Suzanne Somers Skin Care Review

Do you have a few questions about Suzanne Somers Skin Care?

Suzanne Somers is an actress and businesswoman that started a skincare line. There are tons of products to choose from and information about the founder is all over the internet, including the official website. However, we found no details on when the company was started. You can return items for 30 days, but they must be in new condition with all the original packaging.

What is the Suzanne Somers Skin Care Line?

The Suzanne Somers Skin Care line is the brainchild of an actress. The official website sells beauty products, but also items for weight-loss and health. There are anti-aging formulas, which contain ingredients that are supposed to fight father time, but none are listed so we’ve no idea what’s in there. We know there is no gluten used, but nothing about irritants or parabens.

Quick Facts on Suzanne Somers Skin Care

  • There are no ingredients listed on the official website.
  • You can purchase directly.
  • You have 30 days to initiate a return.
  • All products are gluten-free.
  • We aren’t sure about irritants or parabens.
  • Prices are comparable to similar lines.
  • There’s no information on when the business started.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Suzanne Somers Skin Care?

“We love the catalog and the fact that more than just anti-aging products are available, but there are some problems that leave us questioning any chance of support. There are no details about the ingredients, we can’t say, for certain, that the formulas are irritant-free and you only have 30 days to start your return.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We only found a few reviews for Suzanne Somers Skin Care products outside of the official website. These talk about breakouts and dryness.

  • “Made me breakout horribly! Do not waste your money!”

Other users felt the opposite.

  • “It’s gentle, I have rosacea and it does not make me bright red after cleansing.”

We also found issues with drying of the skin.

  • “Her skin line dried out my skin and I only used it for a few days.”

However, there are those who think it moisturizes well.

  • “Dryness around my nasal area is completely gone.”

Is it Time to Recommend Suzanne Somers Skin Care?

Well, we’re not exactly sold on the line. Sure, the prices are relatively affordable, but what’s in there? Will the products cause irritation, redness, burning or other issues? We want to know what the customer is in for before suggesting they enter a credit card number.

What Do We Like Better Than Suzanne Somers Skin Care?

If you’re looking for an anti-aging solution, our favorite of 2016 is BioGeniste. It works with clinically tested ingredients and users praise it because of amazing results.

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14 thoughts on “Suzanne Somers Skin Care Review”

  1. I have purchased 3 items for facial care at 65. She has made a wonderful product that has removed or lightened my wrinkles on my cheeks and I cann’t say enough good things about her products. The are soo “clean” and do not plug up my pores like so many other products do. I do so recommend them to any one else who wants to keep that fresh, dewey look of days past.

  2. I was diagnosed with breast cancer so am extremely careful what I put into and onto my body. Suzanne’s products are 100% pure and organic and just as important – her skin care prodcuts are excellent with amazing results. I’m extremely pleased and sold on her products.

  3. I ordered the skin care collection directly. It included toner,cleanser, moisturizer, scrub and body lotion. The ingredients smell heavenly but I was not pleased with the products. The moisturizer feels great going on but quickly dries out and left my skin feeling dry. The toner and cleanser didn’t show me anything special infact the toner felt like I was just putting water on my face. I wouldn’t buy these products again as they are expensive, although natural, they aren’t effective and do not moisturize enough for me or show me any results on my skin.

  4. I have been using all of her skin care products since Christmas and I really love them. Not only are they organic, but they are certified Toxic free. My skin feels really nice using this healthy product. Though I cannot really see a real change in lines, my face is very soft and supple. Dryness around my nasal area is completely gone. I feel good knowing that what I put on my skin is safe and actually good for me. They are not a magic potion, but there are no lotions out there that make the same purity claim that hers do. By the way, all ingredients are not only listed on the packaging but she includes an insert detailing them too. There are no hidden details. If you buy them through Shop NBC, your purchase is guaranteed, therefore, no problem!

  5. I love your skin care products and I tried for the first time your recovery mask love love this product it feels so good.

  6. I have used Suzanne’s skin care and it works well. I don’t see a huge difference in my skin except with the peach scrub which does exfoliate well and make it soft. I’m looking for healthy ingredients for my skin and body more than anything else and this meets those requirements.
    As to the comment above about no other lotions making the same purity claim, Dr. Mercola also makes a
    completely organic and natural skin
    care line. I use that as well with the same satisfaction. What matters is they don’t contain chemicals that are harmful to our body. I’m thankful to have found these products.

  7. Just look back at the thigh master she said you will have great looking thighs in months. Nothing she said was true. In fact my legs were very weak after useage.

  8. Her skin line dried out my skin and I only used it for a few days. I spent so much money on it that now I don’t know what to use. The foundation was horrible as well.On a more positive note, I did like the eye products. That’s about it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  9. I just received my start up package and love everything. Is there a trick to putting on the makeup I am not aware of because my face was kind of sticky after the moisturizer was applied. Light coverage and feels good but a little spotty. Got the honey wondering if I should get the light I am kind of in between light and medium. Feedback ladies…thanks!~!!

  10. Had to come back and comment on the results in one day my skin is softer and I am so pleased with the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer and scrub….finally I found a keeper. Love it!!! Thanks Suzanne:)

  11. Absolutely the worst makeup I have ever purchased! I really like Suzzane Sommers, having read all of her books and watched her on tv whenever I heard she would be broadcast. It is disappointing that she would be affiliated with such poor quality of cosmetics. The packaging is horrible (lipstick tubes don’t work, foundation does not pump, primer gets stuck in tube, etc). The lipstick is so soft it breaks off when you apply it, the foundation is a weird color, drying, needs to be manually scooped out of the pump container, and the texture is impossible to work with. The eye primer and concealer are sticky and do not adhere to the skin. I e-mailed the Company. After 2 weeks no reply, so I called them. They sent replacement products (no refunds), but they are identical in nature to the original items sent. Find another natural line, this one is FRUSTRATING.

    1. I agree completely. The makeup is horrible. The color was to light and the medium was to dark for me. I tried mixing them together and that didn’t work. The cleaners just don’t clean and the moisturizer made my face feel sticky like glue.

  12. I just received my first order and I don’t like one item. Makeup goes on so dry and way too dark and ordered sand, but what I received was very dark. Lipstick does not glide on and pulls on your lips and tastes horrible. The serum made my face feel like it was on fire. I wonder about the vit D and where is really comes from. Will try the eye shadow tomorrow. I will be returning most of these items…that should be fun to try and do, right? Never again will I purchase makeup online. Very Disappointed and was so looking forward to a good product…guess not!

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