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There’s no doubt that Strivectin is one of those names you know if you’ve been using beauty products for a while. We wanted to learn more about the company, but there’s nothing listed. We know the official website was purchased in 2002 – so there is some time in the business. You can shop online.

What is Strivectin?

Strivectin is a beauty line that includes products for skin and hair. The ingredients are listed, so you don’t have to worry about guessing the formula. There is information on how to use it and even mention of science. Some research details do tell you how long it was used before the participants saw results.

Quick Facts on Strivectin

  • There is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Customer service is available by phone and email.
  • There are no parabens in Strivectin products.
  • None of the formulas are tested on animals.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take?

“There are many things to like about Strivectin,” says our Skincare Editor. “But, we didn’t find any formula that will definitely fight the signs of aging and there are some negative reviews to consider.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

When reviewing customer experiences, we were struck by just how many people reported a lack of results. About the same number felt the formulas were a bit greasy.

Unhappy customers said:

  • “I have been using this for almost 2 months on my stretch marks and have seen No results.”
  • “I have been using this product for a month and unfortunately I don’t see any difference in wrinkles.”

However, happy customers shared:

  • “Does take a few weeks to start seeing theft results if you’re aiming for less visible stretch marks.”
  • “I’ve used Strivectin products in the past and I am a fan.”

Results were not always the problem. For some it was how Strivectin felt on the skin.

  • “[Strivectin night cream] is a very thick, super-greasy cream.”
  • “This does not absorb into the skin.”

Some didn’t feel the products were greasy at all.

  • “It’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel greasy.”
  • “It felt greasy when first applied but absorbed quicker than I expected.”

Are We Supporting Strivectin?

Is Strivectin on our shopping list? We like that some ingredients are definitely hydrating and there’s no shortage of positive reviews, but we are still skeptical. There are far too many reports of no results and a greasy feeling on the skin to ignore.

What Do We Like Better Than Strivectin?

Our top pick in 2016 is a product called BioGeniste. The formula is made up of clinically tested ingredients and we’ve found tons of amazing customer testimonials. Plus, we found no mention of a greasy feeling.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

68 thoughts on “Strivectin Review”

  1. I am currently in my third year of remission from stage 4 throat cancer. I had radiation treatments that included my lower jaw and face one a day for 7 weeks. Last Christmas I started using Strivectin and it has made a noticable difference in the burns I suffered on my face and neck. I’ve never found any product to have worked better.

    1. I used strivectin with all my six pregnancies, on my face so I would not get the “pregnancy mask” and on my legs to prevent stretch marks. It did no harm to my healthy babies. However, after giving birth, I used it on my stomach and on my csection scar, and now I rarely see the scar, and I absolutely have not stretch marks.

      1. Hi I love the product too. I am first time pregnant. You were brave to try it while pregnant because it says not to on the product. How did you decide to keep using, I am worried?! I am so impressed with your testimonial. Thanks for responding.

    1. I haven’t tried this product yet, but my sister has been using this for a while now. She said that Strivectin really works, but it would take a while to see the results. So, just be patient and you won’t have any regrets for using it. I’m having some wrinkles now around my eyes, and I think I’m going start using this product.

  2. I have deep lines (2) between my brows and the Overnight Facial Serum was a miracle! Still there but barely noticeable. Also the Strivectin products last close to a year!!! I’m SOLD!

    1. Hi Pamela, I am looking for something good for my “11” I call it, between my brows, have used botox and loved it but am looking for something cheaper now(topical). It is good to read that you are very satisfied with it?

  3. I used Strivectin before and then quit. 5 years later I’m using it again. They say it takes time to see the effects, but after 10 days, my skin looks 100% better. I’m 55, and have adult acne. My stubborn blemishes are even healing up quicker with Strivectin. You are only supposed to use a tiny bit, so the BIG 6oz. tube may seem expensive, but it lasts a long time.

      1. I just used the basic Strivectin 6 oz./$135. A blob the size of a large pea should cover your entire face, including eyelids. For those people sensitive to the fragrances in the regulare strivectin, there is a special eye product that is basically the same but w/out the fragrances. They don’t bother me, so I just use the one product. For my neck and chest region, another pea size blob covers the whole region. More is not better, you can and should use it sparingly.

      2. Just FYI I have adult acne too… not cystic acne or anything that severe, but I always have multiple blemishes at any given time. I have been using one of their retinol products, Strivectin AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment, both in the morning and at night for a couple of months and have noticed a substantial improvement. It is not irritating like most retinol products, either. They also make a daytime version but it is exactly the same except that it has the addition of sunscreen, so I didn’t bother buying that one, as it seems sunscreen makes my acne worse anyway. I bought the larger size (1.7 ounces I think) for $109, and it looks like it should last a good six months or likely more (but supposedly you should replace retinol-containing products after 6 months).

  4. I used Strivectin on my chicken pox scars and it took the pink right out of the scars. It’s really amazing. And my bff and my supervisor both swear by the serum. One uses it all over her face, and the other on her chest, to keep ‘the girls’ looking good. Strivectin makes a lot of great products. The only one I didn’t see a huge difference from was the Hylexin for dark circles. But that’s just one little product.

