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Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

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Skincerity is a roll-on serum-like product that is to be applied at night to the hands and face. According to the company’s website, Skincerity provides a breathable barrier on the surface of the skin to allow oxygen to pass through but trap moisture and anti-oxidants in. The Skincerity website contains infomercials, customer testimonials and before and after pictures. The website also refers to a clinical study performed on the product at the University of Texas but does not provide enough information to be able to determine the validity of the study.

<,p>Skincerity provides a 30-day money-back guarantee which we always like to see in order for the customer to order with confidence knowing that they can return the product if it doesn’t work for them or if it triggers allergies. Skincerity can be purchased directly from the company website and retails for $29.95 at the time of this review.

Product Details

The most frustrating aspect of Skincerity is that they do not disclose even a list of their key ingredients, much less a full ingredient list. We feel that it is important for consumers to be able to review the ingredients in a skin care product to know if they contain any low-quality “fillers” or potential allergens.

The only thing we know about Skincerity is that it contains Vitamin E which has been proven to have some beneficial effects on the skin but there is no available research to show that it can reduce wrinkles. When we look for an effective anti-aging or anti-wrinkle product, we find that certain clinically-proven ingredients really stand out and are the most able to provide dramatic and long-lasting results. Collagen replenishes the body’s dwindling stores of this natural substance and helps return elasticity and firmness to sagging skin. Hyaluronic acid can hold over 1,000 times its own weight in water and deeply hydrates the skin. Peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Argiriline can have an impact on reducing the appearance and depth of wrinkles and rebooting the skin’s ability to produce collagen. There is no indication that any of these ingredients are included in the Skincerity formulation.

The Good

  • Can purchase directly from manufacturer’s website.
  • Money-back guarantee offered.

The Bad

  • No full ingredient list provided
  • May not contain clinically-proven ingredients
  • No details are provided on clinical trials
  • Not labeled as non-allergenic

The Bottom Line

With the thousands of skin care products on the market today, we find it difficult to recommend one that provides so little information and does not disclose its ingredients. Those who have skin allergies or sensitivities may wish to exercise caution before using this product. We suggest that consumers research other anti-aging formulations that contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid and give this one a pass.

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25 Comments/Questions/Answers to Skincerity

  • 1


    is it safe to use while pregnaut??

  • 2


    No it is not safe for pregnaut women, contains Acetone

  • 3


    There is more Acetone produced in our bodies every day than in 1 single 30 day supply of Skincerity.

  • 4


    Worst thing I have ever used on my skin

    Broke it down and hydrated it to the point it became photosensitive

    The smell from the roll on applicator nearly sufficated me and gave me heartburn

    The advice I was given was to keep on using it

    After six days I had to stop I am now trying to repair the damage and its proving very difficult

    I would never reccommend this product skincerity

  • 5


    In some rare cases Skincerity may not work well, but for the vast majority it works just as advertised… it locks in your natural moisture while allowing your skin to breath and then sheds away when your skin is sufficiently hydrated. That being said, you should not have been advised to continue using it.

  • 6


    Masque ingredients
    Skin-coating polymers create a thin, flexible Breathable Barrier®. This breathable masque works for hours and functions much like your own skin.
    Acetone serves multiple activating functions.
    • Flash dries off the skin in 2-3 seconds to turn the liquid into a dry, skin barrier • Flashdriestocreatemicroscopic“skinhealthy”breathingpores
    • Deep cleans the skin on contact and keeps bacteria out of the bottle
    Absorbed ingredients
    Vitamin E is a powerful nutrient that augments your favorite products. This vitamin is also helpful for users that apply Skincerity alone.
    Vitis Vinifera (grape seed oil) is a powerful nutrient known to relieve stressed tissues and enhance skin moisturization. Vitis Vinifera contains proanthocyanidins, which are very helpful in diminishing the sun’s drying effects and lessening free radical damage.
    Your natural moisture. The breathable masque makes your own natural moisture the key ingredient. It actually turns your moisture into an active agent that intensely smoothes and softens dry, aging skin.

  • 7


    Does anyone else hate the feel of it on your face and find it keeps them from a good night sleep?

