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St. Ives is a Swiss skin care line that offers facial and body treatments particularly geared toward women. Unlike many other high-end cosmetic and beauty lines, St. Ives products are commonly sold in drugstores across the country. Currently this brand is made up of three different lines, which are Facial Products, Body Wash, as well as Hand & Body Lotion. The official website offers a convenient apparatus that displays products according to skin type. Furthermore, there is an FAQ section provided on the website to address certain customer questions and concerns.

Under the Facial Products, you’ll find topical treatments to address afflictions like dry skin, acne breakouts, wrinkles, sensitive complexions, and facial sagging. Some of these products are the Apricot Scrub, Apricot Cleanser, Clear Pore Cleanser, Blue Clay Firming Mask, Collagen Elastin Moisturizer, and Apricot Face Wash. The primary active ingredients found in St. Ives treatments are Apricot Extract (deep cleans the skin and exfoliates), Salicylic Acid (helps clear pores), Silica, Tea Tree Extract, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (exfoliates dead skin cells), Olive Leaf Extract, Olea Europaea, and Vitamin E (heals and nourishes skin). Although there is no 100 percent money-back guarantee provided for St. Ives treatments on the official website, there may be a refund option available through the store where you purchase St. Ives. The official website offers an “online dermatologist” link to assist individuals with some skin care queries.

Product Details

St. Ives is a drugstore skin care brand that’s been around for many years now. This line is mainly marketed toward women, but of all skin types. Similar to many other brands, St. Ives products aim to help users with general skin care problems like acne blemishes, deep facial lines, cleansing, collagen loss, dull complexions, hyper pigmentation, and exfoliation. The key active component that’s most commonly found in these treatments is Apricot Extract. Unfortunately at this time there are no testimonials provided on the official website to promote St. Ives products, nor is there any clinical data presented.

The Good

  • All of the St. Ives skin care products can be acquired with ease in most common drugstores across the USA.
  • The main active ingredients found in St. Ives products are revealed on the official website.

The Bad

  • There is not much background data provided on the official website for St. Ives.
  • Since these skin care treatments are sold in routine drugstores, there may not be a 100% money-back guarantee provided.
  • It may be difficult for some individuals to determine whether or not certain ingredients offered in St. Ives treatments will lead to allergic reactions.
  • At this point there are no testimonials presented on the official website to support the claims.

The Bottom Line

In the end, St. Ives is a skin care brand that’s been around for some time now. Although this drugstore brand may be commonly used by many women, you may have some difficulty determining if these topical treatments are right for you personally. Especially since no clinical research or testimonials are provided on the official website. To learn more, you may find it helpful to check out St. Ives treatments in person at a local drugstore.

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