    1. Costco has 2 6oz tubes for $99, Been using it for about 10days and feel it has made a difference already. I am 53 and have very sun damaged skin, hoping it may even out the sun/age spots.

      1. Jenny-
        Did it help with your sun/age spots? I am dying to find a product that helps with this, so I am eager to hear your response…Thank You!!!

      2. Hi,
        Thanks for the information. I was wondering if you are talking about Costco in Canada. I live in Canada and have a Costco membership. I was not sure whether or not you were referring to a Costco in the United States or in Canada. Please let me know. I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot! Cheers!

  5. I am 43-years old, I have six children I birth and I have been using Strivectin for over 8-years. I believe the price has gone down, because it use to cost me approximately $180 – $160. Regardless, the price is well worth it. I have absolutely NO stretch marks let alone my face looks very youthful. I have been mistaken to be in the mid 20s, and my only daughter out my six children use to tell me to stop using it because I did not look old like her friend’s mothers. Thus, I will stand by Strivectin and all their products! To me, it safer thean Botox! By the Way, I will be more than happy to submit a before and after and I can assure you, my appearance did not change.

    1. Wilma, I would be very interested In seeing your before and after photos. I am thinking of buying Strivectin. Where can I purchase it for the least amount? Will be looking forward to your photos. Thanks.

  6. Does this product work well on stretch marks & how long does it usually take to see results? Where can I purchase this product?

  7. These products are marvellous, i have spent loads of money over the years on useless creams that promise the earth. These products really work on my sensitive/dry/ageing skin, and they last for a year.

  8. let us see if you include my remark about your new product on this page.

    why discontinue your original product that so many people loved?

    i have been using the original SD for over 4 years and am horrified that this new product is not working for me.

    it irritates by skin and is not as soothing as the original.

    i have left a message for someone to call me back and no one has for over 2 weeks now.

    your original product is now available from other resources at 40% off but when you go to Sephora and they admit that they will no longer carry the original product, they will sell what they have left at the full price.

    can someone get back to me and advise if you will still be able to get the original product SD or shall i start my new investigation for a different product line?

    1. I share with you the problem. The old Strivectin SD was much better then this new one. I also don’t see the results as before and i’m starting to be worry about what to use now.

      1. I loved the old Strivectin SD and used it for years. Bought the new formular and could not tolerate it. My face still feel like it has a sunburn.

    2. You do realize that this is not Strivectin’s website, right? This is just a review website, so anything you post is not going to be seen by Strivectin’s customer service…

  9. I am 51 years old but I come from a family of good genes so people think I am younger than that however I started using Strivectin just one week ago and my friends are already asking if I did Botox they think I am even looking alot younger now. Personally I am seeing a slight difference in the appearance of my skin

  10. Hello ladies!

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and want to use StriVectin SD as facial cream. Can anyone tell me if its safe to use when prgnant?

  11. the comment abojt original vs new strivectin worries me, especially since your review states the the “original formula” is the one that works. What has been done to revamp the formula, and does it work as well as the original? I won’t try it otherwise.

    1. The new formula contains the same active ingredient (Striadyl) in the same concentration – but it also has additional peptides, hyluronic acid, and NIA114. The new website explains the benefits of each of these and has a complete list of ingredients to check before you purchase.

  12. I bought StriVectin a few years ago, but never noticed changes immediately. Now I am not sure if StriVectin help with deep wrinkle forehead, or Almay? Does it work on all nationalities/skin types?
    If you have notice a change that you have in fact noticed a difference within a few weeks Please let me know. I used it as instructed not 3 times a day, but 2 times, did not notice any change until now. Is there anyone that StriVectin did not change/work:


  13. I have enjoyed using the original formula. People say that I look 10 and even 20 years younger than my age. I am very concerned that the formula has been changed and is not working as well for some people. Perhaps you should continue making the original formula as well.


  14. Please don’t waste your money.I tried this product for nearly a year without seeing any results, except an empty wallet and more wrinkles.

  15. Loved the old formular, used it for years. The new is very irritating to me. Used it and still feel as though I have a sunburn on my face.

    1. The old formula is only 5 % whereas the new one is 8 %. It is stronger to work more effectively and quickly, but for the same reason, a small percentage of people will notice irritation.

    2. Hi. I have the 5% (original formula) … and it is beige and more runny than the new formula. Is that right? I thought it was fake … but perhaps it is real. (I bought it last year online.)

  16. I have used the StriVectin just 2 weeks and the sunspots on my cheeks are almost gone! the pink on my Strectmarks almost gone as well. I used other products in the line too, all I can say is wow!

  17. It was a big mistake to buy these products. I had bought before a generic cream, said it was same quality of the original. This cream was very good, it cost only $20 I thought If the generic cream is good, the original will be much better. But it was not as well, the original cost much more and was good to the garbage. In addition I had read in a forum on the quality of these products, and were not good views, still I bought the products, more than $200. It is a fraud, please do not buy them.

