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Skincode is a skin care products manufacturer from Switzerland that carries a full line of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and treatments in two main lines: Skincode Essentials for all ages and skin types and Skincode Exclusive for mature skin. Skincode Essentials includes four anti-aging products including Intensive Lifting Serum, 24h Cell Energizer Cream, Lifting Moisture Mask, and Firming Eye Zone Gel. We will concentrate on these products for the purposes of this review as they claim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. As there are so many products on the market today making similar claims, we will take a closer look at the formulations in the next section to see if these products might be able to live up to the promises.

Skincode Essentials cannot be purchased directly from the company’s website but appear to be readily available from third-party online retailers. There does not appear to be a money-back guarantee offered which disappointed us. Satisfaction guarantees allow the consumer to purchase with the confidence that if the product does not provide satisfactory results or triggers allergies, they can get their money back.

Product Details

Skincode claims that all of its products are 100% free of preservatives, fragrance, color and animal extracts. However, the company does not provide full ingredient lists for any of its products on its websites. In many cases, Skincode does not even reveal its active ingredients.

There are certain ingredients that we feel are important and that can, in fact, deliver on promises to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate aging skin. Peptides like Matrixyl 3000 can work sub-dermally to reboot the skin’s own regeneration ability. Collagen and hyaluronic acid can replace the aging skin’s dwindling supply and protect the skin from further loss of these important substances. There is no indication that these ingredients are included in the Skincode Essentials formulations. Those with skin allergies and sensitivities may wish to discuss using these products with their doctor or dermatologist prior to purchase.

The Good

  • Available online from several retailers.
  • Line contains products specifically targeted to aging skin.

The Bad

  • Full list on ingredients not available at the time of this review.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • Not labeled as non-allergenic.
  • May not contain effective ingredients like Matrixyl 3000.

The Bottom Line

We find that the best skin care products for aging skin come from manufacturers that disclose what is in their products so that consumers can make an informed decision about whether the product can perform on its promises. The best manufacturers also stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee and in many cases offer sample sizes for customers to try before purchasing. Although we liked the extensive product lines of Skincode, we were disappointed by the lack of information and the fact that there was no reference to clinical trials that support the effectiveness of the products or their ingredients. Consumers may wish to seek a product that offers more information and proof of results.

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