Rodan And Fields Review

Curious about how Rodan and Fields works?

Rodan and Fields is a skincare line that offers products for anti-aging and blemish control, among other issues. You can purchase online or through a consultant located in your area. The company has been around since 2002 and it was started by two doctors – Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields.

What is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields skin care is an option in an ever-growing industry. Many men and women are looking to fight the signs of aging or clear up blemished skin and that’s where these products come into play. This line offers Redefine for lines and firmness; Reverse for skin discolorations; Unblemish for breakouts; and Soothe for sensitive skin.

Quick Facts on Rodan and Fields

  • Some products use methylparaben and propylparaben.
  • Fragrance is part of some formulas.
  • We found irritants like fragrance.
  • Not all reviews are positive.
  • We found reports of poor customer service.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Rodan and Fields?

“We have to take a look at a product line like Rodan and Fields from all angles. We also dig deep into the customer reviews. Based on the information we found, this one teeters on the edge of positive and negative,” says the Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

No one has the same type of skin. Some will find a formula works great and others will notice irritation and other reactions.

  • “I just started using the sunless tanner and now my skin is all dry I am pealing.”
  • “It started stripping my skin and causing it to peel.”

On the opposite side of things:

  • “No one product works for everyone, but I can say, my skin is clear and wrinkles are diminishing.
  • “I agree that the product may be helpful but it is not for everyone.”

There are also issues with the Rodan and Fields customer service department, for some callers.

  • “When one calls R+F directly they are not…nice.”
  • “I called the company and talked to a very rude employee who had no care in the world that the products did this to me.”

However, the flip side shows customers had a good experience.

  • “My experience with R+F has been positive.”
  • “There is nothing but support, both from corporate and your leadership.”

Are We Sold on Rodan and Fields?

It’s important to look at both sides of the coin. Some buyers had trouble with the customer service department and there are reports of side effects. We also found that reviews sometimes mentioned Rodan and Fields prices. They may be a little too high for some customers. This leaves us with reservations about recommending this one with 100% certainty.

What Do We Suggest?

In 2016, our top choice among hundreds of products is BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients and customer reviews talk about amazing results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

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    1. Reverse worked for me, my mother in law, and two of my friends. It was my first R+F love! Saying products don’t work because they don’t work for you is not a fair assesment.

  1. Hi , I use the unblemish line and it’s the only thing that is keeping my skin clear enough to not flare and keep scarring. I’ve battled with severe acne my whole life almost and I can say for ME it works well. That’s the good point . BUT, as a practicing esthetician for many years now I really don’t appreciate the the stay at home moms giving “facials” and selling the product. It takes jobs away from people who actually have a knowledge of the skin and have spend much time paying to go to school to learn and have some kind of an expertise. I’m sure if you were in my position it would be very understandable . What’s happening is something like a pyramid scheme type of sales approach . I don’t like this about the company . Also , yes it is VERY expensive but also You would spend just as much if not more at a doctors office for anything severe. One more thing is even though I will continue to recommend the product as it has worked for me and many others, I do have to warn some , including myself… A lot of the ingredients in these products are not safe…. Banned in many other countries due to there proven carcinogenic effects. I would not use these while pregnant at all. The FDA is behind on many products and foods they allow to the American people. So please do research and weigh out the risks and benefits for you personally

  2. I must say., I was almost happy with this product until I encountered a problem with customer service and my ” consultant” who put in wrong order($1200.00 worth or product) now I cant get a refund !!! And the consultant has the product. I have been completely screwed. And no one will help. Needless to say they lost a valuable customer. Do Not waste your $ MONEY$ on this over priced, non consumer friendly product!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I find this hard to believe. If this is the case, you should contact the company directly, as they are actually VERY good with Customer Service and satisfaction. Perhaps your chosen consultant may not be – as great as the vast majority of consultants are, there will still be the random careless one that is not, sadly. Every industry has a few bad apples.

  3. To Cassie, I don’t know who told you that it was ok to use the macro every few days but everything I have read says once a week. I have been using the redefine and I love the feel of it on my face, it is very silky and I have noticed a difference in my complexion. I have used the drugstore brands which don’t last as long and have never noticed a difference. I love these products which I use to order from the US and became a consultant in Canada.

  4. If you’re going to spend money on drugstore products, expect to get drugstore results. I love R+F so much that I am now a consultant. I can answer any questions you have about all the products.

  5. Cassie! Your consultant should have told you how and when to use the Macro E! And did you follow the directions for Reverse? Ouch!

    Brianne, you need to deal with your “consultant”. why would they have your products if it was placed on your account? Doesn’t make sense.

  6. I have received a sample packet of Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion paste from consultant Rebecca West but unable to reach her at phone # on her card. I like this product although my skin is super sensitive and would like a couple more packets to make sure the product doesn’t compromise my skin.

    1. Hello, I know you posted awhile ago but was curious if you ever got ahold of a Rodan+Fields consultant? If you have sensitive skin you should not use the microdermabrasion paste. The paste could cause your skin to become worse. Instead I would try out Soothe Regimen to target your sensitive skin and build up your skins natural moisture barrier to reduce sensitivity. I hope this helped and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me 🙂

    1. This is not true. I am a consultant and we have what is called a Auto replenishment program which is controlled by the customer. The customer receives an email a week or two before the order is set to ship and they can either change their order or push it back for 30 or 60 days

  7. I am happy happy sellin Nerium!! Wanted to find out about R+F and there’s not much there….2 derm’s that created some products (many) from what I see with no science at all and too many steps, in which the main doesn’t even address anti aging..
    I was kinda scareed of what I’d see in researching them, but I’ve known from the beginning that Nerium is #1!!

    1. These product are clinically tested! You obviously didn’t find out all the facts. Nerium is very expensive and does it offer a 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked? We have a less then 1% return rate!! Please stop bashing another product to make your overly price product look better!

    2. I have used both products and LOVE R+F, for me it is better than Nerium. I have really bad rosacea and nothing will make it “Go Away,” but R+F at least soothes it a little and my skin feels like babies skin.

      I am not a distributer for either, just a happy consumer.

      1. Jeunesse products are very different. Designed by doctors who worked with patients on aging and care with a variety of conditions. Visit their site and check out their products. Yes I use them, my partner uses them and friends as well. They work for us but it is always up to there users. Less expensive and yes you can sell and buy wholesale immediately. Yes you join a team but you become the boss, not me. Always your choice and god luck. Check them out. I can be reached at my site My partner has/had rosacea and is doing well with their products. YAY!

