Viterol A Review


Viterol A is a line of anti-aging products created and manufactured by DS Laboratories. DS Laboratories is a beauty products company that was first launched in 1996. DS Laboratories has products for skin care, aging, cellulite, hair loss, and personal care. Viterol A is in the aging section and features one cream for the face and one for the eyes. These products are supposedly the result of 15 years of research in the field of skin aging.

Viterol A claims to give your skin a 52% increase in moisture content, a 61% increase in water retention, and a 22% increase in overall firmness. These figures are taken from the official website and are based on a 4 week study. The official website compares the effects of Viterol A to the effects one might get from micro-injection therapies that cost much more.

Product Details

Viterol A creams use micro-sphere technology that lets ingredients penetrate the skin deeply to attack wrinkles at their core. Other products use similar technology in their creams to attain the same effects so this is a proven delivery method. Viterol A uses many ingredients such as Retinol, Acetate Tocopherol, D-Panthenol, and Ascorbyl Palmitate. These ingredients allegedly work to make the skin softer, more hydrated, and more elastic while helping to increase collagen production and fight free radicals. The main ingredient is actually something called Viatrozene Gel but there isn’t much scientific data available on this ingredient and what it actually does. We were able to determine that it is a metabolite of various vitamins such as E and C.

The official website for the Viterol A product line contains tons of information such as diagrams, clinical studies, a frequently asked questions section, and much more. You can’t purchase this product from the official site and are directed to third party retailers instead. Both Viterol A products seem to average $30-$35.

The Good

  • Viterol A contains Retinol.
  • Viterol A contains various vitamins and herbal ingredients that are good for the skin.


The Bad

  • You must rely on a third party distributor to purchase Viterol A products.
  • These products don’t contain powerful anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000.
  • Third party distributors all have various prices and return policies so you will have to spend a lot of time checking around before buying.

The Bottom Line

Viterol A uses nano-sphere technology that looks and sounds impressive, but the general lack of proven anti-aging ingredients makes us hesitant to recommend this product. The official website is very nice and contains a lot of useful information and links, but you can’t actually buy the products from the manufacturer which is very inconvenient. We recommend sticking to a more well-known and proven anti-aging product that contains powerful anti-aging ingredients instead.

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