Sodashi Review


Sodashi (began in 1999) is a skin care and cosmetic line that offers a wide variety of products for users of all skin types. The founder of this beauty line and spa is Megan Larsen, who aimed to develop and manufacture a skin care line that was completely free of chemicals. At this point Sodashi products are offered in numerous spas all over the world, and 120 different skin care treatments and makeup products are available. Some of the spa treatments offered by Sodashi are the Thermal Infusing Facial (deep cleans, nourishes and hydrates skin), Jet Lag Recovery (stimulates circulation and re-energizes the body), Soul to Soul (the scalp and feet are treated and massaged), and Coral Blush Aromatherapy Facial (tones and hydrates the facial skin).

The official Sodashi website does present testimonials from a number of magazines and newspapers. Contact information and telephone numbers are provided on the website for those seeking in-house Sodashi treatments. However, this company additionally offers at-home skin care products and makeup items. These range from categories like For the Face, For the Body, as well as For Home, Work & Travel. As the website states, the facial treatments aim to balance, rejuvenate, and calm the skin. Some of these are the Clay Cleanser with Lime, Balancing Face Mist, Balancing Serum, Gentle Repair White Clay Mask, Calming Concentrate, and Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood. All prices posted on the official website are in Euros.

Product Details

The Sodashi brand is a line of facial, body and aromatherapy treatments that are suitable for home use and in a spa environment. Unlike many cosmetic and skin care companies, Sodashi additionally offers in-house beauty treatments, as well as products for home use. The key active components incorporated into this line are essential oils, plant essences, natural extracts, and botanicals. Although all Sodashi products appear to be available through the official website, you must pay with Euros in order to purchase them.

The Good

  • Sodashi is both a spa and skin care company.
  • There are testimonials from newspapers and magazines provided on the official website.
  • An array of natural ingredients are infused into Sodashi products.

The Bad

  • Although a “spa locations” link is provided on the official website, there may not be a spa near you to actually take advantage of.
  • It appears that Sodashi skin care treatments can only be purchased online with Euros.
  • There is no mention of a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on the website.
  • Sodashi skin care treatments are more expensive than many other brands available.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Sodashi line of products may or may not have exactly what it is you’re searching for. While it is nice to see numerous customer testimonials provided on the official website, along with a “spa locations” apparatus, there is no mention of a money-back guarantee on these high-end treatments. Furthermore, in regards to the actual Sodashi spa locations, you would have to live in an area where one was located in order to utilize their services. You may want to check out a few other skin care brands prior to choosing one such as Sodashi.

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