  8. From the comments herein I see some slightly improved drug store products that do not look for and address the SOURCE of the skin aging issues (…fillers). With 2 dermatologists the R&D is very thin, there is only one source of supply I know of that started with extensive research dating back 30 years and has evolved since with incredible new products regularly due to their large research labs and links with Purdue, Stanfords etc. For acne we have an very good 3-step system that works, antioxidant levels in your body (comments from other noted here as I’ve seen rosecea leave as example) can also have an impact depending on the issues being experienced. Products from 20+ years ago beat what is on the market today, less expensive. Good luck with your skin care.

  9. Used Redefine products (and micro-dermabrasion paste) for seven weeks. Finally couldn’t take it any more. My skin kept getting worse and worse. I’ll be 60 tomorrow — haven’t had acne for over 25 years, and suddenly my face look red and bumpy — and felt SORE. SOMEthing seemed to be making my skin allergic! I haven’t looked this bad since I was a teenager! Stopped using it today. Went back to my regimen of $10 face cream (alpha-hydroxy night replenishing cream) and neutragena cleanser and toner and already my face FEELS less irritated and looks SO much better. I don’t know what is in these products but it’s obviously causing some kind of bad reaction with my skin. For this much money, I was hoping for miracles, I suppose. But I sure wasn’t expecting severely worse skin than when I started!

    1. All RF products are as strong as you can get without a prescription. If you have a reaction (and I have had clients that have) get in touch with your consultant. All products have a 60 day money back guarantee. Often a skin solution would be to begin with the Soothe regimen if you have sensitive skin and move on from there. Sorry you had such a reaction!

    2. I hope you contacted the consultant that sold to you. You were apparently not having the results that you expected and should have been able to ask for help and guidance!

    3. I had the same reaction… My skin looks AWFUL! Red, bumpy – I look older! I am 5 weeks in, but stopped as of last night- I even tried scaling back to just once a day! Ouch- I feel like I have a bad sunburn on my face….and the peeling won’t stop- friends have asked what’s wrong with my face. 🙁

  10. I recently purchased the Redefine and loved it but I had a headache all week. I have Celiac disease so I’m allergic to gluten. I was wonder if the products contain any type of gluten.

    1. The following products contain wheat, yeast or a grain and therefore contain gluten:
      • SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
      • SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment

  11. Ok a colleague’s daughter started selling R&F. We were invited so she could practice selling. No one ordered but I felt bad and got reverse. Day 1 and the products made my face red and slimed. I keep reading that sun block over 30 is a waste. But since I am fair skinned I tried it. I felt slimed. After reading this site I am beginning to fear I got taken and may not be able to stop shipment if it doesn’t work. I will use it again tomorrow but if my face continues to be red and slimed I won’t be happy. I really don’t want to wait month and months and pay for for product in “hopes” that “maybe” I might get results. Very confused about this product at this time.

    1. They have a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy with the products. Contact your consultant and she will be able to walk you through the process.

      I am a consultant for rodan & fields

      1. I have the same problem with reverse and instead of using their sunscreen I purchased a mineral base sunscreen from there other line called Soothe. Worked like a charm and no greasy face. Also you have to start using reverse slowly not everyday so that your skin can get used to it. I love Reverse and after changing the sunscreen it was much better.

    2. You felt “slimed”? I’ve been a frequent user of Reverse and certainly never felt slimed. Odd. I find that it has worked wonderfully for me and for my friends that have used it, too. I know that I’ve gotten my money’s worth just seeing my results so far!

      1. I just got my reverse kit, have used it twice. Every other day the first week, right? So far, I really like it. I have used Philosophy for years, hope in a jar and miracle worker, also I have used Lancôme. I am 63 years old and have had skin cancer on my face so am leery of new products A FRIEND

        1. sorry cut off. referred me and so I thought I would give it a try. I have discoloration and age spots. I am hoping for the best. Yes, very expensive but you only have one face.

          1. People…PLEASE do diligent research on the ingredients! Don’t just accept the products are “healthy” because they were formulated by Dermatologists!
            Compare the ingredients to those known to be carcinogenic or disrupt hormones etc…

    3. Reverse requires a build up period as it is very strong multi med therapy. If your skin doesn’t calm down after the first week, please get with your consultant and let her know. If you’ve had sensitive skin in the past, you made need to start with the Soothe regimen to repair your skins barrier. You can return the Reverse for a full refund and get Soothe instead. Then if you are seeing and feeling better skin, you could switch back to Reverse or, if you aren’t trying to get rid of dark marks, you might prefer Redefine.

    4. I have been using redefine for 6 weeks now and I gotta say I don’t really love it. I’m sad about it because I want to love it. I’ve heard so many people rave about it, but really, I don’t like how my face has felt while using it. And the sunscreen/ daytime cream makes my face feel gross. I think I’ll go back to using the products I used before R&D. 🙁

      1. It sounds to me like some of you are using too much of the product if you’re face is feeling gross.
        Just my thought.

      2. Just an FYI Consumers… Most of the R&D sales people have absolutely no esthetics experience and/or are Licensed Esthetician. These “skin therapist” can actually cause damage to your skin because they don’t understand the physiology of skin. I strongly suggest to go have a facial by an experienced esthetician and have them do an analysis on your skin. They will be able to tell you what type of products you should look out for. Also, I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of IL and if you have any questions, just shoot me an email and I know that I can help.

        1. You don’t need to be an esthetician to recommend skin care. I have been to estheticians that have done serious damage to my skin via ‘facials’. R+F (not R&D) are products developed by the stanford educated dermatologists that created Proactive. Their Website has a solutions tool that helps you determine the products you need.

      1. I don’t sell R&F but I do use. I have a ton of skin problems (acne scarring, bumps, severe redness) and nothing worked before, till now. I use the sensitive skin products. No one product works for everyone, but I can say, my skin is clear and wrinkles are diminishing. Good luck!!

      2. I am 67. I started using RF products 30 days ago. I have used many products over the years. One of the best is Skinceuticals CE Ferulic which I have used for several years to stop age related bumps from forming. I have had regular facials. I have used ROC and Neutrogena, both of which really hurt my skin. I have used many OTC products which are nice moisturizers but nothing else. I now have 30 days’ experience with RF Redefine. I am amazed. Nothing I have used before has actually reversed the sagging chin skin, the marionette lines, the crow’s feet. But those are actually softening and going away. Plus my skin is so much softer and prettier. I agree that the customer service is bad, but the products are doing what they say they will. It’s pretty drmatic, actually. I am not a consultant and no one in my family works for or has any prior experience with RF.

