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Stendhal Skincare offers a variety of skin care products as well as makeup and cosmetics. Stendhal may literally offer dozens of skin care products, many of them being marketed as anti-aging products for mature skin. There seems to be no official website for the Stendhal Skincare line however, the products are available for purchase through many other online retail channels.

Product Details

Stendhal Pur Luxe Total Anti-aging Care is marketed as an anti-aging skin care product. The product is claimed to be “a total anti-aging beauty treatment” which is supposed to effectively regulate the skin’s micro-circulation, offer optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays from the sun, provide mild protection against free-radical and environmental skin damage, marvelously increase skin’s elasticity and firmness, and help to achieve a youthful looking, radiant complexion overall. The full list of ingredients is not disclosed for any of the Stendhal Skincare products which can make it difficult to asses whether the products are effective anti-aging skin care treatments. With so many anti-aging products in the Stendhal Skincare line, consumers have to “wade through” all of the products making it difficult for to make an informed choice. There does not seem to be much of a difference between many of the products. Consumers who are looking for a new anti-aging skin care regimen prefer to purchase one product that contains the advanced ingredients that have been proven to effectively address the issues associated with aging skin. The proven anti-aging skin care ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Real Collagen and Argireline.

The Good

  • Stendhal Skincare offers products for the face and body to address different skin conditions in addition to anti-aging products.
  • Stendhal Skincare products are readily available for purchase through many online retail stores.

The Bad

  • There is no official website for Stendhal Skincare products.
  • There are too many anti-aging products to wade through that do not appear to be much different from one to the next.
  • The full list of ingredients is undisclosed for any of the Stendhal Skincare products.

The Bottom Line

A really good anti-aging skin care product should be effective on its own without the use of many other products. The company as well as the consumer would benefit greatly if the company disclosed the full list of ingredients in the products, particularly the anti-aging skin care products. After all, an anti-aging skin care product is only as good as its ingredients. Consumers want to be educated prior to their purchases; they do not want to be disappointed and have to return the products. It would be very helpful if Stendhal Skincare had a well organized and official website for their products as well as posted customer testimonials and clinical research so that potential customers could make a more informed buying decision.

4 thoughts on “Stendhal Skincare Review”

  1. I just purchased Stendhal for the first time. I don’t know if their products are good or better than others. Does anyone know anything about Recette Merveilleuse Creme Revitalisante Ultra Revitalizing Day Cream. I haven’t opened the box and so can return it. I would like some input on this product and Stendhal itself. It is a 50 ml. for $60.

  2. Approximately 35 years ago I was able to purchase Stendhal’s Fonction 24 face cream. It was unbelievable! The company I believe was sold and I believe discontinued this product. Does anyone know anything about this great cream?

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