Skinn Dimitri James Review

Are you curious about how Skinn Dimitri James works?

Skinn Dimitri James is a skincare line that offers both treatments and makeup. There are so many products it can be a little difficult to navigate through them all, but at least the prices are comparable to similar formulas. Skinn Cosmetics is the business behind the skincare line. The website was purchased in 2000, but the creator worked in the market for 20 years prior to that.

What is Skinn Dimitri James?

Dimitri James is a company that offers skincare products ranging from anti-aging to daily maintenance. There is a huge section on the main ingredients used in each formula along with a complete list. You can find out more about how to use the treatments via the online instructions. We checked out a number of descriptions and found no mention of how long it will be until you see results.

Quick Facts on Skinn Dimitri James

  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • We found no parabens or sulfates.
  • Some formulas do contain potential irritants.
  • The prices are comparable with other similar lines.
  • There is a 30-day guarantee.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“There are some good things about the Dimitri James line,” says our Skincare Editor. “We like that the ingredients are listed, there are some good formulas and the prices are just right. But, when you take into account the potential irritants and customer complaints, that makes things a little more difficult.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Negative experiences were explained in reviews for just about every product we researched. Some people didn’t care for the feeling on the skin and others complained about reactions to sensitive skin. But, you have to take into consideration that not everyone was upset about their purchase.

Some positive experiences include:

  • “This product really helps soften the lines under my eyes.”
  • “A bit expensive but lasts for a long time.”

The negative side to the story is:

  • “This product is a very thick and greasy substance.”
  • “It’s greasy and rubs off.”

As for sensitive skin, we have the same outcome. Negative and positive offsetting each other.

  • “I do not get any irritation at all. I find this gives me a nice fresh clean feeling.”
  • “I have used for a few days now and find this removed all the makeup and does not dry my skin or cause irritation.”
  • “It burned my skin when I used it.”
  • “Harsh if u have sensitive skin.”

Are We Ready to Suggest Skinn Dimitri James?

Well, there are hydrating and soothing ingredients in some formulas and you can’t miss the positive reviews, but you have to look at both sides of the story. Not every product will work if you have sensitive skin. We’re also concerned that we found irritants like orange juice, orange oil, limonene and lemon extract. We have reservations because the good does not necessarily cancel out the bad.

What Do We Like Better Than Skinn Dimitri James?

Among the products we’ve reviewed in 2016 our favorite is BioGeniste. The formula is full of clinically tested ingredients and there are tons of customer reviews showing just how amazing the results can be.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

62 thoughts on “Skinn Dimitri James Review”

  1. I have just purchased hylighten dark circle treatment, could you please tell me how often i can use this product once/twice a day and can this be used on my upper eyelids as i have darkness on eyelids as well. Thankyou in anticipation.

    Himali Silva

    1. Those products dont actually work.
      If you’re of middle eastern and indian culture, thats the way our skin pigments. My mother has tried every dark circle treatment ever and honestly it never made a diffference. Dermal filler in the hollows of the eyes really helps prevent shadows and I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin from those injections. Also a good concealer. I hope you do find something that works one day, but that’s been my experience with those products. Also, dont waste your time with Stri Vectin.

      1. I love dimitri’s products. I stay away from the ones that don’t work for me and indulge myself in the ones that do.. His make up is the best !!!

  2. I bought all-in-one contour compact airbrush finish– love the prodduct, however who ever made your cases for this should be aware that the case does not holdup to such a fine product– the lid came a loose from the bottom and the plastic looks bad– now I am holding it together with a hair band—but I do love your product–:D tawny nash

  3. I sent in a statement that the products weren’t working for me because i have very oily skin. Some one called me and said that they were sending me some info on what would work and would send me a sample but that was 2 weeks ago. Did they just call so I wouldn’t bother them any more? it’s not the first time that I have sent in a request. The products that i ordered don’t work and i think that should be conveyed to the audience on the tv.I have a problem with oily skin and I bought a number of products in good faith and used them for the month and then it was too late to send the stuff back. something should be done about things like that. I am on a fixed income and am 67 years young and thought i was getting make-up that was going to work for me and it doesn’t. Joan Corley 757 8262023 112 prince george drive hampton,va 23669

  4. I paid 12000 in a a parlour and I was assured that remy laure facials, body masaage, manicure pedicure, hari spa ect will be given to me in a package. I took three remi laure radiance facials within a span of 45 days but the net result was zero. How do I confirm that the parlour is using remy laure products only or is fooling with me and my skin. Please guide, Such parlour should be sued.

  5. I love his products, the ones I have tried so far anyway. The two cleansers are great, I think the orange one PM is the best and the Collagensis Stem Rejen is Amazing for my skin. I was a bit worried at first because i didnt think it would suit my age range but when he said anyone from 20 to 50 could use it, i definetly got on to it straight away… and now its all sold out =( ….

