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Soraya is a skin care and beauty line that’s geared toward women and provides home treatments. Although there doesn’t appear to be an official website for this brand, Soraya topical treatments are sold through websites such as Some of these products are the Beauty Creator-Eye Cream ($14.99), Beauty Creator-Anti Aging Cream (15.99), Beauty Creator-Anti Aging Mask ($14.50), Intimate Hygiene-Chamomile and Sage ($9.99), Beauty Creator Attraction Intelligent Regeneration ($18.99), and Soraya Professional-lifting and regenerating Eye Cream ($18.99). There are 12 different products total sold through this website. However, there is no 100% money-back guarantee. While items can be returned within 14 days, they must be unopened and unused.

The Soraya line aims to address a number of common skin afflictions like dryness, redness/irritation, facial wrinkles, lack of firmness, crow’s feet, collagen loss, and age spots. To focus more specifically on a particular Soraya brand, we’ll look at the Beauty Creator Attraction Intelligent Regeneration cream. This topical treatment endeavors to assist with aging complexions. It is applied to clean skin daily in order to battle dry, wrinkled skin. It’s claimed to smooth out facial lines, hydrate, firm the skin, boost radiance, and improve overall elasticity. Unfortunately there are no customer reviews offered to support this treatment.

Product Details

The Soraya skin care line is focuses on anti-aging, hydration and regular skin maintenance. Products like the Beauty Creator Attraction Intelligent Regeneration cream offer key active ingredients such as Deliner Corn Extract (helps fill in wrinkles and rejuvenate the complexion), Wort Extract (restores skin elasticity and firmness), Biotechnological Tripeptide (assists with collagen production), and Pansy Extract (rejuvenates damaged skin). Clinical evidence for Soraya treatments is not provided where these products are sold. Essentially all treatments from this line are geared toward women with mature complexions. Currently there are no free trial samples offered for Soraya skin care.

  • 12 of the Soraya skin care treatments can be purchased conveniently online through some websites like
  • Some of the primary active ingredients such as Deliner Corn Extract, Wort Extract, Biotechnological Tripeptide, and Pansy Extract are revealed where Soraya skin care products are sold.

The Bad

  • There are no testimonials or positive reviews offered on websites where Soraya skin care treatments are sold.
  • Clinical trials and research are not provided to support the Soraya brand.
  • Some individuals may have a negative reaction to certain ingredients found in Soraya skin care.
  • At this point there is no official website provided for Soraya.
  • Free samples of this treatment line are not available.

The Bottom Line

All in all, there is not a great deal of data offered on the Soraya skin care line. This may work as a red flag for some potential users. Naturally everyone likes to see some testimonials, clinical research and free trial samples offered when seeking to purchase skin care products. Sadly, the Soraya treatment line even fails to come with a money-back guarantee. This means that women who decide to give Soraya skin care a shot, must purchase the products at their own risk.

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  1. have tried the products love them i am 56 and live in Australia which is a hot climate and my skin feels fantastic use the Art and Diamonds range

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