Sisley Review


Sisley is a French beauty product manufacturer that claim to focus on natural oils and plant extracts as key active ingredients in all of their products. Sisley has operated a boutique store in Paris since 1976, and the business has always been family run. Not only family run, but the founder of Sisley is actually the Count Hubert D’Ornano. But does this attachment to the French gentry translate into noticeable benefits for the product’s users? Interestingly, not only is Sisley committed to all natural ingredients, but the manufacturer also claims to track down and import these plant-based ingredients from their natural environments where, presumably, they grow best.

Sisley has dubbed their approach to cosmetic skin care “Phytocosmetology”, referring to the use of fresh plant ingredients in beauty products. The theory behind going all the way to the source to obtain these ingredients is that they will be more potent, all around healthier plants, yielding superior results when compared to farmed or non-native plant ingredients. Sisley’s commitment to this philosophy extends to the use of all-natural preservatives as well as aromatherapy elements.

Product Details

Sisley’s major product claim is to help rejuvenate the skin. Sisley offers a wide range of products, and potential users are left to select the one(s) they think might work best with their skin types and conditions. For example, the Sisley line includes products dedicated to dryness, wrinkles, collagen-loss, irritation/inflammation and gradual discoloration. Sisley aims to treat all of these conditions through Phytocosmetology, which involves the topical application of natural plant extracts. Although we could find no full product ingredient lists, much-discussed active botanical ingredients found in Sisley products include: soluble collagen, ursolic acid and phytostimulines.

The Good

  • Sisley products appear to be available form numerous independent online retailers.
  • The entire Sisley line is hypoallergenic.
  • All Sisley products are presumably all-natural.
  • These products contain both moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients.

The Bad

  • We could find no official website for the Sisley brand.
  • You receive no free gift when ordering Sisley from independent retailers
  • The average product from the Sisley line seems to retail for $100+, making it potentially expensive for some users.
  • Sisley products do not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Given the lack of an official manufacturer’s website, we were unable to come up with any trial results or research and development info for Sisley’s products.
  • No full product ingredient lists were available.

The Bottom Line

We really wanted to fall in love with Sisley. Their commitment to Phytocosmetology strikes us as intriguing and fun. Also, you know that you’re not going to get a product that’s packed full of parabens or other synthetic, potentially irritating preservatives. However, the lack of info available on Sisley in the US made us think twice. Maybe if you’re in Paris and have time to drop by their salon, you can let us know the answers to some of the many questions we still have about this line. How can a user tell if they’ll be allergic to any of the botanical ingredients found in Sisley’s creams? Can we get a full list of all products available? And what are these various botanical ingredients, anyway? We do believe that there are some natural products out there that provide answers to all of these questions, and at a fraction of the cost too.


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