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Shira Esthetics is a company that sells spa and skincare related products. They have an extensive product line that addresses dry skin, oily skin, acne care, and anti-aging with natural products that have not been tested on animals and arrive in completely recycled packaging. Their product lines include: Chamomile Azulene, Vitality Oxygen Line, Glyco-C Line, Omega-3 Line, Solar Energy Line, Sea Weed Line, Oasis Line, Collagen Elastin Line, Wheat Germ Line, Body Therapy Line, and the SPS Line. Each of these lines contains unique products created to satisify the need for a certain purpose. For the sake of this review, we will take a look at the Collagen Elastin Line, the Vitality Oxygen line, and the Omega 3 Line as recommended by the official Shira Esthetics website.

Product Features

The Collagen Elastin Line of products by Shira Esthetics is formulated with collagen and elastin to fight the effects of aging because the body relaxes its production of these two chemicals that play a large role in the appearance of the skin. There are four products in this line, all priced at $45.00 each. The products in this line are: Collagen Elastin Deep Peeling, Collagen Elastin Mask, Collagen Elastin Moist Cream, and Collagen Elastin Treatment Cream. All of the ingredients and even use instructions are provided on the website with size information, too.

The Vitality Oxygen Line has seven different products ranging in price from $22 to $66. These products are: Oxygen Capsules, Oxygen Eye Zone Cream, Oxygen Foaming Cleanser, Oxygen Hand Cream, Oxygen Intensive Cream, Oxygen Mask, and Oxygen Moisturizer. As with the other product line, information about the skin type recommended for these products, ingredient information and directions for use are included on the website.

The Omega-3 Line has eight products ranging in price from $35 to $59. The products in this line are: Omega 3 Derma-Lift Eye Gel, Omega 3 Firming Serum, Omega 3 Nourishing Mask, Omega 3 Purifying Cleanser, Omega 3 Replenishing Day Cream, Omega 3 Replenishing Night Cream, Omega 3 Toning Pads / 60 pads, and Omega 3 Velvet Moisturizer. These products all have the same information as the other product lines.

The Good

  • All the necessary product information is available on the product website.
  • All of the products can be ordered from the official website.

The Bad

  • There are some grammatical and typographical errors present on the website which take away from its creditability.
  • None of the products are backed by clinical research.
  • The products are very pricey and therefore do not reach a very wide consumer base.

The Bottom Line

Every product in these lines has a specific purpose and is designed for a certain issue. Some people may have better luck with other products depending on their issues and skin type. These are expensive products and could use some clinical research to back them up.


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