Squalane Review


Squalane is a product available from Longevity International, a company that distributes various health and beauty products from around the world. On the official website, you will see products from Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. Many of these products would be classified as anti-aging products and there are a total of nine different items for sale.

The two Squalane products are from Japan and are the Squalane Anti-Aging Skincare 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil and the Squalane Highly Purified & Naturally Healthy 99.9% Shark Oil Extract. For some reason, the second product is spelled “Squalene”. We aren’t sure if this is actually related to the first product as it’s capsules and not a skin oil.

Product Details

The Squalane Pure Essential Oil claims to be made from the livers of sharks that live over 1000 meters under the surface of the sea. The main shark used for this product is the Blue Shark. The website says the Blue Shark is only able to live at these great depths because they have so much Squalane in their livers.

Squalane claims to be 100% pure and doesn’t contain any additives whatsoever. The website says this isn’t a cosmetic product but instead is a raw material that is often used in various skin care products. Apparently, this is one of the few places you can get Squalane in its purest form and the website claims that youthful skin naturally contains Squalane and this is why teenage skin is soft. As we age, the amount of Squalane in our skin decreases greatly.

The official website provides a nice history of Squalane but doesn’t have a full list of ingredients and sells the product for $49.99.

The Good

  • Squalane is made from an all natural ingredient.
  • The official website has a free trial offer available.


The Bad

  • There isn’t much research posted about how well Squalane works.
  • The official website may have been translated from Japanese as some descriptions don’t make much sense.
  • We can’t find any testimonials for this product.
  • We can’t find a money-back guarantee on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Many different types of fish oil have been proven to be beneficial for your skin and overall health so we can assume Squalane will give your skin some type of benefit. If you are interested in all-natural skin oils that come from marine life, you might find this product appealing. We can’t recommend it at this time because there just isn’t much information provided about how this product works and what it is supposed to do for your skin. We do recommend sticking to a product that contains a well known wrinkle fighter so you know what you are getting.

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