Superoxide Dismutase Review


Superoxide Dismutase is an enzyme scientifically proven to repair damaged cells in the dermis and epidermis, used heavily in many anti-wrinkle products. This enzyme is a key component in healthy skin cell production, and although there are no conclusive tests proving it helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines, many experts rave about its nutritional benefits.

Superoxide Dismutase sounds very promising, but where can you find Superoxide Dismutase? The answer: In nearly all green vegetables. Superoxide Dismutase is prevalent in vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage — simply eat to gain this enzyme’s benefits. Unfortunately, Superoxide Dismutase cannot be metabolized without the aid of Vitamin C and Copper, so consumers are highly encouraged to eat food containing these key minerals. Any healthy diet containing an abundance of vegetables and fruits will suffice.

You can find this enzyme in nearly all vegetables, so all consumers can afford to benefit from this enzyme. For an easier solution, Superoxide Dismutase can also be injected or swallowed in capsule form. Superoxide Dismutase is also available in topical creams, but needs to be absorbed by the small intestine to have its full impact — skip creams if you can. A deeper look into this miracle enzyme will show how it really impacts the appearance of skin.

Product Details

Superoxide Dismutase is an interesting enzyme with plenty of helpful benefits. These benefits are not necessarily for the skin alone. Rather, when it comes to improving the entire body these enzymes play a key role in reducing certain diseases. Superoxide Dismutase’s main job is to fix free radicals in the dermis and epidermis. Free radicals damage cells, which in turn makes it more prone to mutate. This can equal a number of devastating diseases if left untreated. This is why Superoxide Dismutase plays such a critical role in disease prevention.

But what about its anti-wrinkle properties? It is true that Superoxide Dismutase helps repair cells that make up the skin, but there is no evidence showing it will actively reduce wrinkles. Some companies claim skin repair reverses wrinkles (they believe wrinkles are the result of damaged skin cells), when this is simply not true. Superoxide Dismutase has been successfully used to treat scar tissue, however, but its anti-wrinkle properties have not been analyzed. It isn’t a question if Superoxide actually works — there is just not enough clinical data available yet to make a concrete judgment.

The Good

  • Helps reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Is found in most green vegetables, making this an economical choice.
  • Also works as a pseudo-antioxidant, repairing damaged skin cells.

The Bad

  • Needs to be paired with Vitamin C and Copper to be effective.
  • There is no evidence showing it will help reduce wrinkles.
  • Only has a limited effect on the skin (it will not make the skin soft, for example).
  • It is only effective when digested, making topical creams featuring this ingredient questionable.


Superoxide Dismutase is a powerful enzyme, and everyone should get enough of this super enzyme to reap its disease-fighting benefits. Scientists aren’t sure how effective it is in reducing wrinkles, but it is used to reduce scar tissue. There are some skin-related benefits with this enzyme, but there is no evidence proving it will help with many consumers’ biggest concern: wrinkle reduction.

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    1. Yes, Glisodin and Extramel are oral bio available forms of SOD that are not destroyed in the stomach. Topical SOD does work agains post irradiation fibrosis, so the article on this page is incorrect.

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