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Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

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According to the name Votre Vu seems to be a French company that has been around only a few months. Their focus is that of anti-aging products, general skin care and cosmetic items. There are various types of skincare and cosmetic items such as eyeliners and serums as well as others. The company claims that they use all natural ingredients. We are thoroughly impressed with the use of all natural ingredients in various anti-aging and general skin care products and cosmetic items. However, there are some products we feel will benefit by including tested and proven ingredients such as Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid. The organization of the Votre Vu website is very nice, while it provides a section devoted to the frequently asked questions of their clients. They provide an ingredient glossary for their commonly used anti-aging and skin care products. However, we have no conclusive evidence how these ingredients are useful in their various products.

Product Details

Upon searching the product website, we are unable to find out just how the ingredient list is useful for any of their individual products or items. They do claim that they use all natural ingredients in their skin care line. However, in their FAQ section, they do admit to including parabens, which are a carcinogen that can cause cancers and may dry out various types of skin, depending upon the skin type. The Votre Vu website states that the consistency of skin will vary daily due to the natural changes in the environment and provide a chart devoted to these various changes on their website. Their chart details which product is well suited for any particular skin type, which is helpful.

The Good

  • Votre Vu has a company website that offers some interesting information concerning general skin care and their specific products.
  • They provide a glossary of ingredients concerning their various skin care products in alphabetical order.
  • They do offer a 45-day refund policy for their products and fully explain the process on their website. This is very reassuring since many other companies make such an offer or hold such policy.

The Bad

  • It is difficult for a customer to determine how this particular product line has influenced other customers since there are no user testimonials on the website at this time.
  • Product backing is undetermined since there is nothing provided at this time in the way of official research.
  • The glossary of ingredients is helpful; however, there is nothing available concerning how they measure up in the individual product items.
  • If you prefer to deal directly with a cosmetic business, you may run into problems since you can only purchase your choice of items through a Votre Vu agent.

The Bottom Line

Votre Vu provides a lot of good information on its business website. This is helpful for reassuring their clients and helps determine the types of ingredients that are useful in their products. However, we do think they could improve upon this by adding user testimonials and some official research to their website.

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14 Comments/Questions/Answers to Votre Vu

  • 1

    kathy clark

    The products look interesting. I have used Sisley for many years and would be interested in trying something new. I have mature, dry skn and would like to try a good undereye cream as well as an anti aging cream.

    Are there a few samples or would I just need to make a purchase of the product and try it?

    Thank you,

  • 2

    Joyce Czajkowski

    Where can i purchase Votre Vu and find out the price?

  • 3

    Joyce Czajkowski

    Where can i purchase this product?

  • 4

    Ms. Dale Evans

    Dear Kathy – I posted on another comment here as well.
    I am 53 years old, and finally found products that truly work well and quickly!
    I can help you with samples as well. List Votre Vu in the e-mail greeting, and I will be happy to contact you too!
    Best Regards, Ms. Dale Evans

  • 5



  • 6

    Kim Loper

    I love Votre Vu products. I sampled their skin care products and loved the way my skin felt after using their products. I then became an Ambassador associate so I could get the discounted prices. I have tried many products and I have combination skin and I am 46 . I love their serums and their Lip Balm.

  • 7


    I love VotreVu. I loved the products so much I decided to sell it to get the discounts. I am 50 and concerned about my aging skin. My face looks and feels so much better!!

  • 8

    melanie jackson

    I am a brand ambassador and love the products. I would be happy to supply you with samples. Please contact me via email.

  • 9

    vicki mcneely

    What does it cost do get started?

  • 10

    Jann Riesche

    I would like to try Votre Vu for 2 weeks to see any difference in my skin. I am 61 and usually told I look 45. I must be doing something right and I am intrigued. I want my skin to express my spirit!

  • 11

    Vicki Marshall

    I’m trying to get the RMA to return the products but the website is very confusing. It keeps saying my “security code” is wrong when it isn’t and I can get an answer from the consultant. Clearly I would not recommend these products or company. It’s way too expensive for what you get. I’ve used Nutrogena with great results for years and I’m going back to that.

  • 12

    Joyce Valley

    This is in response to Vicki Marshall…I just read your comment and there is a free number located on the website to contact Votre Vu. The products are less expensive than other anti-aging brands on the market and you can save 30% as a Personal Shopper or Brand Ambassador. I do hope you found resolution to whatever problem you had with Votre Vu. A Brand Ambassador could help you as you may have purchased an incorrect product for your skin.

  • 13

    dawn dunlop

    I would like some samples I went to a hotel where they were selling your product.

  • 14


    How can I get samples?

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