Yonka Review


Yonka is the name of a skincare company based in Paris, France founded by the Mühlethaler family, who were prominent botanists. Yonka bases its skincare formulation on aromatherapy and phytotherapy, mixing all natural plant extracts to produce an all-natural skin care solution. Today Yonka is regarded as the skincare line of the rich and famous, and famous stars such as Catherine Zeta Jones claim to use Yonka extensively. Yonka currently produces skincare topicals for the face and the body, but this review will focus on Yonka’s anti-aging skincare products.

Yonka currently bases its skincare creams on four therapies: aromatherapy, phytotherapy, fruitherapy, and marinetherapy. The Mühlethaler family believes plants and fruits contain important ingredients essential for optimum skin health, and apparently they’re on to something — millions of people, including the rich and famous, use Yonka extensively and rave about its benefits, including softer, radiant skin and reduction of wrinkles. Some believe this is all hype, however.

Currently, Yonka is sold in select skincare outlets and spas, so these products are not easy to purchase. Likewise, there is no money-back guarantee or smaller samples to try — and you should be prepared to spend a lot to purchase it. Most of Yonka products range between $40-$80 per bottle.

Product Details

Yonka’s anti-aging skincare line contains two types of anti-aging products: all-day products and all-night products. Each are meant to be used together, which can racks up pricewise. Typical products included in their all-day line are Optimizer, a serum with horsetail and wild rose extracts, and Galbol 90, a serum containing hop extracts. These are not filler ingredients — clearly the Mühlethaler family did their research. Horsetail Extract, for example, contains silica, which is fundamental for restoring skin elasticity. Hop Extract has been used for centuries to cleanse the skin and ward off numerous skin problems. Most of these main ingredients have actual backing as legitimate skin protectors, but there is not an actual ingredient list available about any of these products. It is not clear what else is contained in these products, and consumers should be wary — this might lead to unwanted side effects.

The Good

  • Created by botanists as a plant-friendly alternative form of skincare.
  • Used by celebrities for optimum skin care.
  • Main ingredients have shown some evidence of improving skin texture.

The Bad

  • Yonka is extremely expensive.
  • It is only available in select spas and skin care facilities.
  • They offer no money-back guarantees because of its price – people need to be careful when purchasing this product.
  • They do not offer a complete ingredient list on their official website.

The Bottom Line

As expensive as it is, Yonka offers an interesting form of alternative skincare. It contains helpful ingredients that increase skin elasticity and helps improve the skin naturally, something most people covet. It is simply too hard to find Yonka at the moment, and hopefully they will expand their skincare line to popular brick-and-mortar outlets as well.


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