Tata Harper Skin Care Review

What You Should Know

There are more new skin care companies and lines emerging all the time. This certainly means more variety for women and men all over the globe. Amongst these brands is Tata Harper Skin Care. It was founded by one Tata Harper, and was created with nature and beauty in mind. Her primary goal is to help women look beautiful, but in a way that is healthy. This skin care line begins with the 1,200-acre farm in Vermont where the products are manufactured. According to the official website, everything is done in-house, and there is no outsourcing for ingredients or packaging.

Product Details

Tata Harper Skin Care is marketed as non-toxic and 100 percent natural. This brand offers four major categories of products. These are Face, Body, Beauty Sets, and Aromatherapy. More specifically, the Face line offers seven different treatments. These are as follows; Hydrating Floral Essence ($85), Rebuilding Moisturizer ($100), Regeneration Cleanser ($75), Rejuvenating Serum ($150), Replenishing Nutrient ($45), Restorative Eye Crème ($90), and Resurfacing Mask ($55). Unlike some other skin care companies, Tata Harper does post full ingredient lists on the official website, next to each product.

We will look more closely at the Rejuvenating Serum (1.7 ounces) by Tata Harper Skin Care. This product is claimed to help firm and tone the user’s skin, as well as improve the user’s overall appearance. It contains key ingredients like Menyanthes Flower (helps skin cells stay healthy), Narcissus Bulb Extract (improves the durability of skin cells), Date Extract (helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles), Alfalfa Extract (this is an antioxidant that combats free radicals), Meadowsweet (helps the skin appear more youthful), Jasmine, Chamomile (calms the skin), and Lavender (provides a nice aroma).

The Good

  • There are some customer testimonials presented on the official website.
  • There is a helpful FAQ section provided on the main website.
  • Tata Harper Skin Care is non-toxic.

The Bad

  • These skin care treatments lack reputable anti-aging components.
  • The official website does not state when this company was founded.
  • Many skin care products are marketed as totally natural and non-toxic these days, which makes Tata Harper Skin Care not that unique in this respect.
  • Free samples of are only provided to those who make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Tata Harper Skin Care appears to be a fairly new skin care brand. Naturally it is nice to see that the products in this line are non-toxic. It is also refreshing that they are all-natural and manufactured in-house. As for the primary ingredients used in Tata Harper Skin Care treatments, it is unclear how effective they really are for anti-aging. Although this skin care line sounds interesting and gentle, it is difficult to determine if it is actually as effective as some of the other skin care lines available today, which is why we cannot recommend it.

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  1. Hi Tata, saw you on Canada AM this morning, I would love to buy your skin care product, I live in NewBrunswick Canada, would like to know where to buy, are you on our Shopping Channel. please let me know where to buy thank you

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