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The main USP of SK-II products is an element known as Pitera. The website of SK-II states that this product was discovered by accident in Japan. Japanese working in a particular Sake factory had unblemished hands which were noticed by a scientist working there. The product Pitera is a derivative of yeast fermentation. This product is then combined with vitamins, amino acids, organic acids and minerals. This concoction is claimed to help in renewing the outer layer of the skin. The well known celebrity Cate Blanchett endorses this product.

Product Details

The product owners and the website tell us that these SK-II products need about 28 days for the complete benefits and effect to show on the person. The SK-II is in fact a skin care package which has the following products included:

  • Facial Treatment Cleanser
  • Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel
  • Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
  • Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil
  • Facial Treatment Essence
  • Skin Refining Treatment
  • Facial Treatment Massage Cream
  • Whitening Source Intensive Mask
  • Whitening Source Derm Definition
  • Whitening Source Clear Lotion
  • Whitening Source Skin Brightener
  • Facial Clear Solution
  • Facial Treatment Repair C
  • Advanced Eye Treatment Film
  • Facial Treatment Mask, Facial Lift Emulsion
  • Signs Eye Cream
  • Signs Wrinkle Serum
  • Signs Totality
  • Signs Up-Lifter
  • De-Wrinkle Essence
  • Signs Eye Mask
  • Signs Nourishing Cream
  • Signs Dual Treatment Mask

The SK-II Skin care has some Finishing products as well which claim to protect and enhance the skin.

The Good

  • There is information on the usage method for each product in words and pictures as well.
  • SKII has skin care solutions for all kinds and types of skin.

The Bad

  • The information on the list of ingredients in each product is incomplete.
  • SKII does not have any well known and proven products like Collagen, Argireline or Matrixyl 3000 or Hyaluronic Acid.
  • There seems to be no provision of purchasing the products directly from the website.
  • There are no customer testimonials or photos which prove the effectiveness of the products.

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of SKII products can be really questioned since there are no great and well known anti wrinkle constituents present in the products. According to the official SKII website, their products can only be bought in some limited stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Cosmetic World, and Vitaviv. This is quite limiting since not everyone everywhere has an access to these products. Moreover, there seems to be no clarity or information concerning whether these products have a money back guarantee. We can only assume that there will be different refund policy for each store. This product has been endorsed by a celebrity and that may impress some customers but that does not guarantee the effectiveness of a product. We need to look for products which can actually dramatically reduce signs of aging with effective and proven ingredients like Collagen, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, and Matrixyl 3000.

8 thoughts on “SK-ii Review”

  1. I worked in the cosmetic industry for over 20 years; Lancome and Chanel included.
    When I retired, I decided to try everything that I always wanted to, just to see what really was the best product out there. I have used Darphin and LeMer and have loved both but SK-II caught my attention and I had to give it a try. In just 2 weeks, my skin is transformed. The texture is smooth, poreless, luminous. The lines on my forehead are diminished and my skin feels moist and hydrated all day. The Essence water is unlike anything I have ever used. The results were dramatic and immediate. All of my friends are now trying it; I would recommend it to any one. TRY it. See for yourself!

    1. Susan, do you use all SKII as a complete step by step in your daily skincare? what products in particular from SKII can you recommend as the best? Have you tried La Prairie? I wonder if its white caviar product line stands true to what it claims.
      I’m looking for a product that is proven to lighten dark spots due to skin pigmentation/sun damaged. Any recommendations?

  2. I’ve been using sk II complete set for 5 years before switch to other brand. Frankly, it doesnt do much different on my skin. Not make it worse nor better. And till the end I still dont get that smooth, soft, poreless skin. So I switch to other brand and found out my skin is much improve now.

  3. hi Sir,

    i need help asap.
    I need to know when do i use these below.
    i know i have to use it 2 times a day..morning and evening..but i’m not sure if i should use this before going to bed..
    i purchased the products below today..
    can u pls help me to explain when at night i use those..

    i have :-

    cellumination essence EX
    facial treatmen repair c
    facial treatment essence
    facial treatment clear lotion
    cellumination deep surge EX

  4. since I am using sk-ll for 5 months I am having a lot of break outs and pimples can you tell me why this is happening because I never had pimples like now these pimples leave scar’s

  5. I am a single mother, age 40 to raise 3 kids alone. I know to keep young look without makeup, taking any pills or surgery. I would like to work as a model to represent your company’s facial products.

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