    5. I’m an esthetician and spent thousands of dollars to educate myself on skin and this is such a sad thread. Such wrong information and mislead and close minded people! Spf after 30 a waste? Really? Where are you getting your advice from? Magazines are full of as much shit as these journalists just trying to make money and please the wrong demographic and pissing off all the educated people who know better! It takes at least a month or more to get your body going and used to many things and seeing a difference. People are always so concerned with money and instant gratification but never interested in the time and effort needed to get the result the right way.

      1. My thank you to ANONYMOUS…”’I’m an esthetician and spent thousands of dollars to educate myself on skin and this is such a sad thread. Such wrong information and mislead and close minded people!” I am over 70 and did doubt that the product, REDEFINE, could really make a change in my skin…but it has! I’ve been using the REDEFINE regimen over 3 months, now, and with no “side effects” see my saggy skin firming…wrinkles lessening and best of all, the skin on my face has never felt this smooth…like silk! These products may not be for everyone, but what is these days? So, maybe it appears to cost a little more than other product lines, but if it works and the others have not worked…why would I want to go cheaper? Do your homework, but don’t be afraid to try something new…what happened to me could happen to you.

    6. I too felt slimed when I first started using Reverse. I was using about a “round dime’s worth” of the creme and I applied it to my face. my neck and chest (decolloutage area). Then I would put my makeup powder foundation on and throughout the day I became oily. Then I tried a “small pea size” amount of creme and THAT seemed to help. I then started waiting about 5-8 minutes before I applied my makeup powder foundation and THAT was the trick. I wash my face with the exfoliating wash and pat my face dry. Then I use the toner and wait until it is air dried. While I’m waiting for the toner to dry, I gargle my pre-brushing rinse and brush my teeth. I fan my face with my hands if I’m in a hurry. Then I take my small pea size squirt of creme and gently apply to my face, neck and decolloutage. As I’m waiting for my cream to dry, I throw my hair up in rollers. When I’m done setting my hair in rollers, the creme has TOTALLY been absorbed by my face. Face feels plump, pores are diminished and feels wonderful. Makeup goes on smooth. No touchups needed during the day because no oily spots or shimmers are present. So, use less of the cream and space out the steps (multitask during these waiting periods) so that the creme has the time to be completely absorbed by your face.

    1. The SPF 50 is handsdown the best SPF I have used. I have had skin cancer twice in the past year, and I am very particular about my sunscreen! AMAZING

        1. You are absolutely correct on SPF 50 being a waste of money…most good cosmetic/skin care lines have a SPF 25-30 and you are more than protected with that. You can use Vitamin E oil as a good moisturizer. I have also had skin cancer and diet is the best thing you can do to improve your overall skin health. If women feel better using these products as temporary solutions that’s great, but they do not reverse aging. Majority of people who see dramatic results never used any skin care on a consistent basis, so anything over nothing is always going to see a change.

        2. Do you know what the number value even mean? I’m a trained esthetician and the numbers stand for the amount of minutes it stays active before you need to reapply according to regulations and recommendations. Spf does matter but nobody cares to know why.

          1. If you are an esthetician, you should return your license. The SPF has NOTHING to do with the number of minutes you can be in the sun. It relates to the number of TIMES your normal skin protection it gives you from the sun. So, if you use 25SPF, you’d have 25TIMES the protection of going out with no protection. Per the American Academy of Dermatology, “The SPF rating is a measure of the fraction of sunburn-producing UV rays that reach the skin. For example, “SPF 15” means that 1/15th of the burning radiation will reach the skin, assuming sunscreen is applied evenly at a thick dosage of 2 milligrams per square centimeter (mg/cm2). A user can determine the effectiveness of a sunscreen “by multiplying the SPF factor by the length of time it takes for him or her to suffer a burn without sunscreen.” Thus, if a person develops a sunburn in 10 minutes when not wearing a sunscreen, the same person in the same intensity of sunlight will avoid sunburn for 150 minutes if wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 15. It is important to note that sunscreens with higher SPF do not last or remain effective on the skin any longer than lower SPF and must be continually reapplied as directed, usually every two hours.”

      1. It’s really interesting seeing that this person has had skin cancer 2x in the past year and is now touting the benefits of this sunscreen. You really have to wonder sometimes…

  12. Your information regarding the Rodan and Fields Redefine Anti-Age Regimen is erroneous. If you’re going to “review” products, you should at the very least, make certain you get your facts straight. The regimen comes with a wash, toner, Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 day cream and Overnight Restorative Cream. Hands down, these are THE best products I have ever used.

    1. Amen! These are amazing products! The clay mask is amazing and the am/pm cream does help with wrinkles….try the product before sending out bad PR!!

      1. I agree that the product may be helpful but it is not for everyone. I used the sample given by a coworker who is trying to sell her products on company time. I immediately broke in horrific large acne that look like small hills on my face. I was so upset and my skin became painful.

        1. These actually shouldn’t be given as samples, as they need the 60 days to work…that’s why the products have a 60 day money-back guarantee. The break-outs are a way to remove all in impurities under your skin. This is great because other products may just clog the pores so that the dirt is trapped…taking longer to come out but still there.

          1. The truth is, skin care products do not make your skin break out because the impurities are coming out!! For the love of God, that is just ridiculous!! Ask any doctor, dermatologist or cosmetologist! Anything you put on your skin or ingest and you get a reaction from is just that!! An allergic reaction!! It is NOT toxins breaking down… Do your homework and don’t let companies try and brain wash you!

        2. She did you a favor. All that bacteria is what you have living, lurking in the layers of your face. Good products pull this toxins up to the surface and clear from the inside out to create healthy skin first! I’m an esthetician and find this article and thread disturbing and so Stone Age on reply and negativity and biased, shallow regard for business and other people. Not everything works for everyone but a biased revied and unthoughful research is harmful as a closed or negative spirit or mind. There are plenty more than 3 key ingredients to fighting wrinkles and signs of aging and until you become a chemist and a biomedical engineer and infusers rand the molecular and chemical value and results of proper combination you should make such bold and vague judgements. Spread knowledge. Not hate and ignorance.

        3. Acne has a life span of 3 weeks. If you only tried a sample, there is no way you could blame your breakout on our products. Your breakout was likely happening days or even a few weeks before even trying the product FYI

    2. Absolutely i agree, I myself use the regime of Cleansing mask, toner, am/pm creams that are just amazing. So i agree that you need to get your facts correct before posting. It really is very negative for people who just want the truth. the truth is the stuff works very well.

  13. Hi, I have been following this (and many other) threads. I see the same stuff over and over. Look, we are people and NOT cookies. No “cookie cutter” products will work for everyone. Any honest person with a brain would admit this.

