The’s Top 50 Makeup Blogs’s Top 50 Makeup Blogs

At, we’ve read hundreds of blogs and websites discussing makeup and skincare. We get over 25,000 visitors every week, and readers are always emailing us with their blogs, and with sites they think we’ll like. Out of all of the sites we’ve checked out, these fabulous 50 are the ones we keep coming back to. We think they offer great insights into new ways to look great. Some are entertaining, some are serious, and some are inspirational. If you’ve got a blog you think should be on here, drop us a line. Happy reading!



Blog Name

All That Glitters 21
Amy Nadine Beauty Blog
An Indian’s Makeup Blog
As Pink As My Juicy
Beautiful with Brains
Beauty and Fashion Tech
Beauty Crazed
Beauty Junkie London
Beauty Junkies Unite
Beauty Parler
Beautyholics Anonymous
Beautylicious Love
Clumps of Mascara
Confessions of a Make Up Addict
Cosmetic Candy
Cyberta Beauty Blog
Daily Makeover
Desi Girl Does Makeup
Dreams, Colors and Glitter
Everyday Makeup with Becky
Filthy Gorgeous Makeup
Goss Makeup Artist
Hooked on Beauty
Jenny Sue Makeup
Killer Colours
Lipstick Rules
Make Me Over, Eb!
Makeover Momma
Makeup by Tiffany D
Makeup Loves me
Makeup Stash
Mama Laura’s Beauty Blog
Padmita’s Makeup Blog
Peace, love, makeup
Picturesque Makeup
Raging Rouge
Secret Diary of a Beauty Addict
Sephora Junkie
Talking Makeup
The Makeup Blogger
The Makeup Divas
The Makeup Dolls
The Makeup Museum
The Shades of U
Vintage or Tacky
Visionary Beauty


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