Sisley Review

Curious about how Sisley really works?

Sisley is a skincare line out of Paris. It is available on an official website, along with a long list of fragrances, makeup and more. The website was purchased in 2000 – that’s more than a decade in the business. Products are sold in stores and online.

What is Sisley?

Sisley-Paris is a high-end product line that uses ingredients like adenosine, glycerin and tons of vitamins and minerals. You get free samples with just about every order and usage tips are available so you know you’re doing it right. There’s no real detailed information on how long it takes to see results, but typically it ranges from a few weeks to a month.

Quick Facts on Sisley

  • There are kits priced in excess of $1300.
  • There is only a 30-day guarantee.
  • There is a line for men.
  • Shipping and handling is free.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Sisley?

“We appreciate that some of the products have positive reviews,” says our Skincare Editor. “Unfortunately, we have trouble getting past price tags that range from $200 to $1300 or more.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The top two issues with found with Sisley online are closely related. Customers are not sure the money they are spending on the products is worth it. Some because they didn’t see any results and others just because the price point is amazingly high.

In terms of results:

  • “It’s okay, but definitely not the best I’ve tried for the price.”
  • “It’s just ok. I don’t think it’s worth $205.”

Positive experiences were also out there.

  • “Always keeps me looking refreshed and rejuvenated.”
  • “Just a little goes a long way and you see and feel the difference.”

The price comes back again with some users feeling they are too high and others appreciating the value.

  • “The price point is high, especially for less than one ounce.”
  • “Overall I like the product though it is a bit pricey for my budget.”
  • “Definitely worth the price in my opinion.”
  • “It’s expensive but you are getting your money’s worth.”

Are We Sold on Sisley?

Well, no matter how many positive reviews we found, we could not get past the prices. Our reservations are especially strong because there are reports from customers who saw no results. We just don’t feel comfortable recommending this one.

What Do We Like Better Than Sisley?

In 2016, we’ve reviewed hundreds of anti-aging products and the best is BioGeniste. The formula is laden with clinically tested ingredients, the price is right and customers are raving about their results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

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  1. I have a drawer full of free samples of Sisley from buying beauty products at NM, also can return product if wanted. Who would want to? After spending a fortune on other products, at 56, I have now found the best…using her foundation, lipstick, eye cream, milk cleanser, and especially her Botanical SHAMPOO!

    1. Sisely is a fantastic brand and does what is says. But the price point is extreme. I now use Votre Vu from Paris France. And LOVE it! I was so impressed that I became a Brand Ambassador with Votre Vu. The price point just cant be beat & they have the best return policy ever. If anyone is interested in trying the products feel free to go to

      1. You can have a facial consultation at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. I’m a new user of Sisley with very sensitive skin and sense of smell. Sisley is soothing upon first day!

  2. I have very sensitive skin, and I have found that the Sisley milk cleanser, exfoliants, and moisturizers keep me face and body feeling and looking very healthy without ever irritating my skin. I love my Sisley products.

    1. I’m 29 and just recently discovered Sisley and I’m in love! A skin care fanatic since 16,I have used many different products. Just last night saw a friend of mine and she was stunned at how amazing my skin looked. I stumbled upon Sisley at Saks to purchase concealer and expanded the collection. I used Clarins before, but will never switch. Price wise is high, BUT WORTH IT. I’m beyond impressed.

  3. Yes. Sisley prices are off the wall, but it works. I’m 44, and look 22. I, however, do something to enhance it. I have pure hyaluronic acid and vit c cream which I add to it. Before applying, I use either bliss oxygen facial wash or la prairie. I add “plus white” tooth whitener as it actually increases oxygen to ur skin. I’m gonna try the hydroxytone though.

    1. ROb
      can you be more specific on the brand of the HA and vit c you use and how and when so you use it , how do you combine it with the Sisley moisturizer ( which product?) and how you use the tooth whitener with it? I am really curious and want to try it.
      you can e-mail me directly at

  4. I love the line. I started with the cleanser: no need to buy eyemakeup remover. Restorative Facial Creme is outstanding. It ain’t cheap but you only get one face!! I’m worth it.

  5. Sisley Botanical Night Complex is heaven in a bottle! Defo steep… but mine lasts a year so I use it to treat my skin when its been through abuse via a bad diet.. or too much indulging! Put it on your birthday / anniversary wish list and wave it at the hubby! works for me! ;o)

  6. I recently bought the Sisleÿa Concentré Eclat Anti-Age. It smelled strange when I opened it, I tried it anyway. The result: bad rash all over my face. I then checked with Sisley and found out the the product expired 3 years ago!! I went back to Sephora France where I bought the product from, was offered an apology and a new bottle. The result, rash again. Guess what, the “new” product also expired 3 years ago. I complained to Sisley and am still waiting for their response. Does anyone else have similar experience?

