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Vivier’s products are generally only available via a prescription from a licensed dermatologist after a careful diagnosis. The product line is mainly intended to operate on a deeper level than standard anti-ageing skin care products are, and Vivier believes this is more cost-effective than most. However, because of the inability to get these products without a prescription, we are unable to get a real feel for this product, and can’t find a lot of information first-hand about it. This could serve as a deterrent to some people, because they want a product that’s easy to purchase without needing an appointment and prescription from a dermatologist. Whether this product kit really is effective will depend on what ingredients it has.

Product Information

This particular product line seems to focus on mainly the ingredient Argireline, a peptide-based compound. This is intended to relax the muscles in the face, thus helping to halt the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, we feel it’s possible to improve upon the Vivier product line by including a collagen supplement or a stimulant. This would replenish the skin’s natural supplies of collagen, which is the substance needed to keep the skin elastic and strong. A good moisturizing ingredient would help this product as well, such as Matrixyl 3000 or hyaluronic acid. The product is not available for general purchase through the website, however. This is just as well – it can be rather expensive. Given that it’s intended to go to clinics, this is somewhat expected.

The Good

  • One of the critical ingredients we feel to be necessary for a good anti-ageing remedy is included – Argireline. It helps to moisturize the skin and relax the muscles in order to help fight wrinkles.
  • Because the website is intended for dermatologists, a full description of the ingredients is posted. Also, there is an FAQ section for those who are interested.

The Bad

  • The product isn’t available through standard online purchase, making it hard for many people to use it without prescription.
  • Although Argireline is included, other ingredients aren’t. Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid could improve this product.
  • Because the products are only available through prescription, this makes it more expensive. Because Vivier doesn’t make full use of all the best anti-ageing ingredients, its’ possible that some people may not find it worth the cost and time investment.

The Bottom Line

The fact that this product is not normally commercially available can cause people to be put off seeking these products. If it included more advanced ingredients, it would likely be truly worth the effort. The fact that it’s made by professionals is promising, but we feel the product line could be improved with a few simple additions.


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