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Editor's Review: 3.7 / 5.0

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The founder of the skin care range Skinn Dimitri James tells us on his website that he founded the company in 2002, after having worked in the cosmetics industry for 20 years. He tells us that his frustration with some of the methods used motivated him to start his company Skinn Dimitri James. The range includes cleansers, moisturizers and toners, as well as some anti-aging treatments. Two of the main treatments in his anti-aging range are the Wrinkle Balm Night treatment and the Hydro Surge Deep Moisturizing Lift Treatment.

Product Details

We are told on the official website for the Skinn Dimitri James products that the Wrinkle Balm Night treatment contains peptides and wild yam to promote the body’s collagen production and cellular regeneration. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is the specific peptide present in the Wrinkle Balm Night Treatment. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is thought to be a peptide responsible for stimulating the production of collagen. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is also known as Matrixyl. A large number of anti aging skin products on the market are now including Matrixyl in their ingredients.

We are told that you should put a dime sized amount of the Skinn Dimitri James Wrinkle Balm Night Treatment into your hand and rub it until it is liquid. It should then be applied to your neck and face. The Wrinkle Balm Night treatment is sold in different pot sizes with prices ranging from $17.00 to $40.00. The official website tells us that the Hydro Surge Deep Moisturizing Lift Treatment will penetrate the skin, and that the moisture molecule contained in the skin will bring with it its inherent anti-aging qualities. The cost of this anti-aging product by Skinn Dimitri James is $24.00. The official website tells us that there is a full 30-day money back guarantee upon purchase of the products in the Skinn Dimitri James Range. The products are available to purchase online, via televised home shopping and in nominated spas.

The Good

  • The Skinn Dimitri James Range offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A full and comprehensive ingredients list for all of the Skinn Dimitri James products is available on the official website.
  • The products can be ordered directly on line.

The Bad

  • There does not seem to be any offer for any free trial size samples.
  • The Wrinkle Balm Night treatment is not the only anti-aging treatment available that contains the ingredient Palmitoyl Oligopeptide.
  • We are not given any information as to what distinguishes the Wrinkle Balm Night treatment from other anti aging treatments that contain Palmitoyl Oligopeptide.
  • There are no testimonials on the website.

The Bottom Line

We think that the Skinn Dimitri James range is a range of skin and anti-aging treatments that has been conceived with a lot of integrity, and we also think that the company has a good customer service policy. However at the end of the day there is not enough evidence that these products are superior to other anti-aging products that feature the same active ingredients but that also come with stronger customer service policies.

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34 Comments/Questions/Answers to Skinn Dimitri James

  • 1

    Himali Silva

    I have just purchased hylighten dark circle treatment, could you please tell me how often i can use this product once/twice a day and can this be used on my upper eyelids as i have darkness on eyelids as well. Thankyou in anticipation.

    Himali Silva

  • 2

    tandrea nash

    I bought all-in-one contour compact airbrush finish– love the prodduct, however who ever made your cases for this should be aware that the case does not holdup to such a fine product– the lid came a loose from the bottom and the plastic looks bad– now I am holding it together with a hair band—but I do love your product–:D tawny nash

  • 3

    joan corley

    I sent in a statement that the products weren’t working for me because i have very oily skin. Some one called me and said that they were sending me some info on what would work and would send me a sample but that was 2 weeks ago. Did they just call so I wouldn’t bother them any more? it’s not the first time that I have sent in a request. The products that i ordered don’t work and i think that should be conveyed to the audience on the tv.I have a problem with oily skin and I bought a number of products in good faith and used them for the month and then it was too late to send the stuff back. something should be done about things like that. I am on a fixed income and am 67 years young and thought i was getting make-up that was going to work for me and it doesn’t. Joan Corley 757 8262023 112 prince george drive hampton,va 23669

  • 4


    I paid 12000 in a a parlour and I was assured that remy laure facials, body masaage, manicure pedicure, hari spa ect will be given to me in a package. I took three remi laure radiance facials within a span of 45 days but the net result was zero. How do I confirm that the parlour is using remy laure products only or is fooling with me and my skin. Please guide, Such parlour should be sued.

  • 5


    he has a line for oily skin.have you tried that .that is unfortunate,i love his products!

  • 6


    I love his products, the ones I have tried so far anyway. The two cleansers are great, I think the orange one PM is the best and the Collagensis Stem Rejen is Amazing for my skin. I was a bit worried at first because i didnt think it would suit my age range but when he said anyone from 20 to 50 could use it, i definetly got on to it straight away… and now its all sold out =( ….

  • 7


    I have usd Dimitri James ‘Skinn” for almost 2 yrs. It is everything and more..I Love it all!! My complection is firmer and tighter and I receive complaiments how much younger I look for my age..I tried everthing before I finally found Skinn and I’m happy I did!! Hats off to Dimitri for all you do for us ladies!!

  • 8


    I am new to “Skinn” and everything that I have purchased so far has been amazing!! My I LOVE the p.m. orange cleanser. I Love all the products that I have tried so far. No complaints whatsoever. Love it!! Thank you Dimitri for all that you do.

  • 9

    Anne Kopyta

    I am a true believer!My friends dad was visiting the other night,he said to my husband …. you better watch out she is starting to look like your daughter! It does not get better than that! I get alot of.”What is different”.’You look so good. RESTED!!!!!!! God bless you DimitriJames you have discovered the fountain of youth! I love your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10

    deborah weaver

    does dimitri james do animal testing? use animal products?

  • 11


    Recently, I watched your commercial and captured my attention. However, your models were all “Caucasians”. I am of color, specifically African-American. My question is whether your product is geared to women of color? If so, if there is a specific product you would recommend highly to women of color?

