Vitamin A Review


Vitamin A is very well known for its anti-aging properties. It is thought to posses the ability to revitalize cells and to decrease wrinkles and fine skin lines. You may have heard of it referred to by one of its other names, such as Retinyl Palminate, Retionol, or Vitamin A Palminate. It is believed to possess antioxidant properties, meaning it can protect your skin against environmental hazards and pollution, as well as harmful free radicals, which can result in damage to your skin.

Product Details

You can find vitamin A in many forms, including creams like retional, as well as a key part of skin repair and anti-aging facial applications and as an orally taken supplement pill. Not everyone should use vitamin A directly on their skin as an overdose of the vitamin can cause very dry skin, or even burning, stinging, or skin peeling in extreme cases. Those with sensitive skin would do better to stay away from too much of this product. Vitamin A also does not play well with sunlight, and may exacerbate some sunburns.

Additionally, those who are pregnant or have liver problems should not use Vitamin A products or take vitamin A supplements as these can cause complications with these conditions. Also, be aware that it can interact with a lot of medications, especially antibiotics, so if you use vitamin A, even only topically, you should mention it to your doctor. Vitamin A is a naturally occurring nutrient in many foods like broccoli, apricots, parsley, papaya, avocado and bananas just to name a few. It is a lot harder to overdose on food-based vitamin A so consider adding more of these foods to your diet instead of taking pills.

The Good

  • Facial anti aging products featuring vitamin A can be easily ordered off the internet.
  • Vitamin A is believed to be rich in antioxidants and have healing abilities.
  • Products featuring vitamin A are generally inexpensive.


The Bad

  • Vitamin A products are not suitable for everyone, especially the very young or those with sensitive skin.
  • Side effects such as burning, stinging, and dry skin may occur in some people.
  • You should not use vitamin A supplements if you are pregnant or have liver problems.
  • Studies show no advantage to vitamin A as opposed to other anti aging products.

The Bottom Line

Vitamin A does offer a lot of good antioxidant, cell renewal results for very cheap, but only if your skin is not sensitive and you are not pregnant or having liver problems. Everything it offers however can be found in alternative vitamin sources. There is currently no scientific evidence showing topical application of vitamin A provides a lot of anti aging results.

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