Thalgo Review


Thalgo is a cosmetics company that was create in 1968 and is based in France. Thalgo claims to utilize the power of the sea to create it’s line of Marine Therapy products. Using algae, Thalgo claims to create products that can rebalance, nourish, and protect the skin as well as help eliminate fine lines.

On the official Thalgo website, you will see nine different products in the anti-aging category. There are also product categories for men, cleansing, sun, nutrition, body, and more. Overall, Thalgo offers quite a few products for all types of skin and conditions. The official website is very easy to use and is set up quite nicely. There is a FAQ as well as a Contact Us page so you can get answers to any questions you may have.

Product Details

One of the most touted ingredients on the Thalgo website is marine algae. The official website claims that marine algae contains nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and they have a very high active potential. Mentioned numerous times throughout the website is the fact that one type of algae has a thousand times more iodine, ten times more magnesium and copper, and one hundred times the calcium of plants based on land.

While this does sound impressive, the Thalgo website doesn’t have any clinical results posted and there are no testimonials available either. Also absent are full lists of ingredients and prices. Overall the official website barely says much about Thalgo’s products at all.

The Good

  • Thalgo has many different types of products available.
  • Thalgo products claim to treat all kinds of skin conditions.
  • There are nine products listed under the Anti-Aging Weapons category.2


The Bad

  • The official website is very light when it comes to product information.
  • No ingredients are listed for any of the Thalgo products.
  • No testimonials or clinical results are available.
  • The official website doesn’t have prices listed and doesn’t even tell you where you can purchase any of the products.

    The Bottom Line

    While all the information given about marine algae is appealing and some algae’s have been proven to be effective at treating various medical conditions, the lack of overall information on the products is a big turn off. We don’t know why a skin care product’s official website would decide not to post ingredients, prices, testimonials, or even give a hint at where you could buy its products. We recommend finding products that give a little bit more information about themselves, more customer support and are easier to purchase. If you can find a third party retailer that you trust maybe you can get a sample of one of the Thalgo products to evaluate for yourself, but we wouldn’t jump through any hoops to get a hold of something that offers so little info about itself.


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