  • 8

    Mrs. C

    I have been using Skincerity for four weeks now, just about to star my 2nd bottle & I love it. I have large pores, oily skin, acne, scars from mole removal, uneven skin tone and lots of brown spots (ya, bad skin). I have tried everything. Nothing works. To tell you the truth, Skincerity doesn’t work on my skin. I took before & after photos and still look the same. Fine lines around my eyes, acne around my chin, upper lip & cheeks, no lightning of brow spots, scars still look the same, no chage at all. Ya the smell is bad & I have to close my eyes when I put it on but I still love this product. I love it because it makes my skin feel tight & clean at nights when it’s on. Plus its fun washing it off in the morning haha these are the only 2 reasons I use it every night & will continue to use it. I already have my 2nd bottle :)

  • 9


    I’m on my second bottle and I love this product and will never using it! I gained 50lbs when pregnant and have terrible stretch marks and “wrinkly” skin around my belly button. Since using it it’s tightened my skin and my stretch marks are no longer that purple color. I’m very confident that it will continue to tighten. I also use skincerity on my face. Also during my pregnancy I ended up with Rosecea, I had very red cheecks and nose, within a week I could notice my skin going back to its once original color! I love this product. Yes it stinks, and it’s a bit pricey, but I can’t put a price tage on having nice skin!

  • 10


    Yes! It is even safe on babies (one week old) to 91 years of age. It is also safe on pets (That is why it has been FDA approved). In addition the acetone is a medical grade acetone and evaporates within 3-5seconds not leaving any trace behind except for creating a bonded masque with tiny micropores. It is chemistry at it’s finest!

  • 11


    The thing you have to remember with the product is that whatever you put underneath the mask will work 40% more or 4x harder. So if you were using a harsh toner or a moisturizer or cleanser that has some time of acne medication in it, then your skin will most likely dry out because you are putting ingredients that are meant to dry out the acne on your skin and the mask amplifies that.

  • 12


    Not FDA approved- it doesn’t have to be-like all skin care products -they are not drugs or food so no need for approval. Semantics yes as this products has had some testing- but to be clear- not FDA approved- nor required to be unless you are sprinking it on your cereal to keep your heart young. ;)

  • 13


    Skincerity does contain Acetone, but it’s a medical grade (Not the acetone found in nailpolish removers)The reason it is a main ingredient is to help kill any harmful bacteria on your skin (Anything under the masque is amplified) as well as in the roller bottle. It helps to create micro pores on the masque itself to let your skin breathe, while still retaining it’s natural moisture. You have to be careful with what you use underneath it, I personally don’t use anything under it and it works amazingly as is. You probably won’t notice results right away, as your skin regenerates every 30-40 days. It is a breakthrough “medical technology” that absolutely cannot be replicated. It is safe on all skin types, as well as on children, and can be used for numerous skin ailments. That being said not everyone will love it, to each their own. Feel free to ask any questions as I work for NuCerity.

  • 14


    Sarah, you are incorrect. This product has NOT been FDA approved. Acetone and Polymers are not approved for use on babies under 2 years or on pregnant women. Please do not spread misinformation about potentially dangerous products.

  • 15


    is there anything i can read or look up that will give a list of all ingredients for this product. . are the photos of before and after real? ok another ? has CNN or NBC or any other news investigated this product? because the fountain of youth seems to be a myth and not avail in a jar.

  • 16


    Not the same as nail polish remover? Yet I just used it to remove my nail polish…worked just fine…only difference is it cost a lot more!

  • 17

    Betty Van Hoof

    would mind getting a sample offer for scars…

  • 18


    The only thing I find is that when someone makes a negative comment all these people selling the product spam the original comment. The product is not FDA Approved nor is it approved by health Canada (I called) and the amount of acetone is nowhere to be found (please enlighten me if you know, I’ve been going through Google pages and the nucerity site. I don’t don’t know if you are also aware that the product contains Teflon basically the same product most frying pans contain. Grape seed oil and vitamin E are known to be great for you skin, I suggest if you want something that amazing and more natural that you make your own soap. A great recipe would contain Papaya, Grape seed oil and a small amount of vitamin E, now this cleared my acne. This product made my skin dry (did not apply anything underneath) and the smell made me sick. Not only did it dry my skin but my eczema came back in full force.

    In my opinion Skincerity is a product used so that the company doesn’t fall under the illegal status of a Pyramid Schemem, do your research. Ask the people who sell it how many people are above him and below him and the cost to join.

