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Sebamed is a company that creates and sells various skincare products. The company was created by Dr. Heinz Maurer, who introduced their first product, known as a cleansing bar, in 1968. Dr. Maurer claims that the products developed by his company are backed by scientific research with doctors and dermatologists. Sebamed offers many different skincare products such as acne treatments, facial and body cleansers, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, and anti-aging products. For the purpose of this review, we will focus on the anti-aging products.

The anti-aging products in the Sebamed line include: Q10 Firming Body Lotion, Q10 Cream, and Q10 Lifting Eye Cream.

Product Features

In the course of our research we could not find any ingredient listings for any of the three products in the line. Based on the name of the product we can safely gather that the Co-Q10 enzyme is a part of these product formulas. This is something that is manufactured in the body and is thought to be necessary to the healthy, normal function of skin renewal and growth. As the body ages, the production of this vitamin/antioxidant decreases and supplements such as these products become necessary to promote healthy, younger looking skin. We know that this ingredient may protect the skin from damaging free radicals, though we do not know for sure if it is actually part of the product formulas.

The Good

  • The Sebamed products are inexpensive in comparison to others on the market and are more attainable for the average audience of consumers.
  • Free shipping is offered on orders that are over $75.00.
  • There are positive testimonials from Sebamed customers on the product website

The Bad

  • There is no complete list of ingredients disclosed to the public for any of the anti-aging products in the Sebamed line.
  • There is no proof to suggest that more advanced anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl-3000 or collagen are present in the formula.
  • There are no before and after photos present on the Sebamed website to vouch for the effectiveness of the product.

The Bottom Line

It is hard for us to recommend this product because something that was developed by professionals in the field should not be afraid to display the full ingredient list of their product. This skincare company should recognize the importance of the ingredients listing because it was created by a medical professional. This doctor should know that it is very important to list the ingredients for customers so they can make a better informed decision regarding whether or not to purchase the products. If Sebamed released their ingredients along with providing photographic proof of effectiveness or clinical study evidence to show that the products work, they would be much more likely to receive a positive recommendation from us. Getting something with proven ingredients will lead to better results.

10 thoughts on “Sebamed Review”

  1. I have been using sebamed body milk
    for 2 weeks now and sebamed deep cleansing facial toner for 3 days but I’ve not seen any positive result. Why?

    1. its not always the product that will clear acne. from a holistic perspective you would have to evaluate your diet (no dairy, meat, no grease, check to see what you are allergic too by a skin test)

      Do not touch your face at all! also what hair products you use seeps on to your face through out the day will cause acne.

      hope this helps

  2. clinical tests show that 2 wks after using subamed clear face anti bacterial cleansing foam resulted in how much % fewer pimples?

  3. I bought sebamed body milk without expiry date. I want to know if sebamed body milk products are produced liked that?

  4. I have been using seba med for over 2 weeks now. My cheeks and forehead are soft and silky but my chin around my mouth has dry patches
    I use the daily soap pump for face and body and at night use age defense production cream
    anyone else have dry patch issues

  5. What other ingredients are in the Q10 eye lift cream given as a sample at a Costco Store?. It had no ingredients or anything except the Sebamed ,Q10 eye lift cream label in a small plastic container with a lid.

  6. The product does not work, I have been using the clear face soap and Q10 anti ageing cream for 3 months, no result, rather am getting a dull dark face. The product is a not worth it

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