    I am a happy Rodan and Fields Preferred Perks Customer who happened to find the help I needed with the Soothe and Unblemish regimens. I tried everything in the past–organics, oils, department store creams, dermatologist pharmaceuticals, high-end “premium skincare,” simple store-bought brands, spa meds, etc. I gave each product 30-60 days (depending on if my skin could take it) to work. I did this for YEARS, folks. My skin just happens to LOVE Rodan and Fields. My best friend swears by Aveda, and my mom loves Nerium. My sister’s skin loves Neutrogena. (I wish my skin would love cheap stuff like that, but my personal chemistry says, “NO” with acne out breaks and chemical burns.) Is Rodan an Fields the BEST out there? Well, it’s not for everyone, but it is the only thing that works for me. Everyone has their own chemistry. Those of you who post negative things do not help people who really need to be pointed in the right direction FOR THEM. Please offer help, but leave the nastiness in your heads.

    1. Plus, we offer 60 Day money-back guarantees! That speaks for the product itself. If it doesn’t work for you, you may return it. Give it 60 days, some will see results in 3 days that continue to improve….some will truly take the 60 days. Some of the products bring out the impurities first…then the beautiful skin! 🙂 Contact me to find out some products for you to begin with!

      1. I am experiencing my eyebrows turning colors and my temples are not dry but are turning dark and look cracked is this normal for in blemish it seems to be working on the other areas of my face I’m just concerned about the color change and appearance of more wrinkles please help!

    2. I totally agree with Dani. I couldn’t use over the counter wrinkle and anti aging products. I always broke out! I use Rodan & Fields Refine and the Reverse. Love them and am seeing great results. A dear friend of mine is my consultant and have always had excellent customer service both from her and when ordering product from the company.

  14. Hello, I just wanted to share how concerned I feel about an article, with an unknown author, that reviews cosmetic products without using them. It seems very bias and unprofessional. Please take this into consideration before acknowledging any reviews on any website.

    1. I have done considerable research on anti wrinkle creams. The very best 2 ingredients are hylaurinic acid and retinol. Neither of these are listed in these expensive products.

      1. Whoever wrote this article is very ill informed. The anti wrinkle regimen also includes an dual retinol and vitamin C complex, Which is proven to be VERY effective in fighting wrinkles.

      2. Several of Rodan + Fields’ products have retinol, and the Acute Care line has HYALURONIC ACID. Do your research before commenting.

      3. Those are the 2 ingredients that make up Rodan+Fields award winning Acute Care strips, actually. “Fill a wrinkle while you sleep” – let me know if you’d like some more information.

    2. I find it to be very concerning that ANYONE can sell R+F products, so it baffles me that you are criticizing an unbiased review. This person seems to know their info, because I actually work in the field of dermatology, and I’ve actually given the Redefine (formerly Anti age) products a fair shot.
      These consultants can only rattle off a prepared script, and can never answer
      the real questions about ingredients.
      That’s a disservice to customers shelling out a ton of money on products.
      Hyaluronic acid and Retinol (vitamin A) are very important ingredients. Vitamin C is also an important ingredient in skincare prods, and I think it’s in the Reverse line for sun damage. I had to give up on the R+F’s products, and stick to what I know works well, and had the best ingredients for what I’n trying to achieve. I don’t have time to apply a million different things to make up for what the R+F’s line lacks.

      1. “These consultants can only rattle off a prepared script, and can never answer the real questions about ingredients.” ……What a presumptive statement! Many R+F consultants, myself included, have medical backgrounds, work in the field of dermatology, as well as have sales experience providing us the ability to answer “the real questions” about ingredients. Some do not, but more often than not the products live up to customers’ expectations. No one should have to apply a million different products to get good skin (nor do I believe the line lacks anything.) Glad you found something that is effective for your skin.

      2. What is concerning is your review. You “work in the field of dermatology?” As a receptionist or a janitor? You certainly can’t be a dermatologist because that would mean you would be a professional and look at the lack of professionalism you have presented to us already. Do you happen to have any credentials to go by so we can trust you or is it just a surgical glove from your friend who is a dermatologist? I’ve been looking into trying these products and of course I turn to the reviews, but yours was by far the biggest waste of my time to read so now you can waste your time reading mine.

        1. Well, actually, any receptionist OR janitor can sell R&F because no actually education or training is needed to do so which tells me it can’t really go beneath the stratum corneum to repair live tissue. It just plumps up the top layers like any other less expensive line at Walmart. She tried the products and didn’t see results so she went back to the clinical
          products that do actually work and she has
          access to. I find it an honest review.

          1. Also, be aware some of these products have Oleic Safflower in them. If you have a wheat allergy, this can be a problem.

          2. Dee/LPN,
            Thank you for your honesty. I was reading all the reviews here about Rodan & Fields skincare products, as I was considering trying them out, but I suspect the same thing–alot of the reviews on this board are probably fake in an attempt to cast the products in a more favorable light.
            The mere fact that I’ve read more than 3 comments about the company’s complete disorganized business practices, problems with the product itself, plus rude consultants, has turned me off. Besides, considering how expensive it is, I’d rather spend my money on Lancome. That product, I know, works, and they’re always polite and informative.

          3. Please do your research before stating that Safflower can trigger a Wheat allergic reaction. Pls provide the reference for this statement.

            My research indicates that Safflower is related to the Sunflower. I am a Non Celiac Highly Gluten Sensitive person and live a gluten free lifestyle. I’ve been using the Reverse Line every day, twice per day for the last 5 months and have had no symptoms of being glutened.

      3. Can you say what it is that you know works well? I have been looking into R+F as I have a couple of friends that sell it now and I am really looking for honest and true products. Thanks!

        1. Hi Emily,
          I am a consultant for Rodan & Fields dermatologists. I love the Unblemish Regimen that is for acne and acne scarring and the Soothe Regimen which shields against the biological and environmental aggressors associated with dry, irritated, sensitive skin. There are also other products I enjoy; the sunless foam tanner and the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, which is a high-glide, oil-free formula, designed to promote maximum gentle exfoliation. Use intermittently to enhance cell turnover and improve skin tone and texture.

          1. I use the Soothe Regimen and I love it. I started using it on my husband last week too. We both have red sensitive skin and it works. I also use the sunless tanner and redefine serum at night!!


        1. FYI- if the Vitamin C is not a specific type, or is not packaged correctly- the minute you open the product and it is exposed to air, it begins to break down. It smells chemically to you because it IS chemicals. Please do your research and know what you are putting on your skin.

    1. Hi Cynthia! I am an independent consultant with R and F. I have experienced this with the Reverse line only. A question for you, “Do you have a wheat allergy?” There is safflower oil in the Reverse cleanser and I believe step 3 as well. Safflower oils come from the wheat family. I suffer from a wheat allergy and sadly, a headache is one of the allergy reaction symptoms…hope this helps…email me if you have any further questions.

