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Vagheggi Skincare was originally founded in 1975 on the principals of holistic healing and Chinese medicine, and perhaps was one of the earliest skincare companies to enforce these ideals in their products. Still going strong after 33 years, Vagheggi offers numerous products that claim to heal all types of skin-related issues, ranging from problematic acne to loss of skin elasticity (the main component that causes wrinkles). Their DL Line offers a couple of products geared towards treating mature skin issues, including a “Instant Perfect” serum, Pure Restoring Cream, and some additional foundations to help mask further symptoms. Each product claims to nourish the skin gently while minimizing pores and wrinkles for a flawless, ageless look.

Vagheggi is quite the mystery, though, despite its years in the US market. A price range could not be located, and it is unclear where their products are located, although they do indicate their products can be found all around the world. They offer their products to distributors around the world, but Vagheggi does not explain where to find these distributors. This is not very assuring for customers. For those still interested in the benefits provided by Vagheggi, they do offer some explanations about how their products work on a cellular level — this might provide some insight as to how their products work with the skin.

Product Details

According to Vagheggi, their creams contain plant extracts and hint that antioxidants are included, although which types are not specified. Some evidence suggests that antioxidants help diminish problematic skin issues by treating it at its core, the skin cell. It is believed one of the causes of skin degeneration and certain cancers are due to free radicals formed in skin cells; by nourishing the cells with cancer-fighting antioxidants, this helps remove one of the issues. It is also important to note these results have only been implemented in digestive form — when the antioxidants are digested as part of food or drink. Its effects as a topical solution provide few conclusive results.

Some (not all) plant extracts help improve the moisturization and water retention capability, including plant extracts rich in vitamins E and A. Vagheggi never explains what sort of plant extracts are used, however, so it is unknown if these are the right plant extracts. It would benefit Vagheggi if they released a more concise list of ingredients used in their products to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Good

  • Antioxidants may help eliminate particles that cause skin cell walls to weaken.
  • Offers a wide variety of anti-aging creams in their DL Line.

The Bad

  • Does not specifically list what types of extracts are implemented in their products.
  • Its availability is unknown; does not explain where its products can be purchased.
  • Does not appear to offer any benefits differentiating from typical anti-wrinkle products.

The Bottom Line

Vagheggi Skincare is more of a mystery than its actual products — without actual locations to purchase its products or information about the actual products, consumers may not feel too comfortable purchasing their products. Still, Vagheggi Skincare affirms it is a skincare leader with 33 years in the anti-aging skincare business, and very few skincare companies have lasted as long as they have. Their line has been an anti-aging staple for decades, and this fact alone may allure consumers into trying their plant-infused products.

3 thoughts on “Vagheggi Skincare Review”

  1. hello can you tell me where ican buy vagheggi phytocosmetici blu gardenia fluid foundation i have been useing it for years but my supplier has shut shopand i can not finf an outlet in the uk please help thankyou

    1. The only place at the moment you can by vagheggi is at 205 kings road in chelsea london. I look forward to seeing you there

  2. Did anyone try the Vagheggi Phytocosmetici 2 Adip-ex Target cream? It is supposed to reduce cellulite and fat deposits. However, since in the past I have already tried other products that were supposed to do just that and have proven to be ineffective, I have been sceptical. Presently, my cosmetic clinic has been offering me Vagheggi Phytocosmetici 2 Adip-ex Target cream at the price of CAN$150 per tube, which I find quite expensive. Does anyone know if this cream is worth the money? Is it actually effective? Thank you in advance for your response.

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