  • 12

    luke o connor

    cam dametri james products be obtained in the uk

  • 13



  • 14


    i have been using the product for three weeks and broke out in pimples will it eventually go away????????

  • 15


    I have been using for 6 months kit I purchaed at shop NBC. LOVE his products, they actually work! Lots of friends notice the difference. Totally worth every penny (however, is reasonable)

  • 16


    I have been using several of his products
    for 6 mon. I am 69 and my skin looks wonderful. People think I’m much younger.

  • 17


    I would like to know which products of his you like. I am over 70 and do not need anything for oily skin. I ordered one group and it was very drying so am sending it back.

    Appreciate any info you can provide. Many thanks.

  • 18


    Would like to know which products. I am 70 and do not want anything for oily skin.

    Thank you.

  • 19


    Started with the cleansers that came with the facial cleanser. The first I ever noticed an amazing difference in my skin. my skin is oily and pores fill up. I work for a dermatologist and the aesthetician asked what I was using as my skin was so smooth not clogged. I get microderms and peels, but had to tone down the strenth because these cleansers exfoliate and give the same benefits as my treatments! The watermelon mask is amazing. Then I tried the day and night serums and day cream/wrinkle balm.need to let day serum dry before applying cream, then pat it on. Really nice and tighted my pores,look younger. Very happy and will stay with Skinn!!

  • 20

    Chevelle Wise

    I just recently purchased your product. (Collagenesis Anti-Aging Twenty-Four Hour Youth Preservation System Dual Phase Age-Interception Power Ampoules (4) 24hr cream. But misplaced my Instructions ..can you please email me to instructions! thank you so much!

  • 21


    Tina THAT is me.. I first ordered the 7 piece collection which has the am and pm serums, the 2 skin creams (1 for am and 1 for pm), the wrinkle balm you rub between your finger’s until it become’s liquid and then apply to your face.. I then ordered the powderless face powder (it has a creamy consistency), the plasma foundation and all of a sudden it started with my chin breaking out with pimple’s I’m assuming and when I squeezed about 14 of them ( NEVER had acne probs in my life) a watery sticky clear substance came out..I was stupid and ordered the eye brightner, eye hylyghten and LOT’S more because they sounded so great and now I have rashes all over my face including my left eye,rashes on my neck, and pimple’s all over my face..I am 47 and my skin looked pretty good until I began using the SKINN Cosmetic’s product’s..

  • 22


    Tina, I wished I had NEVER seen a Dimitri James commercial… EVER since I ordered his skin care products along with the “Plasma” foundation my skin has been horribly broken out..I have tried EVERYTHING out there and to no avail the skin problems are now a daily thing..I wake up with a new round of zits daily and I NEVER had acne problems in my entire life..I look horrid and rue the day I ordered his products..Let me know if yours went away PLEASE and what to do to get rid of my acne that pops up on my neck and face on a daily basis now

  • 23


    I have just ordered products to test, hopefully skin does not break out. I forgot to ask is the products animal free of testing and animal free ingredients
    anyone who could answer my question it would appreciated

  • 24

    Susan Jantz

    I bought on shopping channel product came in today with no instructions. I would like to know how to use and when to use. Can you email me info?

  • 25


    I love the 3 piece cotton foundation. For all the foundations I have tried, I will stay with this one.

  • 26


    Don’t kid yourself, these product NO NOT WORK on mature skin. The wrinkles on my neck area have not diminished after twice daily use. Waste of money.

  • 27

    aurora reis

    I would like to know where is the best place to buy the products. Thank you Aurora

  • 28


    I hope you realize this site isn’t affiliated in any way with Skinn products, nor is it reviewed by the company. If you’re still waiting for a reply, it’s not going to happen. Try visiting the Skinn website and click on “contact us”. Good luck.

  • 29


    Those products dont actually work.
    If you’re of middle eastern and indian culture, thats the way our skin pigments. My mother has tried every dark circle treatment ever and honestly it never made a diffference. Dermal filler in the hollows of the eyes really helps prevent shadows and I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin from those injections. Also a good concealer. I hope you do find something that works one day, but that’s been my experience with those products. Also, dont waste your time with Stri Vectin.

  • 30

    Laura Locus

    I’m relatively new to Dimitri’s products and somewhat on the fence. His product”Hylighten”is currently what I’m using but so far haven’t seen any results.How long will it be before one can begin noticing. I’ve been using for three months. My under eyes do not appear to be lightening. Plz advise how often and how long Ishould use.
    Thank You

  • 31

    Kay Kardian

    Recently I purchased a skinn product and it did not suit my needs therefore I sent it back. I was shocked that I had to pay $8.99 to ship it back to Evoina shopping channel. Your products are great but I will not be ordering them on this shopping channel again. If a customer has to pay shipping charges to ship a return is not satisfactory to me. I have never before had to pay shipping charges on any product from any shopping channel. Thank you

  • 32

    Sheri benton

    I have the collagenesis cremes with the age reset serum and also the stem eye and facial serums. Which di I use first the age reset or the stem rehab serums ?

  • 33

    Ruby Testarossa

    Use the age reset serum first. Use the eye stem regen next – wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed. Then use the facial serum. The last thing you use is the 24 hour youth preservation cream.
    If you go to the shopping channel, there are usually videos of Dimitri explaining how to use each product.

  • 34


    I have had good results. Never break out and every pkg has included an instruction sheet.
    I bought the 24 hour Collagenisis creme kit for my 86 yr old mother and she said it absorbed immediately. She has hypersensitive skin and never once had any issues. People are amazed at how smooth my skin looks using this line

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