  18. I bought 2 tubes of strivectin at costco for $65. I’m quite pleased with the results on my tummy stretch marks – had a little guy 6 months ago and the marks are almost gone. I am concerned about the women who are using this while pregnant – this has not been certified as safe for use on pregnant women. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream and your baby will be exposed. Please dont risk your child. Use something gentle on your strech marks until your baby is born and you are done nursing. Why risk it? However.. after reading this forum, I’m excited to try strivectin on my face… all the sleepless nights have left me looking rather old and well,,,, tired!

    1. As a Pharmacist I can tell you that not everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream. What does get absorbed into your blood stream, your fetus wil ONLY be exposed to if it actually crosses the placenta. Only some chemicals/drugs cross the placenta… and that makes the determination of whether a chemical/drug is safe to use/take during pregnancy. Some goes for breastfeeding… the baby only gets exposed to it if the chemical/drug crosses into the breast milk. Whether these things cross into the placenta and breast milk has to do with their chemical structure. So your statement of “anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and your baby will be exposed,” is definitely FALSE. However, I have absolutely no clue as to whether these particular products get absorbed into the bloodstream in any significant amount, and if they do I do not know if their chemical structures crosses into either the placenta or breastmilk. There are likely no studies to determine this, as they are generally considered unethical.

  19. I’ve been using your products since August and see no difference. Your Replenishing cleanser is not a good product, it leaves face feeling dull and waxie, and doesn’t really clean well.

  20. I’m a 49 y.o. female that has been using the original Strivectin SD for about five years after being disappointed by Obagi etc. It definitely reduces wrinkles. It’s absorbed readily. It leaves a satin glow to the face that’s not greasy. The peppermint ingredient is refreshing. I haven’t found anything better yet.

  21. Ive have used strivectin for over a year now for existing stretch marks. thus, ive used it before in the past and gave it a second chance. I have not seen any change. I have stretch marks from three pregnancies and coco butter did not prevent them just like strivectin did not shrink them or make them unnoticeable at least not on my skin. I still cant wear a two piece bathing suit because of the stretch marks.

    My question is has anyone used anything else besides strivectin for stretch marks or wrinkles that actually works. how about the products suggested on this site?

    1. Palmers, the same brand as the cocoa butter, makes a firming cream for stretch marks. I used the butter, not the lotion or cream , when I was pregnant. Three kids, no stretch marks on my stomach or legs.

  22. I have used strivectin for 7 years, and love it. People are surprised when I tell them I am 57, they think I am in my early 40’s, that speaks for itself as how it works for me!

  23. I tried the Strivectin for dark circles, and it didn’t work. I have fair, almost transparent skin. Maybe it works for people with darker skin?

  24. Been using Strivectin for a week and my face is peeling badly, when can I expect this to stop? I am 67 yrs old.Am I using too much at a time? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Louanne

  25. I just started using the SD for my stretch marks. I’m really excited and hope it works for me. But I read that once you stop using it, your stretch marks will come back. Is that true? If it is, then what’s the point?

  26. Very greasy, no results.
    Also, Retin A cream works better.
    Waste of money, but I am sure you will not print this.

  27. I got a $15 sample size of Strivectin TL–neck firming cream. I put a little under my jawline and neck only (nowhere near my eyes). The first morning I woke up and my eyes were a bit puffy. I thought I must have had a bad nights sleep and it would go away shortly. I put more Strivectin on and (as usual) carefully washed my hands free of any cream, etc. By the next morning my eyes had swelled up so badly I could hardly open them! I looked worse than the time a yellow jack stung my eyelid. It has been four days now and the swelling is still apparent. I am going to my doctor today and hope he can prescribe something to remedy my swollen eyelids. Very upset. Needless to say, Strivectin is going into the garbage.

  28. I have been using the Stryvectin products for two weeks and have had continuous peeling on my face and a burning sensation that does not ease off. I have gone to my dermatologist for this problem and he told me to discontinue this product immediately as it is causing a severe irritation to my skin which could eventually cause permanent damage if I continued thus product. He said that if any product that is used in skin causes these problems to skin to discontinue immediately and save yourself a lot of money.

  29. I am surprised to see how many people are having problems with this product. I have been using it for years and love love love it. I can’t find anything similar! It’s pricey but you don’t need a lot and it lasts for ages! It leaves my skin glowing and fresh. I saw results pretty instantly and still feeling them! And I love the smell! But yes I would advice against using it while pregnant…
    I’m due to buy another one soon so it will be interesting to see if it still feels the same.

  30. I had been using strivectin for about 2-3 months before noticing a difference. I use it on my face for sun spots. I didn’t really buy it for heavy wrinkles. I can definitely see a difference though. My skin feels softer and smoother and also the dark spots have reduced. It has really brightened my skin. I do not recommend this for sensitive skin, since it does tingle a bit. I have a light olive completion and it has worked well for me. I am happy with the results.

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