    1. Sorry you had that happen.m Keep trying, it’s an amazing product. You can order from Private Edition in Nashville. Tax free and free shipping over $75.00. They sell Sisley, Ysl, Omorovicza, By Terry, and La Mer. Its a small boutique. Good Luck!

  7. I’m 20 what would be the best Sisley product for my skin. I have combination skin, oily/blackheads in T-zone and also gets oily in tzone and also try there too. Big pores and I breakout easily. I would love some pointers before buying!

    1. You can try SisleyYouth or the tropical resins complex… And global perfect might help relax your pores… Hope this helps!

  8. I’ve been a user of Sisley Transmat Beige Clair 0 make-up for many, many years which unfortunately was discontinued. Anecdotally, I fully realize everyone probably has a somewhat different skin/complexion/skin chemistry type and color…mine is very fair and rosy/normal to dry and according to others the Sisley Transmat Beige Clair 0 was perfect for my complexion.

    As a result I tried the Sisley Phyto Temps Expert “0” porcelain and unfortunately the makeup shade is too light. I next tried the Sisley “0+” vanilla and unfortunately on my skin type it definitely has a yellow cast. The “1” Ivory is too dark. The beige tinted moisturizer [the lightest shade] was too dark.

    Accordingly, I’m naturally very disappointed that one of your supposedly new and improved Sisley foundations/makeups doesn’t optimally satisfy my current makeup needs. It’s unfortunate that if the Transmat Beige Eclair 0 was to be superseded that for whatever reason(s) Sisley didn’t [seemingly didn’t try to] retain the identical color.

    As a result of the foregoing trials and tribulations unless the Sisley Transmat Beige Clair 0 is resurrected/reintroduced into the U.S. or Europe representatives of Sisley are essentially forcing us to seek very reluctantly an alternative cosmetics makeup line which quite frankly we naturally abhor.

    Cordially yours,


  9. Sisley global anti age eye creme us the best for wrinkle, even though expensive. The daily line reducer serum is also great

  10. Sisley global anti age eye creme is the best for wrinkle, even though expensive. The daily line reducer serum is also great

  11. I have been a Sisley user for over 15 years and absolutely love the brand. I am from Australia and the information from the beauty counters is always extremely helpful, along with their websites. I have combination skin and am of souther European descent. When I first started researching high quality skincare, I was always recommended by most brands to go down the ‘oil-free’ path, which left me with constant and scarring break-outs. Sisley was the only brand that recognised I was lacking in moisture/hydration. On their recommendation I started a completely varied regimen, which target more of my dryness. This worked instantly, stabilising my oil throughout and my skin was completely transformed. If anything, Sisley were probably the first brand to bang on about the whole hydration issue, well before any of the others. They are very quite achievers with respect to their research and marketing. I don’t feel like they are ‘selling’ anything to me, but rather they are concerned with my needs.

    Over the years I have tried many other brands to see if there is anything else out there that is better. I never rest on my laurels and like to mix things up. As much as I am a Sisley devotee I love makeup and skincare and am constantly reading blogs and tying out many other product from so many different brands (high and low price points). What makes me continue with Sisley is that their stuff works. Simple.

    I never react to any of their products – it’s always so gentle to the skin. Yes, they are quite expensive, but I have wasted a lot more money on other crap in my time, that I find this to be a valued investment. Without sounding naff, I am quite often complimented on my skin – from strangers! – which is partly testament to Sisley (I would be silly not to think my diet and genes play a big part of this).

    In response to the note about not being able to get adequate information in the USA – I would say that I am surprised. When I have travelled to the USA, I have had even better service and know-how than compared with here in Australia. The staff have always been quite generous with samples and their time. I think sometimes it’s a case of what you ask and how intimidated you might feel at a higher-end counter. One note I will make that does impact however, is that there are not many reviews online about their products. In recent years it has grown quite a bit so I guess it will only get easier from her on.

    I really do love Sisley and think it is a hugely underrated brand. See beyond the price and you will love it immensely.

  12. I do not use the high-priced Sisley skin care, although I have tried it in the past. I prefer another brand, which although rather pricey, is better for my skin. However, I LOVE the Sisley hydrating lipsticks. The colors are gorgeous, the packaging is lovely, and the ingredients are superb. Thus, the lipsticks are a splurge that I feel good about.

  13. I’ve used a number of Sisley products and found them to be very good products and nice to use. They do leave your skin clean and soft. The creams particularly are not too rich as even though I am over 60 I can’t bear heavy anti-aging creams on my face and seem to be allergic to them. However the prices of Sisley have increased quite dramatically over the past 5 years or so. When I discussed this with a Sisley consultant she said that Sisley increase the prices as they want to make more profits. So that’s the reason for the high prices. Take it or leave it. I left it.

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