      1. I looked up your statement that “Safflower is related to Wheat” and couldn’t find confirmation of that. Safflower, however, is related to the Sunflower plant. I have a severe case of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and also use the Reverse R&F’s line. So your post scared the heck out of me. I’ve been using the Reverse line since November 2015. My hyper-pigmentations have lightened up and my skin feels more tone and plumper with smaller pores. I haven’t had any allergic reactions from the product and haven’t had any symptoms that tell me I have been glutened. So I will keep using the product. Pls confirm your research/information when posting. You may also want to site your references for your statement next time…………….Thanks! Elisa.

      2. Safflower Oil does not have wheat in it! I am reading reviews of this company and am disappointed that you would say this miss truth to a customer. I suffer from celiac and know what oils to use . You can also google it to find out . I am attending a information dinner about the company tonight; however I do know I will not be trying the acne product!!! So many reviews in many sites show their acne gets worse! Not good there should not be a waiting period for the product to begin working

    2. I started to notice a recurring headache by the evening on the days that I used the eye cream. I discontinued use after I made the association and have been fine since!

      1. where were you putting your eye cream? It travels quite a bit. never put it on your eye lid or directly under your eye. just a little under your eye brown and along the top of your cheek bone is plenty! that may be the cause of your headaches if you weren’t following that

    3. There are two ingredients in R&F that are forms of formeldahyde that can cause headaches from exposure. Considering your skin is an organ, maybe it’s a possibility you have a sensitivity to them that’s causing these headaches.

  16. Great products worst customer service iv ever encountered it’s a shame.. I still continue to buy..but loathe having to speak or wait days for a response from company… Very upset over it… Been w company almost a year.. And hv had many issues w website not easy to navigate either.

    1. Hey Jessica. I’m sorry you’ve had poor customer service in the past, to say the least. I’m a consultant out of the wonderful mitten state, aka, Michigan. I am all in for customer service. I am currently a 4th grade teacher and joined R + F in order to earn some extra money and also dedicate time to others on my long breaks. I’d love to chat and get to know you. I’m on the best Team in the buz! (Ok, so that may be just my opinion, but our team are Rockstars with customer service. Email me anytime and we’ll chat. I’m glad you still love our products!

      1. Yeah. All R& F consultants claim to be rock stars and social media marketing gurus. Sounds good but 95% of all R&F consultants lose money & friends and quit after a year or so. And, their skin usually doesn’t look good enough to justify the ultra expensive R&F “regimens”. If I see “join my team” one more time on my FB feed, I may puke

        1. It all depends who your consultant is. I am a male in my 50’s, and I have to say I see a big difference in my skin. The redness nearly gone. I constantly get in touch with my consultant to answer questions and offer assistance.

          1. I would have to agree with this. I am a R+F consultant but EVERYONE’s skin is different so what works for one person may not work the other. I know personally there are some regimens I can not use because it breaks out my skin but does Wonders for other people. That is why we offer the 60 day money back because everyone is different. But for me it isn’t exactly about building a team. I have had horrible acne and scars all my life and this was the first thing that ever worked for me. My confidence went through the roof because I no longer had to put my face on every morning. So I joined 1. for the discount and 2. to share my experience.

        2. Hi Michael. I would like to know where you get your statistics from? As a consultant myself, you could not be MORE wrong.

      2. My cousin sells and is the most amazing person – so if you’re looking for a new sales rep – I can so give you her info!!!!!

        1. I know 2 people that are R + F consultants. Both are very successful and their skin improvement is unbelievable. Especially the results they had with the skin discoloration they had before using the products. My sister has been using it since October and her pores and skin are noticeable improved as well. I signed up last night and can’t wait to begin using their products!

          1. If you haven’t found a good consultant, I would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have! I started using the products in 2015 and it changed my skin so much and my daughters skin that I jumped in to become a consultant!

      3. Hi I’m 19 years old boy and I have rosacea redness just on my nose plz can u tell me which one of R+F I use and I live in australia is u r products available here now ?? thanks

        1. Behroz, you need to get on the website and use the solution tool. It will guide you in the best product for your skin problems. Probably want to start with the Soothe regimen.
          I used it and it has helped me and my kids also. It feels really good and refreshing, our dermatologist also said, not super hot showers, or washing your face with hot water. Use warm to cool water. If you want a website to use go to use the main one. If you have more questions feel free to ask me.

        2. hi there,
          I am in the US and have contacts throughout Australia that will be working with me once we launch in the fall. I would be happy to add you to my network and informational group.

    2. I would never use these products because of the rude and stalking tactics of the
      sales reps. The rep stood there and told me names of customers and how much
      they have spent, that to me is none of any ones business.

      1. I tried the Redefine line and the Smoothe lotion – it made my skin worse (I have very sensitive skin). I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on products that weren’t working. My rep set up my account, never giving me any information to access it…she had full control at first. When I asked her to cancel my order, she put it on “hold” for another 30 days. Then I finally went in a cancelled it myself. She had the nerve to message me and tell me how much she was losing because I cancelled my membership. You not only have to buy the kits, but their horribly expensive tools to get the products to REALLY work…and they are raising their prices again! So ridiculous! Serious Skincare is what I went back to and it works just as well, if not better for me. The fact that the rep made it all about her really ticked me off! Poor thing probably had to wait a bit longer to get her next free trip!

        1. I think they have a line for sensitive skin too. Not sure if that’s what you were using, but that might have been a better product for someone with sensitive skin.

          1. I had the same thing happen to me. I was using the sensitive skin cream and I woke up to swelling, red, painful, raw skin on my face and neck. I contact my rep and her response was stop using it!! I did….

        2. You definitely should have been using the entire Soothe regimen with sensitive skin. Not just the extra lotion. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that situation. Also on sensitive skin, I would not, nor would most consultants who cared, recommend you purchase any of the tools until that was first taken care of and if it stayed sensitive- then no, it shouldn’t be used. I’d love to chat with you and see if I can’t help you have a better experience. Our Soothe regimen is even less expensive than the one you were on. I run a very honest business and always look out for my customers best interests. I was a customer for over a year before signing up to be a consultant. So I know first hand how I want to be treated and how you deserve to be. For anyone else contemplating signing up, please feel free to contact me too and I’d be happy to go over your honest options with you and go over my current special!

      2. Hi anonymous. As an R+F consultant, I have to say I agree with your comments and I am sorry you had a bad experience with your rep. I can promise you, we are not all like that:) I joined the business because the products have made a great improvement in my skin and I wanted to help others achieve the same success. Sorry again for your experience.

