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Vita-K Solution is a skin care product that markets itself as “the professional solution” for dark under eye circles. Dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint, and many people consider this to be indicative of age. Vita-K Solution promises to treat dark under eye circles, as well as skin discoloration found under the eyes, This topical cream is claimed to produce noticeable effects within weeks. However, we were unable to find much information on Vita-K solution, nor were we able to find an official manufacturers website.

Vita-K Solution is sold via many different web vendors, however, none seem to be official retailers. Retailers include established sites such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping, as well as websites that cater more specifically to skin care consumers. It seems as if Vita-K solution retails for around $16, though the price does vary depending on the website, making it advisable to shop around. In addition to the Vita-K Solution under eye treatment, Vita-K also seems to make a topical treatment for spider veins and a topical treatment for scars.

Product Details

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a full ingredient list for the Vita-K under eye solution. One ingredient that we could find was Haloxyl, which is a peptide that is commonly found in many treatments formulation specifically for the under eye area. Since this area of the skin is sensitive, this peptide has been shown to have a soothing effect. The other ingredient we found in the Vita-K solution was something called Eyeliss, but we have never seen this ingredient before and it is unclear what it will do. Other active ingredients in Vita-K seem to include Green Tea Extract, Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5. Directions for use state that Vita-K should be applied gently to the under eye area twice daily.

The Good

  • This treatment is very specifically formulated to treat a specific problem.
  • The Vita-K under eye treatment does not seem very expensive.

The Bad

  • It was very difficult to find basic information about Vita-K, including who makes it.
  • No full ingredient list available.
  • Obviously, this will do nothing for wrinkles on other regions of the face.
  • Difficult to find a reliable vendor for this product.

The Bottom Line

Vita-K looks like a pretty basic under eye treatment. If you feel that dark circles or puffy under eyes are making you look older, you may want to consider a product such as Vita-K. However, we found very little solid information on this specific under eye cream, and the lack of manufacturer or ingredient info makes us hesitant. Similarly, under eye circles are not the only indicator of age. Many users may want a more general wrinkle treatment that focuses on proven effective approaches to anti-aging, such as boosting the body’s collagen production.

3 thoughts on “Vita-K Review”

  1. I used to use Vita-K gel for under my eye and loved it. Within minutes my dark under eye circles vanished. I bought it at CVS but they no longer carry it. I’ve tried Walgreens and Rite Aid, too but they don’t have it either.

  2. Freeman is the manufacturer on the label. They have a website with all of their VITA-K products and others. The ingredients are listed; some of those you have listed above are NOT in this product, but obviously vitamin K – a great ingredient for dark circles – is one of them. They are also salicylate free, so those with sensitivities to salicylic acids may use it as well as those on the Guaifenesin Protocol for Fibromyalgia (salicylates block guaifenesin’s medicinal affects on the kidneys when it is used for fibromyalgia).

  3. I used vita k every morning, and have noticed a big difference. Maybe not at first, but within the first week, the black eye look improved. I recommend the product, but it is very hard to find in the stores. I order online, and a small bottle lasts about a month or two.

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