Talika Review


The Talika Company offers a variety of products to help with the skin, nails and complexion. But, when looking at anti-aging skin care products, Talika offers two key products that help to fight the signs of aging: Light 590 Collagen Booster and Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles. To see if these products are indeed products to be purchased, we will look into the two products and the active ingredients contained in each.

Product Details

Starting with the Light 590 Collagen Booster, it is a product unlike any other. Where we have seen many different creams and serums that promise to decrease wrinkles, this is actually a device that administers cell repair photoenergy treatment. This is a product that one would think could only be administered by a doctor in that it uses waves in a pulse form to act directly on the fibroblasts to increase the collagen in the skin. There is no more rubbing of a cream on the face and waiting to see if it is going to work, but with this you have energy waves sent into the skin that will help erase the fine lines and wrinkles. Next, the Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles product, according to the website, is said to use “100% natural plant concentrates to bring intensive care to dehydrated skin.” The product is also good for all skin types.

The Good

  • Website claims that the Light 590 Collagen Booster is easy to use.
  • There are before and after pictures to prove that the product does work.
  • The Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles is good for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The Bad

  • The website recommends that the product be used in combination with a cream or serum; so really, you still will have to use on or the other.
  • Very expensive product. At the time of this review, the Light 590 Collagen Booster was $350.00.
  • There is no medical backing on the website at this time.
  • There are no testimonials to prove that the different products work and the skin is smoother and younger looking.

The Bottom Line

As there are many products available that promise to decrease the signs of aging, it is not conclusive that this product is the best out there. Being that there is no medical backing, how are we able to know that the products will work? Plus, this product is unique in that you are using wave energy to decrease the wrinkles and fine lines, but without medical backing we are not sure that the product is trustworthy. With technology advancing the way it is, this product does have a unique marketing perspective, but more evidence needs to be given before we would recommend putting energy waves into your skin without the direct help of a doctor or skin care specialist.

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