  17. I read a non biased review and itvsaid there are a lot fake positive reviews from Todans+Fields. After looking at these teviews it seems true. It’s blatantly obvious. Also anyone can use any title they want that doesn’t make it true.

  18. I apologize. I hit the post button too soon. There were mistakes made in the one I just sent you. I realized I couldn’t retrieve it to fix the mistakes so here is a cleaned up version.

    I read a non biased review and i said there are a
    lot fake positive reviews from Rodans+Fields. After looking at these comments it seems true. It’s blatantly obvious. Also anyone can use any title they want that doesn’t make it true.

  19. It started strippng my skin and causing it to peel. It took about a two-week treatment of aloe to repair the damage. Very strong chemicals in R&F

    1. I agree….and NO ONE at R&F will answer my Question, which is ….’Why is there a SEPARATE-LESS-TOXIC formulation for their Canadian and European clients? Why are they over toxifying American women? I called and asked if I could buy the European formulation(even though i live in the US) and was told NO….please understand, I have been a Rep for R&F for almost a year and started getting this same question from most of my health conscious clients. I think ABC, NBC or CBS need to do an expose’ and get to the bottom of this billion dollar company.

      1. I have had discoloration on my left side. My consultant says to keep using, don’t give up. What will happen if I stop? She dances around that question and never gives me an answer. I’m starting to get suspicious… If I stop will my face return to normal? Or will I have perminant discoloration? I want to stop, but I am afraid I started something that I can’t stop now. Any advice?

        1. Do not be silly STOP if it is damaging your skin…there are plenty of product out-there that will help your discolorations…Please go see dermatologist ASAP..
          PS; I’m not associated with R&F

        2. Seriously… If it is the product that is causing the discoloration…then stop and see your dermatologist. Not everything is for everyone! But if what you have is a melasma or sun damage or acne discoloration… Then by all means be consistent in use. Nothing will work overnight. I’ve been using Reverse for 2 and a half months now and the dark spots are fading. As far as the litigious comment to call a lawyer… Seriously?!? For what purpose? Litigiousness is a rampant over reactive…approach to resolving problems!

      2. I have been on reverse for about 5 weeks. I noticed some discoloration on he left side of my face. My consultant said it was sun damage being brought to the surface although I’m a bit leery. It almost looks like part of my face was bleached. She says to keep using it and I will see great results and to not give up. No one can seem to answer my question… What if I stop using the product? Will my face go back to normal? I do not want to look like this forever… Do I keep using it or stop? Any advice?

        1. That’s because their products have hydroquinone . It’s a bleaching chemical that most countries have banned because it is so dangerous! So yes it’s most likely bleaching your skin, which in turn is more damaging than the hyperpigmention.

        2. You can stop at anytime. With the results you got, in order to keep it, use SPF on your face every single day. It’s all about sun protection. Even if you’re just in your car, use a high spf on your face…. that will help keep further or more damage to your skin.

      3. If you are actually a rep than you would know how to get your answer. There is nothing but support, both from corporate and your leadership. You would also know that there is no “European” formula as of yet. RF is regulated by the FDA and their medical concentration levels are approved. Canada has different guidelines.
        The Reverse Regimen can cause a little drying initially. That goes away. You should exfoliate and moisturize during that time. That’s why they want you to use all 4 steps for 60 days, or your money back.

      4. Hi Leslie. R+F products are not sold in Europe so I’m not sure what “less toxic formulation” you are referring to. We are sold in Canada and obviously different countries have different regulations for products. R+F complies with the FDA standards. Every person will experience different results based on their skin. That’s why it’s so important to keep your consultant informed about any side effects and you also have access to “product specialists” via phone or email so no one should feel lost about what’s happening to their skin. In addition, R+F offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all their products. Yes, as a consultant we get paid to sell products and as such, it’s also in our best interest to help our customers and address their concerns in a timely and reasonable fashion. If the consultant who you purchased from is not doing such, you might consider switching to someone who does. Wishing you skin care success in your future:)

      5. There is NO difference in formulations between the USA and Canada. Your information is also incorrect regarding Europe. R+F does NOT sell in Europe at this point…though Australia will have R+F available this year. Make sure your have correct information or you mislead people….. All ingredients are available for you to see online (not something other companies do!) my calls to corporate have been just fine with pleasant and helpful people. FDA approval is NOT required for skin care products and yet R+F has chosen to go through that process. PETA has certified that there is NO animal testing. 60 day…empty bottle return guarantee. NO others skincare product lines do that! Clinique is number 1 in the US and honestly I can’t stand the smell of them. Compare ingredients and costs with other premium lines and you’ll find out that R+F is right in line cost wise. I just know that until I started using they MultiFunction Eye Cream…not even the most expensive product worked to make a difference! And my skin looks and feels so much better now!

      6. R+F isn’t in Europe. That’s why you can’t buy a European formula. If you’ve been a consultant for a year you should know this.

      7. One answer. The FDA. There are ingredients allowed in the US, and not allowed in Canada. They cannot sell you international product. The company would get in trouble.
        And FYI- I don’t work for R+F. I don’t care for the products at all. Do research. I am all for anti-aging, but the chemicals in these products change the PH of the skin and cause long term damage.

        1. Well said Dr. S. Robert! I represent European standard products and they are botanical based with no harmful chemicals! We have the #1 anti aging line! and we don’t use mineral oil in our products! what you put in your skin matters it only takes 26 seconds to deliver all the chemicals and toxins through your bloodstream into your organs! Do your research!! What you eat is as important as what you put in your skin!!!! Because the SKIN is the largest organ in your BODY!!!!!

      8. Interesting that you said you had been a rep for R+F. If that true, why would mention European clients or a European formulation. There is no European formulation as R+F is not even in Europe at this time. R+F products are only available in the US and Canada and launching into Australia in early 2017.

      9. Interesting that you said you were a Rep for R+F for almost a year. Your facts are wrong. Why would you mention European clients or a European formulation? R+F has not expanded into Europe yet. It is only available in the US and Canada and will be launching into Australia in early 2017.

        I’m starting to think that some of these comments are coming from people that feel threatened by R+F because they sell competing products.

    2. I had a consultant try to “sell” this overly priced product to me. She exclaimed that it was full of anti- aging peptides. I calmly asked her what a peptide was and what it did. She had no answer. Just kept saying it was a miracle for the skin. Again, I asked her “Whats a peptide?” Such a scam! You can get a comparable moisturizer for a quarter of the price.

      1. Peptides are molecular links of amino acids that help your skin to produce the anti-wrinkle protein known as collagen. As we age, the amount of collagen our body makes decreases. Peptides work to “plump” the skin by stimulating collagen production.

