Skincerity Review

Do acetone and tingly skin ruin the deal?

Bottom Line: Skincerity works as a masque that’s left on the skin overnight. Not only are the ingredients missing from the product description, but users report weird-feeling skin, interrupted sleep and questions about the use of acetone. We’re on the fence with this one.

What is Skincerity?

Skincerity is a masque applied using a built-in roller. It contains acetone, fluoropolymer, acrylic polymer, vitamin E, water, grape seed oil and fragrance. When applied before bed, it is supposed to seal in moisture and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nucerity, the maker of Skincerity, has been in the business for “many years”, according to the company history. You can buy from the official website, but the only price listed is for “preferred” customers. We like that there’s some vitamin E in there and water is not the first ingredient, but keep reading…

Here’s What People Are Saying

Our first issue comes with the ingredient acetone. Some customers are concerned about this chemical, but others claim it is used for medical purposes and is safe.

  • "Skincerity does contain Acetone, but it’s a medical grade (Not the acetone found in nail polish removers)."
  • "The medical acetone flash dries in 3-5 seconds and does not enter the skin."

Others are not sold on the idea of applying an ingredient used to remove nail polish to the face.

  • "Pleeease! Safe to use acetone on anyone let alone a baby is ridiculous."
  • "The Dermatologists said this is one product that she would not apply to her face, the acetone is far too harsh."

We also found people looking through Skincerity reviews in hopes of finding someone else who’d experienced some weird feelings after applying the masque.

  • "All day I was ‘aware’ of my face tingly and feeling weird."
  • "Does anyone else hate the feel of it on your face and find it keeps them from a good night sleep?"

This wasn’t always the case. There are customers are out there that like Skincerity and how it works.

  • "I’m a satisfied user of Skincerity."
  • "I’m on my second bottle and… will [continue] using it!"

Skincerity Customer Service – Easy to Reach?

Yes, there is contact information for the Skincerity customer service department on the official website. You can reach a representative by phone or via standard mail. We did not find an email address or contact form.

Can I Get My Money Back?

You have 30 days to return your Skincerity purchase for a refund. If you bought it from a distributor, that seller must process the return.

What’s Our Take – Will Skincerity Work as Promised?

Well, there is some vitamin E and grape seed oil in the formula. These can help to improve skin health, but we have strong reservations about Skincerity. We found no information on the safety of medical grade acetone, there is fragrance in the formula and the polymers are nothing more than a base for the other ingredients.

Among the products we’ve seen in 2016, our top pick is BioGeniste. Customer reviews are out of this world and the formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.


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