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Vichy Laboratories was founded in the early 1930’s and now claims to be the number one line of skin care products in European pharmacies. Vichy Laboratories’ website sells makeup, face & body care, and sun care products. The products are all marketed as having a unique ingredient, “Vichy Spa Water”, which comes from the Vichy Mountains in France. Vichy Laboratories states that their products contain the latest ingredient innovations which have been developed through dermatological research. Vichy Spa Water is said to have been used since the 17th century, as it is highly concentrated and filters through the earth’s volcanic layers to infuse the water with mineral salts and trace elements. The water is recognized by the French Academy of Medicine and is said to have soothing properties for the skin.

Product Details

One of the products in the Vichy Laboratories skin care line is Vichy Liftactiv PRO Serum (C+). Vichy Liftactiv PRO Serum (C+) is promoted as a wrinkle filler and radiance enhancer. Vichy Laboratories claims that with daily use of the Serum with Fibrocyclamide concentrate helps to visibly plump the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkle grooves. The product is said to “instantly” diminish fine lines and wrinkles, lift and tone the skin, and refine the skin’s texture to uncover smoother and more radiant looking skin. The product was formulated for aging skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity. According to the official website for Vichy Laboratories, the serum can be used alone or applied as a makeup base. The full list of ingredients is not disclosed on the product website however, so it is difficult to assess if the product will perform as promised. There are no before and after photos or customer testimonials to substantiate the product claims.

The Good

  • Vichy Liftactiv is a topical product that can be applied easily in one’s daily skin care regimen.
  • Vichy Liftactiv is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.

The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients is not made available online for consumer review.
  • Vichy Liftactiv likely does not contain advanced anti-aging ingredients.
  • No before and after photos are available online from consumers who have tried the product with positive results.

The Bottom Line

Vichy Liftactiv PRO Serum (C+) does contain some beneficial elements such as Vitamin C. Unfortunately it remains unknown what other benefits the product may have because Vichy Laboratories does not disclose all of the ingredients in the formula. When shopping for an anti-aging skin care product, consumers want to know what they are getting for their money. It would be helpful if skin care companies like Vichy Laboratories would publish the full list of ingredients, post some before and after photos and include a few customer testimonials or at least offered a money back guarantee.

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  1. I received the Serum 10 for Xmas and have no idea how much to apply and if it goes on first before moisturizer. Not great at putting directions on labels.

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