Signature Club A Review

Do you have a few questions about Signature Club A?

Signature Club A is a beauty line that appears to be sold only through the Home Shopping Network. There is no official website, but you can return items based on the HSN policy. You can also purchase on Amazon. The prices between the two are comparable.

What is Signature Club A?

A product line that offers a complete collection of makeup and beauty formulas is Signature Club A. Some ingredients used in the formulas include isododecane, tomato fruit extract, dimethicone, mineral oil, lime fruit extract, orange fruit extract, lemon peel extract and methylparaben. There are some irritants in there.

Quick Facts on Signature Club A

  • Products are only available through HSN and Amazon, as far as we can tell.
  • There are irritants like lemon, lime and orange extracts.
  • The products may contain parabens.
  • There are hundreds of reviews online for Signature Club A products.
  • There is no official website for the products.
  • Signature Club A reviews are both positive and negative.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s take on Signature Club A?

“We like the variety that comes with Signature Club A,” offers our Skincare Editor. “The issues we have are simple. Irritants are used, there is no official website and a number of reviews are negative. That makes it hard to support it with 100% confidence.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found reviews that noted no change in skin and general unhappiness. There were far too many to dismiss.

Lackluster results were the most common complaint.

  • “I can’t tell any difference at all.”
  • “I am really not too impressed by this product. It is too heavy and oily and does not fill in wrinkles. Sorry it does not work for me.”

However, there are some who felt it did make a change to their skin.

  • “I can usually feel such a difference in the texture of my face. Thank you for your products.”
  • “Softens my skin and leaves a great glow.”

Unhappy customers were another big issue.

  • “The item is not working very well; I am not very happy with the results.”
  • “Not too happy so far. My skin is sensitive it’s burning a little.”

But, there are also some positives out there.

  • “I have used this product for years and am very happy with it.”
  • “It works wonders for me very happy.”

Did We Get a Good Feeling About Signature Club A?

We like that it is sold by a trusted company and the prices are affordable, but we are hesitant to suggest customers use this line. There are a number of reports that say the products don’t work and others are just plain unhappy with their purchase. These are things that have to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

What Do We Like Better than Signature Club A?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products and the one that stands out is BioGeniste. It’s formulated with clinically tested ingredients, so you know you’re getting the best. We love the positive reviews and it’s simple to order from the official website.

Click here to check out the details on BioGeniste.

46 thoughts on “Signature Club A Review”

  1. I adore Adreinne’s line of Signature Club A however, when filming on HSN, does she NOT realize how ‘Sloppy’ she applies her signature products? She will often apply product on a model without even coverage??? With all due respect. Warm regards, Colette

  2. I have used Over 40 Only Silicone Line Filler Healthy Glow Powder. It’s not available anymore, what would be comparable to it?

  3. Love all of your vitiman C products, but do you ever make makeup for women of color? I can’t imagione that anchorwoman blue or the lavender cream would do the same for me.

  4. I am using the Signature Club day cream, night cream, eye ointment, and day eye roller. My goodness, what a difference it has made in my skin. It is so much more moist and has lost the crepiness which was beginning. I love these products!

  5. I love these products. I have been using the day and night cream for a few months now. I also use the eye ointment at night and the eye roller for day. My skin is much improved.

  6. I purchased many of Adrienne Arpel’s products in the past. Since I have learned about healthy ingredients,I cannot purchase them.
    I will be very happy to purchase again when she removes the toxic ingredients from the products. Her deals are terrific.

    1. Was are the toxins ? I used Nerium and found out that it is made from a poisonous plant. They Oleander. Causing cardiac issues.

  7. I love the Precious Moroccan Oil Serum, but the product is a pump and you cannot get the serum at the bottom of the glass bottle. I tipped the bottle overnight and nothing moved. Packaging could be better.

  8. Adrienne should be ashamed of herself! Claims of magical lifts with before and after are bogus. In the before photo the model makes sure to frown, hold chin down to create a more wrinkled old appearance, she keeps her eyebrows down. Along comes the ‘magic’ lift (ha!) as Adrienne applies product to the forehead, and the model simply lifts the eyebrows up as high as she can, as we are told how magical the product is! Next comes the lower face, watch as the model begins to turn up the corners of her mouth in a slight smile (instant lift, puleeze!) . For the neck, instead of pushing her chin down to her chest as she does in the before photo, the model begins to lift it up nice and high, and lo and behold, like magic, the wrinkles are much less! I am outraged and may report this, as I have paid good money because I truly believed. Shame on you Adrienne, you have lost a customer here, and the pity is, the good products that you DO have, I now can no longer trust.
    Try putting integrity over the almightly dollar.

  9. I agree with Margie. There is no magical “lift” with any of the items that I purchased. I am completely disappointed. Plus, these products caused me to have acne like a teenager. I do not have sensitive skin, so there should not have been an issue. At night, when I apply the night cream and ampules, my skin cannot breathe and my skin is oily and sweaty. I went back to Nutrogena from CVS and am happy again. I have 3/4 of my order going to waste. This was my first time trying Sig Club A, based on the HSN spot. I will never purchase any of these products again. Ladies…..beware!!!

    1. Your skin can’t breath because the products contains mineral oil! I ordered some for the first time today, but after reading some of the ingredients, I’m calling to cancel immediately. Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum and should never be used on or in humans! It acts like saran wrap on the skin, literally sufficating your body’s ability to breath and sweat from your pores!

