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Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

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Signature Club A is a line of beauty products sold through the Home Shopping Network (HSN). This line offers skin care products, makeup, hair care, bath and body products, fragrances, sun care products, and beauty tools and accessories. Signature Club A provides twelve products which are marketed for ‘mature skin.’

Product Details

One of the most popular anti-aging products for mature skin from Signature Club A is the ‘Hyaluronic 1000 Ounce of Gold Volumizing Day Cream with SPF 30.’ This product is said to provide intense hydration to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Included with the product is ‘High Octane C’ which is a powder which will give the cream a “super charged” antioxidant boost to help create a “smoother, younger, more evenly-textured and more radiant look.” Another anti-aging product offered by Signature Club A is called ‘Wrinkle Filament Fiberfill and Firm.’ This is an instant, but temporary, wrinkle filler which claims to provide a smoother complexion. Another noteworthy anti-aging product from Signature Club A is called ‘Rapid Transport C Infused High Octane Capsules.’ These are small capsules combine Vitamin C and bio-peptides and are said to help decrease the appearance of wrinkles by giving the skin a “smooth, plump, firm feel.”

The Good

  • HSN provides several customer testimonials which offer positive feedback about Signature Club A.
  • HSN provides an interactive beauty blog for consumers to ask questions and receive answers about Signature Club A products.
  • Some of Signature Club A products contain advanced ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid.

The Bad

  • Many Signature Club A anti-aging products rely on Vitamin C as a main ingredient.
  • Signature Club A products do not contain Matrixyl 3000 or Argireline.
  • It takes up to ten days to receive Signature Club A products through HSN standard shipping.

The Bottom Line

Signature Club A should be commended for its use of Hyaluronic Acid in a few of its products. This is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that has been proven to provide intense moisture to the skin, which is essential as wrinkles begin to appear. Signature Club A’s other products however, do not seem as promising. The majority of Signature Club A products rely on Vitamin C as its main, active ingredient. While Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, it will not deliver dramatic results that consumers are looking for in an anti-wrinkle product. Consumers should stick with products that contain the best ingredients including Collagen, Argireline, and Matrixyl 3000. It would also be better if HSN’s standard shipping took less than an average of ten days. Additionally, we were able to find customer testimonials however,

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Signature Club A

  • 1


    I adore Adreinne’s line of Signature Club A however, when filming on HSN, does she NOT realize how ‘Sloppy’ she applies her signature products? She will often apply product on a model without even coverage??? With all due respect. Warm regards, Colette

  • 2

    Marie Mosqueira

    I have used Over 40 Only Silicone Line Filler Healthy Glow Powder. It’s not available anymore, what would be comparable to it?

  • 3


    Love all of your vitiman C products, but do you ever make makeup for women of color? I can’t imagione that anchorwoman blue or the lavender cream would do the same for me.

  • 4

    linda carol

    a long long time ago, i purchased a refillable face powder brush in a see into case..can that still be purchased?

  • 5

    Susan huffman

    I am using the Signature Club day cream, night cream, eye ointment, and day eye roller. My goodness, what a difference it has made in my skin. It is so much more moist and has lost the crepiness which was beginning. I love these products!

  • 6

    Susan huffman

    I love these products. I have been using the day and night cream for a few months now. I also use the eye ointment at night and the eye roller for day. My skin is much improved.

  • 7


    I purchased many of Adrienne Arpel’s products in the past. Since I have learned about healthy ingredients,I cannot purchase them.
    I will be very happy to purchase again when she removes the toxic ingredients from the products. Her deals are terrific.

  • 8


    I love the Precious Moroccan Oil Serum, but the product is a pump and you cannot get the serum at the bottom of the glass bottle. I tipped the bottle overnight and nothing moved. Packaging could be better.

  • 9


    what are the ingredients you did not like

  • 10


    Adrienne should be ashamed of herself! Claims of magical lifts with before and after are bogus. In the before photo the model makes sure to frown, hold chin down to create a more wrinkled old appearance, she keeps her eyebrows down. Along comes the ‘magic’ lift (ha!) as Adrienne applies product to the forehead, and the model simply lifts the eyebrows up as high as she can, as we are told how magical the product is! Next comes the lower face, watch as the model begins to turn up the corners of her mouth in a slight smile (instant lift, puleeze!) . For the neck, instead of pushing her chin down to her chest as she does in the before photo, the model begins to lift it up nice and high, and lo and behold, like magic, the wrinkles are much less! I am outraged and may report this, as I have paid good money because I truly believed. Shame on you Adrienne, you have lost a customer here, and the pity is, the good products that you DO have, I now can no longer trust.
    Try putting integrity over the almightly dollar.

  • 11


    I agree with Margie. There is no magical “lift” with any of the items that I purchased. I am completely disappointed. Plus, these products caused me to have acne like a teenager. I do not have sensitive skin, so there should not have been an issue. At night, when I apply the night cream and ampules, my skin cannot breathe and my skin is oily and sweaty. I went back to Nutrogena from CVS and am happy again. I have 3/4 of my order going to waste. This was my first time trying Sig Club A, based on the HSN spot. I will never purchase any of these products again. Ladies…..beware!!!

  • 12


    See my comments below……

  • 13


    What are the toxic ingredients? Probably the stuff that made me have acne.

  • 14

    Michelle Downing

    My mom sent me some from back home,one of her pateince uses it and he works wonders for her,but I dont think it was for my skin type,I figured sice it was for your face and eyes I could use it on my chest which has a few imperfections,I woke up yesterday morning with pink sores on my chest,not just bumps,but full on sores.So imagine if I used it on my face? I am 20 year old African American,and my mom’s patience was a older white lady could the skin type had been the problem? Either way I have discontinued my use for now.i am sure the cream was the problem,due to the location I applied it to,the sores are in the same exact spots. Good luck ladies I hope you have better results than I did

  • 15

    Chris Jones

    Can I purchase the electro-charged
    PRIMER-ONLY,and not the make-up
    that’s attached to the dispenser?

  • 16


    Love all of the SCA products! I have been using about three months. Does anyone know what self-tanner can be safely used with all of the Signature Club A products?
    Thanks for any help.

  • 17

    Mj prather

    SignatureA cream white lotion in a tube. I seem to order a yellowish cream instead., HOw do I get the white cream in a tube with the white plastic tube and silver top?

  • 18


    are Signature Club products FDA approved?

  • 19

    Bonita Bratton

    What is the shelf life( or how long do they last for) of unused Skin & Hair Capsule Collection.


  • 20


    I wish they would bring back the candlelight cream eyeshadow wheel.
    I love those colors.

  • 21

    Linda Cunha

    Does SCA test on animals

  • 22

    Linda Cunha

    Is Signature Club A cruelty free

  • 23


    reviews o signature club a neck firming cream

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