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StarLite Laser is a skin rejuvenation tool that’s sold for home use. This product aims to benefit the skin by stimulating skin cell renewal. Basically a “light energy beam” hits the facial skin and potentially minimizes facial lines, as well as cell damage. Not only does the StarLite Laser device aid with anti-aging, but it additionally endeavors to reduce blemishes and minimize facial scars. The official website explains how sunlight is commonly known as the healing ray for most life forms, but this new-age tool provides a similar kind of beneficial light.

As revealed on the website, the StarLite Laser utilizes a “low-power medical-grade 655nm red spectrum soft laser” that’s combined with “940nm infrared spectrum-pulsed LED light energy.” While the light from this device helps to stimulate skin cell repair and renewal, it additionally allows the facial skin to absorb key nutrients for rejuvenation and collagen production. There are a couple picture graphs provided on the official website to help explain how the StarLite Laser works. At this point, the official website for this product is under construction, but the StarLite Laser does sell through other dealers for $165. It comes with three AAA batteries, an instructional booklet, a plastic travel case, and a Starlight battery-operated laser.

Product Details

The StarLite Laser tool is an at-home skin rejuvenation device that can potentially assist users with facial skin cell regeneration, the minimization of wrinkles, the clearing of acne blemishes, and the reduction of scared tissue. There are clinical studies provided to help support the overall effectiveness of the StarLite Laser. Furthermore, there are some before/after photos offered on websites where this product is sold, along with testimonials from other StarLite Laser users. An online video is provided for this device to show potential buyers how the product actually works. The StarLite Laser comes with a two-year warranty.

The Good

  • The laser technology used in the StarLite Laser is approved by the FDA.
  • The StarLite Laser offers at-home skin care to potentially assist with skin cell renewal, wrinkles, the clearing of acne blemishes, and the reduction of scared tissue.
  • There is come clinical research and before/after photos provided on the official website.

The Bad

  • The StarLite Laser could have a negative/allergic effect on the complexions of some users.
  • The cost of the StarLite Laser tool is a bit high at $165.
  • This skin care product doesn’t appear to be dermatologist-recommended.
  • This skin care device cannot be conveniently purchased in stores, and the official website is down at this time.

The Bottom Line

In some respects, the StarLite Laser device is rather unique and interesting in comparison to many other skin care products out there. It’s nice to see that this tool is geared toward home skin care maintenance, as opposed to professional spa environments. On the downside, the StarLite Laser sells for $165, which may be a tad pricey for some individuals. Also, this skin care device doesn’t come with any topical treatments to potentially benefit the user’s complexion.

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  1. I had been using the Starlite Laser, on & off, for about two years then I started using it every week and then a couple of times a week. I am now 57 and EVERYONE tells me that I look more than 1o yrs younger and it has reduced any facial spider veins that have popped up. Starlite works!

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