Thymuskin Review


Thymuskin is not, as the name of the product may suggest, a product for care of the skin or the face. Rather, it is in fact a product that is formulated for combating hair loss. There is an official website for Thymuskin and the product can be ordered directly from this website. The official website states that none of the products have been tested on animals, and that they do not contain hormone and animal products.

Product Details

Hair loss is, of course, a very distressing condition. Hair loss can be one of the results of the aging process, or because someone is going through chemotherapy, or there are other health factors such as a thyroid problem that could contribute. Other people suffer hair loss as a result of stress or anxiety in their personal or working life. In any event, many people who suffer from hair loss search for a solution to it. Of course Thymuskin is not the only product on the market that claims to be able to remedy hair loss.

One of the main products in the Thymuskin range is the Thymuskin Hair Shampoo and Treatment product, which can be ordered by phone or directly from the website. The cost of the product is $122.25. At the time of writing this review, there was also an offer on the website of a free gift of a thirty day supply of an anti-androgenic hair growth complex. The website contains a number of testimonials and there are also phone and email details should anyone want to contact the company with any questions regarding their range of products. Products which are designed to help with psoriasis of the scalp and other scalp problems can also be purchased on the official Thymuskin website.

The Good

  • There is a detailed official website for the Thymuskin range of products.
  • The products can be ordered directly online.
  • There is a free gift with purchase and contact info for the manufacturer is abundant.

The Bad

  • Thymuskin is not the only product on the market that claims to offer a solution to hair loss.
  • Obviously, hair loss is only one of the signs of aging and this will not help users with facial wrinkles.
  • The products in the Thymuskin range are expensive to purchase.
  • Although we are told that the products do not contain animal or hormone products we are not told what the exact ingredients are.

The Bottom Line

We know of course that as we age our body changes and some of us will experience hair loss, and we may want to try a product such as the products in the Thymuskin range. There is no proof, however, that these products are superior or more effective than other products available. As time goes by our skin also ages, and although the Thymuskin range sells products that address aging as it effects our hair, it does not offer anti aging products for our skin.

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