  6. I have usd Dimitri James ‘Skinn” for almost 2 yrs. It is everything and more..I Love it all!! My complection is firmer and tighter and I receive complaiments how much younger I look for my age..I tried everthing before I finally found Skinn and I’m happy I did!! Hats off to Dimitri for all you do for us ladies!!

  7. I am new to “Skinn” and everything that I have purchased so far has been amazing!! My I LOVE the p.m. orange cleanser. I Love all the products that I have tried so far. No complaints whatsoever. Love it!! Thank you Dimitri for all that you do.

  8. I am a true believer!My friends dad was visiting the other night,he said to my husband …. you better watch out she is starting to look like your daughter! It does not get better than that! I get alot of.”What is different”.’You look so good. RESTED!!!!!!! God bless you DimitriJames you have discovered the fountain of youth! I love your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Recently, I watched your commercial and captured my attention. However, your models were all “Caucasians”. I am of color, specifically African-American. My question is whether your product is geared to women of color? If so, if there is a specific product you would recommend highly to women of color?

    1. Tina THAT is me.. I first ordered the 7 piece collection which has the am and pm serums, the 2 skin creams (1 for am and 1 for pm), the wrinkle balm you rub between your finger’s until it become’s liquid and then apply to your face.. I then ordered the powderless face powder (it has a creamy consistency), the plasma foundation and all of a sudden it started with my chin breaking out with pimple’s I’m assuming and when I squeezed about 14 of them ( NEVER had acne probs in my life) a watery sticky clear substance came out..I was stupid and ordered the eye brightner, eye hylyghten and LOT’S more because they sounded so great and now I have rashes all over my face including my left eye,rashes on my neck, and pimple’s all over my face..I am 47 and my skin looked pretty good until I began using the SKINN Cosmetic’s product’s..

      1. This is addressed to PAMELA
        Why, in God’s name, would you continue to use AND BUY a product that was not useful to you? Just saying….instead of venting off here…maybe you should find and talk a product which is more suitable for you and others..

        1. Presumably Pamela ordered / used products before realising what reaction they were causing; it can take a while for problems to surface & also to know what’s causing it. Venting off means complaining of a problem experienced by the product? – Why should they not do that here?

          1. What we are saying is if you are having a bad reaction to a product it is probably best not to order more of it. I have had no issues with any of the products and have been using about 2 years. It’s funny how we all have such different reactions to the same products. I absolutely love the smell of the am and pm face wash.

    1. Tina, I wished I had NEVER seen a Dimitri James commercial… EVER since I ordered his skin care products along with the “Plasma” foundation my skin has been horribly broken out..I have tried EVERYTHING out there and to no avail the skin problems are now a daily thing..I wake up with a new round of zits daily and I NEVER had acne problems in my entire life..I look horrid and rue the day I ordered his products..Let me know if yours went away PLEASE and what to do to get rid of my acne that pops up on my neck and face on a daily basis now

  10. I have been using for 6 months kit I purchaed at shop NBC. LOVE his products, they actually work! Lots of friends notice the difference. Totally worth every penny (however, is reasonable)

    1. I would like to know which products of his you like. I am over 70 and do not need anything for oily skin. I ordered one group and it was very drying so am sending it back.

      Appreciate any info you can provide. Many thanks.

      1. I would start with the morning and night face washes. Also the pink Collagenisis serums for face and eyes. Stick with those and perhaps add some thing of interest you see. Stay away from the balms as they are for dry skin. I love any of his make up so try it too. The mascara I have never used but have all the other make up most of it anyway. I am 70 too and tend to have oily skin. However in the colder winters I do use some of the balm on my neck. Also try the dermappeal face make, and pore mask as well as the watermelon. All are good for the skin.

  11. Started with the cleansers that came with the facial cleanser. The first I ever noticed an amazing difference in my skin. my skin is oily and pores fill up. I work for a dermatologist and the aesthetician asked what I was using as my skin was so smooth not clogged. I get microderms and peels, but had to tone down the strenth because these cleansers exfoliate and give the same benefits as my treatments! The watermelon mask is amazing. Then I tried the day and night serums and day cream/wrinkle balm.need to let day serum dry before applying cream, then pat it on. Really nice and tighted my pores,look younger. Very happy and will stay with Skinn!!

  12. I just recently purchased your product. (Collagenesis Anti-Aging Twenty-Four Hour Youth Preservation System Dual Phase Age-Interception Power Ampoules (4) 24hr cream. But misplaced my Instructions ..can you please email me to instructions! thank you so much!

  13. I have just ordered products to test, hopefully skin does not break out. I forgot to ask is the products animal free of testing and animal free ingredients
    anyone who could answer my question it would appreciated

  14. I bought on shopping channel product came in today with no instructions. I would like to know how to use and when to use. Can you email me info?

