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Ultraceuticals is a brand of Australian skin care products that claims to assist with common skin issues like acne, anti-aging and hyper pigmentation. These skin treatments are stated to combine new technology, science and “effective ingredient levels.” Unlike some skin care brands, Ultraceuticals are claimed to be “professional grade skin treatments.” The five main categories for Ultraceuticals products are Cleanse + Balance, Hydrate + Protect, Facial Treatments, Oral Treatments and Ultra Active Mineral Colour. As opposed to offering products for specific skin types, Ultraceuticals tackles specific skin concerns with each of their products.

Although Ultraceuticals skin treatments cannot be acquired directly through the official website, there is a store locater apparatus offered to direct consumers to a location that carries Ultraceuticals. Some of the major active ingredients found in Ultraceuticals skin products are Vitamin C (brightens skin), Green Tea Extract (calms and nourishes), Vitamin E (heals and combats fine lines), Witch Hazel (calms and disinfects), AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), Aloe Vera (heals and moisturizes) and Retinol (exfoliates dead skin cells). The website doesn’t reveal whether or not Ultraceuticals products come with a satisfaction guarantee. No fee trial samples of Ultraceuticals skin care are currently offered. Like most cosmetic lines, Ultraceuticals are intended to be utilized daily to assist with acne breakouts, pigmentation, dryness, anti-aging and sun damage.

Product Details

Ultraceuticals is a salon-grade skin care line that’s only available in select salons/spas. There are some scientific studies provided on the official website that help support the overall effectiveness of Ultraceuticals. This skin care brand addresses major issues, such as aging complexions, dry skin, pigmentation and acne blemishes. The key components added to Ultraceuticals treatments are Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, AHA’s, Aloe Vera and Retinol. Unfortunately all of the ingredients offered in Ultraceuticals skin care products are not revealed on the official website. Furthermore, there are no customer testimonials to reference at this time.

The Good

  • Some scientific studies for Ultraceuticals are presented on the website.
  • There is a convenient tool offered on the official website to assist you in finding a business in your area that sells Ultraceuticals.
  • Some natural ingredients are incorporated into Ultraceuticals.

The Bad

  • It’s not stated if Ultraceuticals come with a money-back guarantee.
  • No Ultraceuticals skin treatments can actually be purchased through the official website.
  • Testimonials are not currently offered on the site.
  • The costs of Ultraceuticals are not revealed on the website.
  • Free samples of Ultraceuticals cannot be attained through the website
    (maybe through an official dealer).

The Bottom Line

Ultraceuticals is pitched via the official website in a similar way to most skin care lines. Although this brand is stated to be “professional-grade,” it’s difficult to distinguish what actually makes it superior to other skin care lines, especially since full ingredient lists are not offered. The fact that a price list is not available on the official website will likely deter some potential buyers. In general, people like to see what they’re getting into. Lastly, it would certainly be a plus to see a real money-back guarantee posted on the website for Ultraceuticals.

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  1. Been using the Ultra Clear range for acne for 1.5 years and visibly improved the texture of my skin and reduced the pimples on my face. Premium price means premium results.

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