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Telomerase 65, better known as TA-65 is thought to be the newest anti-aging secret. Dr. Al Sears, M.D. claims to be the first doctor in the world who can prescribe this anti-aging supplement to others. We don’t know if this claim is true or not, but did take notice of an email sign up form that will give you a free ebook report on the Seven Steps to a More Youthful Life. Signing up on this list will also give you more information on the research and development of the TA-65 supplement.

Product Details

TA-65 is a plant based compound that is supposed to help you grow younger, not older. In a study conducted on men aged 60-85, six months of using this plant compound showed these men to have: a better immune system, improved eyesight, younger looking skin, and a more active sex life. From the information we see presented on the website, this extract has something to do with the DNA and how it affects aging. It is far too scientifically complex to delve in here. From what we can gather, a biotech company called Geron Corporation is taking its research into the Telomerase even further to develop a supplement that can literally turn back the biological clock, allowing us to live longer, fuller lives once the supplement is ready for market. It appears there is no word as to when this supplement will hit the market for the general public.

The Good

  • The scientific studies to support this product and its claims are referenced on the website so interested parties can confirm the research.

The Bad

  • The website for this product seems to be very sales and affiliate like, leading us to believe the motive is sales rather than providing information to customers.
  • There is no pricing information for this product.
  • There are no free trials for this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials for this product.

The Bottom Line

While all of this information about TA-65 seems mind blowing to say the least, as of this review, we cannot recommend the product. Due to the fact that this product seems to remain in the research and development stages, it is way too early to determine if the product has any true merit. Until the product is available for the general public and more information is known, we recommend finding another product to work into your skin care routine every day. Those who are interested in learning more about the product can join the email list.

19 thoughts on “TA-65 Review”

  1. Where can I purchase TA-65 and what if any are the side affects of this supplement. Also
    I am a diabetic are there any studies of what affect this has on immune problems ie diabeties,thyroid?

      1. Joe started taking this supplement in 2010… how does he feel about it now.. has he noticed a huge improvement in his health and wellbeing???

  2. Where can you purchase TA-65 without fear of purchasing a product that is not really TA-65…thanks in advance Jack

  3. my father has been taking this supplement for about 1.5 years. He has never been in better shape!! He does of course go to the gym regularly, and has a good diet (…most of the time.) He’s always been decidacted to his fitness, but he looks younger than he did years ago. this could just be a result of him changing the ways he diets and excersises, but it could be the supplement he’s taking. He does 1 capsule per day. if you want to enquire more, you can always go to their website, and send an email their way, that’s also how you order it.

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