    1. I hope you realize this site isn’t affiliated in any way with Skinn products, nor is it reviewed by the company. If you’re still waiting for a reply, it’s not going to happen. Try visiting the Skinn website and click on “contact us”. Good luck.

  15. Don’t kid yourself, these product NO NOT WORK on mature skin. The wrinkles on my neck area have not diminished after twice daily use. Waste of money.

    1. I am 70 and started using the Skinn cosmetics over 2 years ago with first the face washes AM and PM. Then some of the AM and PM moisturizers. Eye creams…. And as Of now I use the age reset serum and eye and face creme reverse at night with one of his moisturizers,. For the day I do the age reset serum and the the eye and face collagensis serums. Still using the AM and PM cleansers too as well as some of the newer moisturizers after using up what I had. I am loving his products. I have always taken good care of my skin and have a few wrinkles of course for i smoked for 20 years.
      I am sorry you feel they are a waste of money but I am sold. The products do improve my skin and its only when I see someone I have not seen in a while I know for sure. I am into his makeup too. And for anyone younger please try them. For someone older like me who is wishing for a miracle…it won’t happen but it will improve your skin.

      1. I agree with you, I love the products! I started using the new little tubes of pure products, but instead of cutting the tip at the bottom, I cut at the top squeeze a little out put back the top and use it for two days, I still get great coverage and it makes it so I can afford it!

    2. I have used the bright side SOS products, orchid gel primer and the vitamin water in the blue bottle. I am going to try Collagenesis as I bought a similar product from Dr. Brandt and it helps but Skinn packages are WAY more affordable. I have been using Skinn for about a year or so. I am early 40s with good Mediterranean skin although it is dry, has some discoloration since pregnancy 15 years ago, and has a few small age spots. Overall, the appearance of my skin has improved noticeably with these products. If I stop using them, I see fine lines and loss of hydration/firmness that I do not have with them and that foundation makes worse. In fact, when I use regularly, my need for foundation is minimal. My hope is to be able to stop using foundation altogether or nearly so. I do notice some product lines (i.e. Skinn vs. Estee Lauder, etc.) work better for some individuals than others, based on differences in skin tone, texture, etc. I think it is foolish to expect that one brand will work equally well for everyone but Skinn has worked great for me.

      1. What I got from eBay does not even compare to the product I bought on evine. I bought the Collagenesis Youth Preservation Cream from Evine. I loved it! Delicious, soft cream that melted into my skin. When this jar ran low I found it on eBay for a really low price and happily ordered it. It was like lard on a cold winter day. I held some in my hand thinking it would warm up and spread easily, nope, it stayed firm. It was so hard to spread on my face and felt like a mask. Beware of Skinn products on eBay. Order from the Skinn website or Evine.

  16. I’m relatively new to Dimitri’s products and somewhat on the fence. His product”Hylighten”is currently what I’m using but so far haven’t seen any results.How long will it be before one can begin noticing. I’ve been using for three months. My under eyes do not appear to be lightening. Plz advise how often and how long Ishould use.
    Thank You

  17. Recently I purchased a skinn product and it did not suit my needs therefore I sent it back. I was shocked that I had to pay $8.99 to ship it back to Evoina shopping channel. Your products are great but I will not be ordering them on this shopping channel again. If a customer has to pay shipping charges to ship a return is not satisfactory to me. I have never before had to pay shipping charges on any product from any shopping channel. Thank you

    1. Hello Kay,

      Every shopping Net work , HSN, QVC and Evine have a return charge. It’s located on the return label. Usually $5.95 and up. So these are standard charges for return. Remember most of Skinn’s products ship free and others charge and recharge again for you to return an item.
      I hope this is helpful for all.

  18. I have the collagenesis cremes with the age reset serum and also the stem eye and facial serums. Which di I use first the age reset or the stem rehab serums ?

  19. Sherry,
    Use the age reset serum first. Use the eye stem regen next – wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed. Then use the facial serum. The last thing you use is the 24 hour youth preservation cream.
    If you go to the shopping channel, there are usually videos of Dimitri explaining how to use each product.

  20. I have had good results. Never break out and every pkg has included an instruction sheet.
    I bought the 24 hour Collagenisis creme kit for my 86 yr old mother and she said it absorbed immediately. She has hypersensitive skin and never once had any issues. People are amazed at how smooth my skin looks using this line

  21. I just received a 7- piece set the anniversary DoubleDouble. I was so excited when my package arrived. I immediately went and tried it out. Unfortunately, the a.m. sulfate free cleanser smells like toilet cleaner and it is very repulsive. My friends also purchased the same product and had the same bad comment. My husband thought I was cleaning the bathroom. I had to tell him it was my new facial cleanser. He told me to clean the bathroom with it and not my face. The Dermappeal also had a bad smell to it. The Midnight and hydrate lotion seems ok but overall the smell is repulsive. That is what all my friends who purchased it at the same time has said. You guys really need to overhaul this product or we and I do me we (25 friends from Santa Barbara to LA) will not be coming back. If I could stand the smell the product might be good!

