Ultrasound Beauty Device Review


Ultrasound Beauty Device is a type of massager designed to massage the face with ultrasound technology, which they believe helps “massage” away wrinkles and uneven skin texture. This type of anti-wrinkle treatment is becoming increasingly popular with consumers seeking intensive treatments, and spas all across the United States are beginning to make use of this ultrasound technology. Ultrasound Beauty Device aims to bring this to consumers on a personal level, allowing them to use the device on their own time. Included in their massager is a personal hand held ultrasound device and massaging foam tops that deliver ultrasound waves throughout the device.

Ultrasound Beauty Device is confident that massaging the face helps stimulate skin cells and reduce aging skin conditions, but does it actually work? More and more consumers are seeking such devices, and is available through their website for $179.99. Little else is offered though, and they do not highlight how this works on a cellular level or why this is a better product than other ultrasound massagers available today. Is this worth your purchase?

Product Details

It is important to note Ultrasound Beauty Device does not specifically state how this improves the skin, but several studies do. These studies point out that the ultrasound waves used in such devices are able to penetrate deep down into skin cells, and work by artificially stimulating and helping stay in an active state. This has produced results such as the lessened appearance of wrinkles to complete exfoliation of uneven skin. In a sense, it allows the skin to stay younger by keeping it “awake” with ultrasonic waves.

There is a catch, however, one that threatens the actual use of Ultrasound Beauty Device. It is heavily suggested these massages are conducted by physicians instead of done at home, due to the complication of applying the right type of waves. Simply applying a random amount of ultrasonic waves to the face won’t stimulate the skin and melt away wrinkles — specific, medical care is needed to make this actually work. So far this has not been obtained by an at-home kit.

Ultrasound Beauty Device is based on legitimate, real-working science though, and these results are definitely encouraging for consumers seeking anti-aging care without resorting to messy creams or serums.

The Good

  • The science it is based on (ultrasonic science) is indeed legitimate, and approved medically as a way to treat aging skin.
  • It is fairly easy to use — no creams or complicated procedures involved.

The Bad

  • There is controversy over using the procedure at home — currently it is approved for medical use by physicians, and applying this yourself may not wield the same results.
  • It costs nearly $200.00 for the entire kit. Substituting a cream instead could cut this price by nearly 75%.
  • Their website provides very little information about this kit or why it is effective.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes consumers may not want to use creams to treat their problems, and Ultrasound Beauty Device may serve as a proper substitute. Using this device without the aid of medical staff is risky, however, and there really is no information available about how effective it is with at home use. Consumers should be very careful if they choose to purchase this — their safety is not guaranteed.


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