      1. You just frightened me with your post. I am getting red soars and acne on my upper check. The fact that your skin can’t breath——-oh my gosh!!.

  10. My mom sent me some from back home,one of her pateince uses it and he works wonders for her,but I dont think it was for my skin type,I figured sice it was for your face and eyes I could use it on my chest which has a few imperfections,I woke up yesterday morning with pink sores on my chest,not just bumps,but full on sores.So imagine if I used it on my face? I am 20 year old African American,and my mom’s patience was a older white lady could the skin type had been the problem? Either way I have discontinued my use for now.i am sure the cream was the problem,due to the location I applied it to,the sores are in the same exact spots. Good luck ladies I hope you have better results than I did

  11. Love all of the SCA products! I have been using about three months. Does anyone know what self-tanner can be safely used with all of the Signature Club A products?
    Thanks for any help.

  12. SignatureA cream white lotion in a tube. I seem to order a yellowish cream instead., HOw do I get the white cream in a tube with the white plastic tube and silver top?

  13. What is the shelf life( or how long do they last for) of unused Skin & Hair Capsule Collection.


  14. I’m over 40 and used just about everything she makes from lotions to ornaments and make up and I’m very pleased with the out come i wait for her to come hsn where she offers large kits for a good amount of money i’m very pleased i no theres no miracle cream out there bt i do find her items very helpful and will continue using

  15. Tetrapeptide 17 combined with a few other ingredients in Signature Club A’s Platinum line is Tetrapeptide 21, a peptide that outperforms Matrixyl. Sequoia Sempervirens Leaf Cell Extract is an ingredient in her retinol line and capsules. Both the Platinum and Retinol line have worked miracles on my neck. Both of these lines work on the extracellular matrix and help keep the layers of dermis and epidermis joined more firmly. For me, it was like a mini-facelift.

    Her vitamin C capsules are made with a more stable form of C. They works. Do not cause irritation. And one doesn’t have to keep mixing vitamin c with diluent to have an effective daily dose. The have all but removed all fine lines on my face even upon great magnification.

    Her many cleansers work. One is for all the world, simply a ‘cleansing cream’, is gentle, but I swear could remove barnacles off the hull of the Queen Mary. Another is a mix of toner and oil, which has actually done what it said it would do–clean out my large pores. Nothing could do it that fast before. Yet another ‘cleanser’ is an exoliator, the particles of which are small enough to truly exfoliate well, and not be irritating.

    Her Argan Oil line–it has baobab in it too–the baobab really helps to tighten, the Argan oil to moisturize.

    So, at the risk of having my Signature Club A stuff (which I always try to get inexpensively on Ebay) go up in price, I highly recommend it.

  16. Hi, have used sc products for years and love them, however I am wondering if a new ingredient has been added to the 5essentials concealers in the past year. I’m suddenly in the last year having some skin breakouts that is new considering my age. With all the progress in skin care, I figured possibly I am having a small allergic reaction to a new added ingredient. Would love to hear back thanks. Lu

  17. What are the ingredients in c infusion produts


  19. Signature Club A products are fantastic but getting too pricey for me! The shipping time is exaggerated in the BAD section of this post – I usually get my HSN orders in 2 or 3 days; QVC takes forever is now for rich people!

  20. Does anybody know about SCA Inhib-A-Line? I just bought two of them foe $29.99 each plus free shipping. The new reviews on HSN are wonderful but the older reviews were terrible for the same exact product. I wonder why she keeps lowering the price. I’m asking because i was thinking about going on auto delivery for $29.99 and free shipping.

  21. Omg, just received mine. It only took 4 days. I did all the step. Although a little confusing on the step. But when I was done . I swear I took 15 years off. My opion . Going out to nite . Let you kno what my friends say. I LOVE IT!!!

  22. i received the industrial concealer, makeup, makeup remover. the concealer sucks, the makeup is dry. i do not recommend it to anyone

  23. I purchased from HSN SigClub RT 10 p collection n in my exuberance I also ordered SCA anti-wrinkle, HYD & uplift.
    Question. Can I use these together or use one up n then the other. Didn’t know she had so many choices n why so many? Very confusing. ..

    1. I follow the paper that came with the products, but I’ve been using them for so long, I usually make sure I have some type of capsule on my skin, face cream, eye cream, etc. You really can’t go wrong.

  24. Have loved the meltdown cream but the last two jars have been thinner and run all over the place. I liked it when it was thicker. Thank you!

  25. Madame Adrienne: Are you trying to say that the reason you do not appear to have wrinkles is due to your beauty care products? Are we in Kindergarten, here? Really?
    By the by….what is a ‘declatay’? Are you trying to say “de-co-lle-te? “.( décolleté).
    Well, that, in itself is wrong, as it is an adjective-adverb in the French language.
    The correct word to use when talking about a woman’s chest area is, décolletage. …..which is a noun.
    Therefore, I find it offensive when you butcher my mother tongue, as you do. Then again….you butcher your own mother tongue: ENGLISH.

    1. Your a nasty woman. I’m Italian American and any one trying to speak a language they are not familiar with will make mistakes. I have been using Adrienne’s Signature Club A for years and like it very much. NO PRODUCT WILL GIVE YOU A FACELIFT…IT JUST MODIFIES YOUR WRINKLES. Again, you don’t need to give an English lesson to anyone…because I’m sure you are FAR FROM PERFECT YOURSELF.

  26. I have the entire collection from qvc. Not sure yet if it does anything. Feels heavy on my face. A little break our and redness reaction. I believe that it is not returnable.

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