Senegence Review

Are you curious about Senegence?

Senegence International is a skincare and beauty company that works with distributors. The official website focuses heavily on the reselling opportunity. We got the impression that this business has been around for a while and we were right. It likely started before 1997. That means they’ve been in it for more than 15 years.

What is Senegence?

Senegence is a beauty product line that includes skin care, anti-aging, makeup, lips and body formulas. There is a detailed description for each formula, including a complete list of ingredients. We did notice some irritants like fragrance, citric acid and lavender oil.

Quick Facts on Senegence

  • Senegence uses parabens.
  • Irritants are found in some formulas.
  • You must have a personal distributor to order online.
  • It looks like Senegence is an international company.
  • Some moisturizers offer SPF protection.
  • Clinical testing is mentioned, but no details are provided.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Senegence?

“We like that there are a number of products to choose from,” said our Skincare Editor. “What bothers us a bit is that fragrances are used in many formulas. These can cause irritation and that’s one issue with premature aging.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Customer service was the first thing that came to our attention in Senegence reviews. It seems that everyone knows it’s important, but not all feel they received the support they desired.

  • “Customer service is key because our products are so unique that sometimes they require a great deal of hand holding.”

Support isn’t exactly the best, in some cases.

  • “Senegence has poor Customer Service, does not back up their Distributors.”

Other times, representatives are attentive and supportive.

  • “I’ve been a distributor since January of this year and customer service has always been great and extremely helpful.”

We also found a few issues with quality and effectiveness.

  • ” I have never used it myself, buy many collegues swear it is horrible.”
  • “I tried it once. It’s not worth it.”

Happy customers shared:

  • “Some of the products are decent, but they have so far to go before they will be respected.”
  • “If you have any hesitation in using any Senegence products, let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed. “

Has the Time Come to Try Out Senegence?

As our Skincare Editor mentioned, the use of irritants is something that cannot be overlooked. Fragrance, lavender oil and citric acid can all burn the face. Skin irritation can lead to symptoms of premature aging. However, customers are on both sides of the fence. Some like the company and customer service and others are not as happy as they could be. This leaves us hesitant about recommending the line.

What Do We Like Better Than Senegence?

Of the hundreds of products, we’ve reviewed in 2016, one of the best is BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews talk about amazing, anti-aging results.

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