        1. I am not understanding why sales reps give advice to their customers when their skin is getting worse by using The products! They are not trained dermatologists and most of them probably don’t understand what the ingredients for these products are and how it can affect ones skin. What training did they have when they joined the company. Are they trained to sell or give solutions to issues? Seems like they can do everything!

  20. I became a customer when I saw results on my cousin. I am not sure why anyone is having customer trouble service since you order the products online. You don’t actually talk to anyone. Why are people calling when they can just click and buy. You can go back and change your order and delay an order with just a click. I really liked how my skin is looking and feeling. I did the Reverse system and got a compliment from my dermatologist yesterday at my 2 times a year appt. She actually asked me what I was using on my face. Anyway I am sorry that people are complaining. I have been a customer since October of 2015 and find it a computer order friendly business.

    1. Just starting using the entire line 2 weeks ago and already see a positive change. I have always been a big exfoliator but I love the entire line………

    2. I love the products. I use acne line together with reverse line alternatively, I stopped blemishes and my skin glows.
      It is just really expensive line…. but it works.

    3. I tried the acne line, after 3 weeks of use my acne continued to get worse and worse with more s d more acne. After 4 1/2 weeks of use my skin looks like an orange peal (texture wise). I called the company and talked to a very rude employee who had no care in the world that the products did this to me, gave me the web address to send my products back and had no time for me. So, the ordering is easy, when the products aren’t fit for you, it’s a pain in the neck getting 250$ back from them! Also, they are dermatologists which means they SHOULD know that sycilic acid permanently damagages the skin after prolonged use. My dermatologist knows this, so how don’t 2 trained dermotologists from Stanford know this..? In my opinion this company is looking out for your money, not your skin. Ingredients that give fast results but do nothing good for the long term. Save your money and go shopping at target for trusted correction creams, visit your dermatologist and understand that repairing your skin isn’t going to happen from a toner and moisturizer. Repairing the skin cells takes treatments from actual procedures. There’s no such thing as a “facelift in a bottle”.

      1. Hi Kris. I am a consultant with R+F and have suffered with caned for years. I am sorry you were not happy with the Unblemish line. However, 4.5 weeks is definitely not enough time to treat the entire acne cycle. I tell that to all my customers and those that stick it out during the “worse before better” phase typically have amazing results. Also, I’m wondering if you reached out to your consultant from who you ordered when you were having negative side effects? Everyone’s skin responds to the products differently which is why we are here to help you problem solve and get through the tough spots in order to get the results you are wanting. Yes, we get paid to sell products but it’s obviously also in our best interest to have happy customers and makes “us” happy when our customers are happy. Our Unblemish line also does not contain salicylic acid. It’s sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. Buying drug store brand products do not guarantee results for many and do not coney with a money back guarantee and the personal service that R+F clients get. I’m sorry the person from customer service was rude to you and I wish you skin care success in the future:)

        1. I have been using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on my face, dramatically cheaper then R&F. It is natural, no chemicals, and I have noticed a huge difference in the reduction of acne and oil production in my T-zone! Why do people still want to use chemicals and expensive products when there are better things for you!

          1. Because those “other things” don’t always work for everyone.
            Reverse is harsh on the skin, but using soothe with it has allowed me to use reverse to get rid of texture bumps nothing could help, dark spots, and other problems

        2. Benzoyl is one of the worst!!!!! If i may make a logical suggestion to all……go see a LICENSED AESTHETICIAN.

    4. I absolutely love all of their products! I have the most sensitive skin and have tried tons of other products before trying R+F and within days could not continue use. It’s been 4 months now and my skin is glowing, at least that is what I keep hearing from others. Yes, the prices are not what I hoped but the products work so well, I will continue to pay for the excellent results.

  21. My experience with R+F has been positive. People have been helpful, though when one calls R+F directly they are not as nice. As a consultant I have found that the cost of the product could, infact, be a lot less expensive. Stop with the rewards of jewelery and cars, it would totally drop the cost of product. The network is supreme the calls as well as the up and down ladder of people very helpful and informative.
    good question here, if a consultant has to pay $25 buccks to be a consultant, then why us the consultant forced to pay for product shipping when a PC does not so monthly for a consultant it will cost $34 bucks to do business plus the cost of $80 or more in product purchased just to stay afloat. All this is fine if one is a go getter and a southern bell.

    1. The policy book explains that if the consultant wants to earn a commission then they have to sell product. Otherwise, they pay $25 per year or be enrolled in auto-ship three months prior to their anniversary join date. I know many consultants who join just for the 25% discount off their own products and “play” the system to prevent the $25 annual membership fee. Which is actually allowed by the company.

  22. I just started using the sunless tanner and now my skin is all dry i am pealing i am very unhappy has anyone else had this problem?

    1. I have been using the foam tanner for over a year now from head to toe and haven’t had this issue at all. Several of my customers use it head to toe as well and know one has mentioned that. Can you send me an email and tell me how you are applying the tanner?

      1. How can that person apply it wrong? Does skin need to be dry or wet. Should one put it o in a upward motion or downward. Before makeup or after. Does it really matter? Or y’all just want to know so you can work it where this person gets no money back.

    2. I’m wondering if you had exfoliated first to get rid of the dead skin cells. It is so important to exfoliate first. If you didn’t, that could be why you had peeling. It could also cause the tanner to absorb unevenly.

    3. I did notice that my skin was a little dry afterwards but applied the lotion 4-6 hours later as recommended and it’s worked great!

    4. I was nervous about using the sunless tanner and actually had a bottle for several months before using it. Now I use it all the time. I absolutely love it! I use it from head to toe! If you use it on your face, you use it before you apply your makeup and need to let it dry before you begin applying your makeup. I won’t ever use another sunless tanner!

  23. No one in their right mind should EVER take skincare advice from anyone who is not a trained medical professional known as a dermatologist. R+F is a pyramid marketing scheme. It is a known fact that bottles of overpriced lotion are a scam. Staying out of the sun is the only way to repair your skin. R+F is full of false advertising and consultants who are not authorized by a medical license to give advice to anyone.

    1. Dear irritated,
      There is a product for that. Relax, if it’s not for you that’s fine but it is not a scam, pyramid schemes are illegal. Do your homework. The skincare products sold in Target or grocery stores are not provided by a doctor, are you in an uproar regarding this?

      1. Pyramid schemes are illegal, but 1) they are hard to prove 2) most schemes try to hide behind their products 3) just bc R&F is not deemed illegal now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future (it can take years to prove)

        “If the emphasis of an MLM program is on recruiting (rather than product or service sales), it will be a pyramid”

        1. If this was an illegal scam, or a ‘pyramid scheme’ I highly doubt that the company would have been awarded by the Direct Sales Association for 5 years in a row, as well as numerous ETHOS awards. I’m just a reasonably intelligent person who took some time to learn more about the company before making snap judgements.
          Oh people, please do some research before you waste your time commenting absolute crap on here!

