The Eraser Review


For most women, finding a good makeup takes years of trial and error, and as products come and go, many women are distraught to find their favorite product has disappeared from the shelves. Most women want to find a good concealer that will hide wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. Many concealers claim that they will blend well and hide the imperfections when they just cake on the face and make the problem worse, leading to even more breakouts and dry skin issues. This review will take a closer look at The Eraser to see just how well it works.

Product Details

The Eraser is a four in one concealer product by Tarte. It is an all natural product which claims to be able to “erase” the fine lines and evidence of wrinkles that so many women want to be able to hide. It comes in a click pen package which makes it easy to apply, even when on the go. With a creamy water base, it keeps skin moisturized and won’t contribute to skin breakouts. There are several ingredients, such as: Safflower Seed–to keep the skin moisturized, Arnica Flower Extract–included to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, Cucumber Extract–for its skin healthy Vitamins A and C, and Olive Oil–to retain moisture in the skin.

The Good

  • The product is all natural, free of chemicals and fragrances which may bother some people’s skin.

The Bad

  • There is no product or brand website we could find.
  • The product is moderately priced at $19 per tube, making it less expensive than some other competitors, but higher priced than the less than average products.
  • The product won’t actually do anything to help improve the condition of the skin, other than keeping it moisturized.
  • For those who are looking for actual skin repair, this is not the product.

The Bottom Line

For people who need a creamy concealer that has enough color to actually hide imperfections that will mix in well enough with the skin to keep from looking fake, this product is probably the answer. The click pen applicator is something we liked, because it makes it easy to apply and blend. We loved that this product was all natural, and actually works to provide decent coverage. What we didn’t like was the price, because while it’s not the most expensive product on the market, we still think it’s too expensive for most people to spend on concealer. We suggest you look toward another product that will do more to address the fine lines and wrinkles themselves rather than just hiding them.

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