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Sorting through the massive market of anti-aging treatments and potential wrinkle remedies can be somewhat of a challenge now days. There are so many topical serums, creams and lotions that endeavor to smooth out fine lines, diminish age spots, increase collagen, firm the complexion, and battle deep wrinkles. However, whether or not they actually perform as claimed remains to be seen by many. One of these topical serums is Sta Tight. This is an “as seen on TV” product that sells via the official website for $29.95 (.5 ounce bottle). Sta Tight is applied to the facial skin daily to potentially aid with anti-aging, facial firming and wrinkle reduction.

Along the lines of most other anti-aging treatments, Sta Tight is directed to be applied to clean facial skin twice daily. When used as directed, Sta Tight may reduce wrinkles/lines on the forehead, under the eyes, and around the lips. This serum was developed by a surgeon named Dr. Lewis M. Feder, and aims to produce results within three to four weeks. As you may have already guessed, Sta Tight serum is marketed as an alternative to other more invasive procedures like Botox injections. Unlike some other topical treatments out there, Sta Tight is claimed to produce long-term results.

Product Details

Sta Tight is an anti-wrinkle serum that’s geared toward aging/mature women with fine lines, crow’s feet, facial sagging and wrinkles. Basically this product is applied directly to under-eye, forehead and other facial lines daily in order to “soften” the wrinkles and lead to long-term smooth skin. Although there are no real clinical trials presented on the official website, there is a single before and after photo offered to express what Sta Tight serum can potentially lead to. The official pitch for this treatment is “No injections! No Toxins! No Expensive Doctor Visits!” No free trial samples of Sta Tight are offered. Nor are any of the actual key active components found in this anti-wrinkle serum.

The Good

  • Sta Tight can be purchased with ease directly through the “as seen on TV” website.
  • This anti-aging treatment aims to produce long-lasting results.

The Bad

  • There is no real clinical testing results provided for Sta Tight anti-aging serum.
  • Although a before and after photo is presented on the official website, there are no customer testimonials found.
  • No key active ingredients are revealed for this skin care remedy.
  • There is no full ingredient list offered on the official website for Sta Tight serum.
  • Unfortunately some women may have an allergic reaction to certain components found in this product.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Sta Tight serum is marketed in a somewhat unconvincing manner. First of all, this product’s official website is the “as seen on TV” site. Secondly, there are no major active ingredients revealed for this anti-aging serum, nor is there an ingredient list at all found on the website. Since there are no testimonials posted from past users, or any satisfaction guarantee offered with Sta Tight, there are not a lot of reasons for women to choose this anti-aging treatment over the countless others available.

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