Vivant Skin Care Review


Vivant Skin Care is a bit unique among other skin care and anti-aging products – rather than being develop directly for any consumers, it was developed specifically for another dermatologist. It works like prescription, in that it’s sold to doctor’s offices, and then to patients. However, it’s possible that there are several places online to buy it. Apparently, the Vivant skin Care line has a wide selection of products that are intended to reduce the various effects of aging. However, before purchasing any skin care product it’s necessary to get as much information possible about it, because of possible side effects or lack of effective ingredients. Many skin care products are claimed to be able to have beneficial anti-aging effects, but their real test is in what they contain as well as past testimonials.

Product Details

This particular product line is offered mainly as a kit, with four different products: a Derm-A-Gel Cellular Stimulant, Buffing Grains Buffer and Exfoliant, Normalizing Tonic and a Day Treatment Lotion, according to the website. These do different things – mainly, it seems as though they are intended to exfoliate the skin, allowing it to ‘breathe’ so to speak. From the sound of the first product, it’s meant to stimulate cellular collagen production. However, we aren’t sure on this, because we found no full listings of any ingredients for these products. We feel it to be important to look this information up as soon as possible when deciding to purchase a skin care product. Look for hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl and Argireline, as well as proven natural ingredients like grapeseed extract and other anti-oxidants.

The Good

  • Vivant Skin Care has a website posted, where information about products and such can be viewed. There are many companies that have no official online presence, so this is reassuring.
  • There is a wide selection of products from the Vivant Skin Care line to choose from.

The Bad

  • There are no listings of ingredients posted online, so we have no idea what the active ingredients are intended to be, and therefore whether this product can be effective.
  • There are no online testimonials that we saw either, which makes it difficult to judge how well this product line may have worked for people in the past.
  • We tried to access this website at several points, but found it to be intermittently down. Companies should make certain that their websites are up and running smoothly.

The Bottom Line

We do appreciate the fact that this product line was created by a professional dermatologist, since it can be expected that they will be more knowledgeable in skin care techniques than most. However, we would have expected there to be more in the way of proven and listed ingredients. Vivant Skin Care, although created by someone with credentials, falls short in these categories.


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