    1. I do not agree with you, it smells fine and works wonderful! Sorry you do not like the smell, I do not like the smell of the hand cream, it smells like lavender! However when you use products without added fragrance, you get the smell of what is in it, they use lavender in the hand cream, the cream is good I just do not like lavender!

      1. I agree, I like the scent of the sulfate free cleanser, it smells clean, as it should. It’s the best exfoliating cleanser I have ever used and my skin shows it. I’ve used both the night and day cleansers for over 3 years now and they have been amazing for my skin.

      2. I don’t agree either. I like the grapefruit smell and use several lines from Skinn. My skin is gorgeous and not a day goes by without a compliment . I use the shampoo too and love it. Started 8 years ago and will not switch. It’s a shame you had that experience.

    2. The products are superior and do exactly what you see on the television. I love the smells of everything I have purchased so far, however if I did not, I am intelligent enough to know the smell dissipates and well worth the results you get. He is number 1 everywhere he sales in the world for a reason. You and your 25 friends best of luck finding a superior product and the prices he sales them at. I use Skinn Cosmetics and you could not pay me to switch.

  22. I have been using Skinn Cosmetics for 2 years now and love them. I first started with the face cleansers. Yes the AM one has a smell that some don’e like. But I got used to it and love the way it makes my skin feel. I also use collagenesis cremes for face, eyes and lips as well as 24 hour wrinkle and dryness relief balm for my night creme. Love them all. The age reset serum, and the creme reverse for face and eyes I use at night. Also use dermappeal, and the deep pore vacuum mask which I use each twice a week. I don’t have a husband to deal with so no problem there. I don’t have a husband so no bother with the smell. Some of these I have used a long time, but some I just got. You will not notice a dramatic difference, but slowly it does improve your skin. I have had strangers ask me about my age and what I do. I am 70 and wished I had discovered Skinn before. Love them all and have friends I gift things to I don’t care for. I have products I buy on sale or with other products and seldom buy anything on its own. Will never go to anything else.

  23. I do buy things on Skinn Cosmetics shows always online and they are 3 or more things together always. I started buying the makeup and love them. These are the liquid foundation, cake foundation, blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks and recently I bought some others that I have not received yet. As I said if you don’t care for them gift them to women friends. No one has ever said I hate this. Please don’t give me any more.

  24. If you don’t know/or understand the order to use the products, go to the shopping channel, (I use Evine) and it will tell you on Dimitrii James page the order to use them. Enjoy

  25. you can contact Dimitri by calling 1 8oo dimitri. Hiis staff is great and know the products well. IMHO he is the most honest and caring person about his products. I am 81 have used skinn for about 7 years. I get told all the time that my skin is beautiful. when I say 81 yrs am told I look more like 60s. thank you DImitri,

  26. I purchased Dimitri’s microdermabrasion treatment with a.m. – p.m. cleanser. Initially it was wonderful- left my skin very smooth , but the texture of my skin became rough and blochey. I also ordered the set with heel polish, body polish and creme extreme body lotion. Those products are OK with the exception of the body lotion. It doesn’t spread very easily I had to add a little of my lotion to make that happen. It made my skin very dry; like it was absorbing the moisture in MY skin! I don’t get it, thought these products were superior to what is in stores! Very disappointed.

  27. Skinn is top notch skincare. There are 4 to 5 different ways to enter the skincare line. Some are for deeply wrinkled skin, others are for 20 years old girls, and some are for sensitive skin. If you buy a deep wrinkle protocol for a 20 year old, they will possibly hate it. I think buying the right products my be what half of these reviews are about. Now try anyone else and you get the same issues. Skinn has changed the lives of many if not all of my patients as well as my own. You know it’s good when your mom, sister in law and nice take all your Skinn products. Dimitri has SPF 30 in his lips 6X. Now that is cool.

  28. I love Skinn products!! Thanks Dimitri. I’m
    Using collgenisis Deep wrinkle protocol
    Stem regin and 24 hour preservation crm

  29. This website is a scam, I was researching Skinn products, and read that they recommend another one that works better, and when you click on the website the scam begins. Don’t be fooled, Skinn is a great product but the one they recommend ‘ BioGeniste’ comes with a ‘free trial’ that is luring you into a 90+ product that will come to you as explained in the fine print- all of this when you think you are providing your credit card in order to pay for the shipping of your ‘free’ trial. Be careful

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