Swissline Cell Shock Review


Swissline Cell Shock offers many different anti-aging products. For instance, they have a face lifting complex, eye zone lifting complex, face emulsion, remodeling cream and replenishing creams. As the namesake implies, each of the products were made and manufactured in Switzerland. The products claim that they are safe and will not clog the pores. Now, to examine the products further to see how well they actually work.

Product Details

Starting with the face lifting complex it contains three active ingredients: cellactel, unispheres and hyaluronic acids. Cellactel revitalizes and repairs the skin. The unispheres release encapsulated vitamins into the skin helping to nourish it. The, the hyaluronic acids help to decrease the signs of aging and smooth the skin. Next, the eye zone lifting complex concentrates solely on the area around the eyes where wrinkles and fine lines have started to appear. This product will help smooth and plump the eye area, decreasing the wrinkles. Next, the face emulsion helps the skin to regain the radiance which makes it appear younger looking. Then, the remodeling and replenishing creams do just as their name says, they remodel the skin to help it appear younger looking and replenish the skin to help it maintain the moisture.

The Good

  • The Swissline Cell Shock Company is able to offer a variety of different skin care products to suit the different needs of individuals.
  • Website appears to have a unique appearance.

The Bad

  • At the time of this review, the website does not seem to accurately let you purchase the products that are shown throughout the website.
  • Each of the products starts with the same information as the product details, making none seem different than the others and giving off the impression that the website was just thrown together.
  • Not much information given on the variety of products as to the ingredients.
  • There are no before and after pictures to give proof that the products do indeed work.

The Bottom Line

Even if you wanted to purchase this product, at the time of this review you would not be able to by going through their website. The website has a checkout system but there is no way to add items to the shopping cart. Also, with no information as to the ingredients, how does one know whether the products are going to work? Plus, before and after pictures is the best form of proof that a website is able to offer. When one can compare a picture and see that it is like their skin type they are more likely to purchase the product. These products are missing many vital ingredients and proof, so we would recommend buying a different product when you are looking to decrease the signs of aging.

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  1. My esthetian uses cell shock Swiss products for all my facials. I have purchased the crazy expensive products and guess what?! They work amazing. I was blown away by the results!! I have never purchased anything online but I can say the products work!

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