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Ultima II Extraordinaire is a anti-aging eye cream that claims to tone down dark eye circles and discolored skin through its formula, making fine lines disappear. Fragrance-free, this eye cream does seem ideal for most consumers, and even features a patented diamond concentrate that is not found in any other brand. Ultima II emphasizes this concentrate helps boost elasticity in skin cells, allowing for a more youthful appearance. Of course this concentrate does not make this cream cheap — expect to pay around $90.00 — and there is so little information available about this product that it is not clear what else in contained in their eye cream. Consumers do want to be informed about the products they purchase, and withholding this information could make them choose a more suitable product.

Nevertheless, Ultima II’s diamond patented products have been around since the turn of the century, and the allure still appears to be there. What appears not to be there are outstanding testimonials or smaller sizes for test purchasing. These factors definitely impact a consumer’s desire to purchase this product, and hidden facts about its diamond concentrate are not necessarily beneficial either.

Product Details

Because an ingredient list could not be located, we will focus on its diamond concentrate, which claims to boost cell production and allow collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark undereye circles. Currently no studies indicate a connection with increased collagen production and the use of diamonds — in fact, no studies have even looked into the diamond’s ability to produce any sort of skin-related effects. There are only smaller unofficial studies showing that using diamonds in microdermabrasions may help exfoliate the skin better than typical crystal formulations, but these do not provide any benefits for eliminating undereye circles or crow’s feet. The safety of this formula is questioned also, since diamond is a very hard substance and may present a risk if used around the affected eye area.

There are currently only mild exfoliating benefits associated with diamonds in this instance — no other benefits have been discovered yet.

The Good

  • May help exfoliate the skin.
  • Is from a popular line of diamond cosmetics.

The Bad

  • No studies show that diamonds help reduce the appearance of undereye circles.
  • The safety of its cream is debated.
  • There are many other products that offer more benefits for a lesser price.

The Bottom Line

Ultima II Extraordinaire claims to de-age the surrounding eye area with its specific diamond concentration, but actual studies do not exist proving these claims. While having a specialized cream is a plus, it must also provide provable benefits — and without any claims proven thus far, this may cause consumers to be less trustworthy of its product. The simple allure of diamonds will probably cause many consumers to try this product regardless of its effectiveness, however.

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  1. Not about Ultima II Estrodinaire…. but I would like to know whether you still have Ultima II Translucent Wrinkle Lotion.
    If so, where might it be available? Thank you. Hope Melnick

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