  • 19


    same as Jay and the other Lori wrote up farther up on the page, i haven’t slept a good nights sleep since using it and i talked to others and they all complained about it bothering them as well even tho we were all told that it did not matter our sleeping habits it will not come off or annoy ya…bs!lol i also never had problmes with my skin other then the odd pimple in hairline and i got this for pure curiosity as i am getting older so it would be nice to keep on top of having nice skin and i am noticing some change in my face/neck and a few skin tags so i figured why not. first night with it on, i woke up with two new huge angry pimples under the ‘mask’. all day i was ‘aware’ of my face tingly and feeling weird. did it night two and not seeing any difference other then my very fine lines around my eyes were more noticable to me..hmm??and my neck was broke out in red spots around my skin tags. last night i put it on again and crossed fingers. woke up today with my face all splotchy, lumpy, itchy and sore, more pimples. i look sunburned :( i am ready to rip my skin off my face and neck. i was willing to look past the intense smell of it if it worked, as i was told it was wonderful by so many (all reps) but i am incredibly dissappointed and am tempted to take a cheese grater to my face to make the itch go away. and YES i moisturized before and after. def not worth the money so it would be nice to have trials of this product before you spend $100+ on it as i don’t believe it works for EVERYONE. :)

  • 20

    Frank Downey

    I need a copy of MSDS or written precautions reguarding pets and children. Might be a good product, but very vague on ingredints and precautions normaly provided by other products.

  • 21


    Really, you used it to remove nail polish? Just tried removing nail polish myself, and as the acetone in this product is meant to flash dry within seconds and evaporate, it certainly didn’t remove my nail polish? Perhaps clarify a bit further please as to how your polish was removed with skincerity

  • 22

    Rebecca Lofsnes

    The cost to join is only a $59 one time fee that lasts as long as you stay in the company. It includes a back office, amazing support from all the people above you and beside you and below you as it is a team environment company. A Costco membership costs more, a gym membership costs more, this is a very low investment for a very good potential to earn some extra money or at the very least receive your products at wholesale. I don’t imagine that it is the perfect solution for every single person, but it worked for me and I’ve tried a lot of products, pro activ, strivectin, murad, accurane, Botox, Venus freeze, Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, Shiseido, Arbonne, NuSkin to name a few.
    My suggestion to anyone is to try a bottle, purchase from a licensed distributor, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. One bottle should last approx. 30 days unless you are a rollaholic like me:) That way you will know risk free if it is the right fit for you. Do not use if you are allergic to vitamin E or grapeseed as these are the only active ingredients in the bottle. And as far as a pyramid scheme, there is no scheme here, this company is full of caring individuals who want to share their great experience with the product and the people of this company. I have the potential to earn way more than people who joined years ago, earnings are based on hard work. I look forward to working hard now for residual income later while looking 10 years younger!!!!

  • 23


    I was invited to a meeting in Langley, B.C. and couldn’t believe all the positive comments about the roll-on serum, so I purchased my first roll-on and to my dismay the smell and the burning to my eyes I discontinued using it. I have blister spots on my face so I went to the Dermatologist along with this product and the sheet of ingredients, for it was spoken at the meeting that it was in dermatologists office prior to MLM. The Dermatologists said this is one product that she would not apply to her face, the acetone is far to harsh and thought the mention that our bodies produce acetone that is not the same as applying it to our skin. She recommended a serum for my face to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and for firming and it has been absolutely the best product that I have ever used. Its mainly Vit c Vit E, no harsh chemicals at all. Also many of the women that place their photos on their web site or facebook, all have been photo shopped using a blur application so it looks like their complexions are perfect, but with the new app out there you can undo there photo shopping to see the real image of their faces and it’s unbelievable what they really look like, there skin is horrible and with many baggy, dark eyes. So the misconception from these women is truly why we should stay away from all these MLM with their magic potions. So after a dermatologists tells you to stay away from these products I will for sure. Remember they must sell and sign you up that’s how they make money, and that’s really all Skincerity “Nucerity” is really all about. As for a scam, yes it is.

  • 24


    Here are the ingredients we must stay away from. Acetone, Flouropolymer, Acrylic polymer, aren’t these some of the same products in non-stick pans….scary…

  • 25


    I have read some many negative reviews regarding all these unbelievable products on the market. I am a dermal therapist & unless you are using a cosmeceutical grade product with active ingredients from nature, you will get no where. Where ever you may live find the nearest stockist of Aspect or CosMedix. Not through Amazon or other sites unless it is through a proper skin clinic otherwise you risk purchasing counterfeit product. These are the types of products that will transform your skin with out terrible chemicals and fillers. Pleeease! Safe to use acetone on anyone let alone a baby is ridiculous. 60% of what is place on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and to organs. Get realistic, with the above brands you will not see negative feedback like this product has. Skin has to turn over & cycle. These product clog, cause free radical damage to the skin barrier and will bring on pigmentation. The firmness these product give you are the ingredients excessively dehydrating the skin to tighten and possibly split the skin. The skins natural defence Senses dehydration and produces more oil which leads to break out and congestion. The above info is just the tip of the ice berg people. Save your money and find a
    dermal therapist with Aspect or CosMedics.

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