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Sothys is a beauty institute that first opened in Paris, France in 1946. The customers there used special beauty products created by one Dr. Hotz, who is a medical biologist. The Sothys beauty institute changed hands in 1966 and Mr. Bernard Mas became the chairman. Today, Sothys products are sold in over 100 countries around the world and claim to be a hit among estheticians who are looking for professional, spa-quality results.

Sothys offers high-end products and has a nicely laid out official website that explains the history of the company and lists each of the products. The Sothys website has most of its anti-aging products listed under the Restructure and Restructure/Unveil categories. While the products sound very impressive and have a long description attached to them, unfortunately the official website doesn’t go into great detail about what all the ingredients are.

Product Details

The Sothys anti-aging products seem to contain a number of proven anti-wrinkle ingredients such as matrixyl and hyaluronic acid, but the full list of ingredients is nowhere to be found. There aren’t any prices listed on the official Sothys website but some checking with third party retailers show they range from $24 for the Self-Tanning Cream to $200 for the Global Anti-Age Serum.

Some of the anti-aging products available from Sothys include the Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Serum, Eye Contour Serum, and the entire Lift Defense line. These do list a few of the active ingredients but no complete formulas. Sothys offers a wide range of products that claim to be “salon quality.” The official website doesn’t actually sell the products but has a salon locater that will help you find a salon in your area to purchase the products from. There are also some third party websites that sell Sothys products and some of them even offer a free sample, but not all third party websites are trustworthy so use your best judgment.

The Good

  • Sothys salons are abundant in most states.
  • Many different types of products are offered from Sothys so you will probably find something appealing.

The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients isn’t available on the official website for any of the Sothys products.
  • Some products (often the ones specifically geared towards anti-aging) cost hundreds of dollars.
  • You can’t purchase Sothys products from the official website.

The Bottom Line

For a company that dates back to the mid 1940’s, Sothys doesn’t really have any one product that stands out. While some products contain anti-wrinkle agents, it would be better if they utilized a combination of them. If you can find a free trial of Sothys products from a third party website or visit a Sothys salon in your area, you might be able to form a better opinion and see if anything works for your skin and its problem areas.

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