for the comments above about the product only being found in professional Spas etc, thats not the case around NYC. I find it mostly in Nail salons that also do hair and in beauty supply houses that have a chair or 2 where they cut hair. I also find the sales help totally unknowing of the product.
    Its time to move onto another product. esp at these prices.

  • 23


    I just started using the Yonka line. I was wondering if there is a reputable place “online” where I could purchase Yonka products from? Or is there anything specific I should look for?

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