        2. You all need a dictionary. Pyramid schemes take your money. They do not give you any product for your money. Rodan and Fields give you product for your money so it’s not a pyramid scheme. Is a BUSINESS. If you tried and don’t like it, fine. Set your wrinkled butt down and quit whining. If you haven’t tried it, try it….or set your wrinkled but down and quit whining.

        3. You must have the facts correct when making a statement like this, and you have it wrong. The reps do NOT make 40% from a sale. Any manufactured product is sold then sold again. Depending on how many “middle men” there are depends on when it gets to the consumer. You say this is a terrible way to sell a product but it is how most products are sold.

    2. Doctors Rodan and Fields are the creators of ProActiv. They branched out into the premium anti-aging market and sold in department stores before going into direct marketing in order to bring their products to a wider market. Euromonitor International the prestigious market research company claimed that R+F Unblemish line is now the #1 premium Acne brand in the US and Rodan and Fields is #2 overall in the premium skin care market (Clinique is #1). Rodan and Fields was just recognized as one of the top 20 top direct selling companies (along with Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife, Nu Skin, etc – All of these network marketing companies offer quality products and opportunities for business owners.) The doctors were also just featured again in Forbes magazine for a $1B business.

      1. This really says nothing about the quality of the products, only that the owners are highly skilled marketers, like Amway, Shaklee, etc.

        1. Actually this says a lot about the products. They were branched off from the ProActive Acne brand for people who have more than just acne. Such as blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, etc… How could a company that is so advanced in dermatology make a leading product, and then come up with another solution to more than one issue, and it not say anything about the products? If you wanted to know more about the product, you should just ask. And just like any other issue you would go see a doctor for, take a second opinion. Ask 2 consultants if you are not satisfied with the first’s information or feel you didn’t get enough answers. It won’t work for everyone and it has changed lives. But lastly, if you’re going to do research, you have to ASK QUESTIONS!! google is not a doctor and your skin deserves more.

      2. Let’s use some common sense here.

        “sold in department stores before going into direct marketing in order to bring their products to a wider market.”

        This is marketing speak pure and simple. No company pulls out of department stores if they are doing well. They were failing and moved into the MLM model because they couldn’t compete.

        1. Hi Tim
          I don’t believe they were failing. In a department store there are so many skin care choices. This way it keeps the consumer buying the package( cleanser, toner. cream etc). Instead of just buying one product from RF and another from another line.

        2. Actually, that is not necessarily true. They could pull out of Big Box retail and sell directly, reducing overhead, and advertising, and eliminating the retailer’s profit margin and make either the same or more money by lowering their price in direct sell. This is why many companies choose the direct sell path.

        3. Get your facts straight. They were the number one line in Nordstrom when they pulled the products from the shelves. They just knew they could reach more people through their current business model! They are currently the Number 1 Premium Ance and Number 1 Premium Anti Aging lines according to Euromonitor!

  24. You should know that these products are highly unsafe and have ingredients that have been BANNED .
    Just copy and paste this to your browser. Not only do these products contain HIGHLY toxic Carcinogens (cancer causing agents) as an independent consultant the legal burden is ON YOU.

    1. If the ingredients were BANNED they wouldn’t be able to sell it. One of the products has an ingredient they say is known to cause cancer in California where, let’s be honest, they think everything causes cancer. Also, that warning is clearly stated on the website.

      1. I think what they want Irene want to say is that the ingredients used in R+F are banned in Europe. FYI European banned approx 1,400 from their cosmetics and USA only 11!!!!This is SCARY!!!!! What you put in your skin MATTERS!!!! do your research!!!!!!

      2. If a person does his/her research, he/she will find that the ingredient that is noted to cause cancer is Titanium Dioxide IN POWDER FORM. When in powder form, it is possible to be inhaled in high quantities. Here is an excerpt from [“In February 2006, a working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported on its assessment of titanium dioxide. The working group stated that there is inadequate evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity (i.e., cancer causing potential) of titanium dioxide, but sufficient evidence for its carcinogenicity when inhaled at very high concentrations by experimental animals. Based upon these animal data, IARC classified titanium dioxide as possibly carcinogenic to humans. To date, this IARC classification has not led the FDA to change the regulatory status of titanium dioxide in the U.S.”] Meaning – DON’T sniff or inhale the stuff, and when in creams, there is no concern. Additionally, Titanium Dioxide is used as a colorant in FOOD, cosmetics and personal care products, medical devices, and drugs. It seems to be EVERYWHERE. Do your research!!

      3. The ingredient is Titanium Dioxide (in powder form) which is in many powder mineral makeups including the very popular Bare Minerals. This company just chooses to let people know of the possible concern!!!

    2. You should do more research. All Rodan+Fields products are FDA approved. The state of California requires several products containing toxic carcinogens in any minuscule amount to be labeled with a disclosure, which they have on their packaging. However, consuming the so called “HIGHLY toxic carcinogens” in absurdly vast amounts is what you are referring to if you want to make it ‘bad’ for you. Any idea how much oxybenzone causes cancer compared to the cancer causing agents you’re referring to? A LOT more. Now go check your sunscreen. 80% of ALL sunscreens have oxybenzone. NONE of Rodan+Fields sunscreens do. THAT’s the stuff you should be concerned with…the stuff that actually DOES matter.

  25. Rodan and Field’s is absolutely the worst skin care product on the market. And customer service is a complete and total joke. They did not even care or show any sympathy when I told them my wife’s face broke out from their cream (or process. who knows with them). And the equipment I received was slightly damaged and they never sent the replacements as promised. It is literally like you get an automated response saying they cannot do any refunds…BE FOREWARNED, our dermatologist says this is not only a complete waste of money but their products do include harmful ingredients…some even illegal!

    1. I cannot believe that! There is such a thing called purging ( gets a little worse before better) Customer service is the BEST in the business! And I personally have seen it change people’s lives! + I have never known any other company that easily gives a 60 day money back guarantee!

      1. If that is the case, then I’ve been “purging” for 3 months with NO end in sight. Spoke to my consultant 30 days in and was told I was “purging” and to keep using the regimen as directed. 60 days in, my original acne trouble spots are minimally clearer, but the acne has now moved to my neck. I have NEVER had trouble with acne on my neck.
        These are hard, painful cystic type marks along with tons of surface pimples. I was going to request a refund but was encouraged to keep using. At 90 days in, the acne on my
        neck is even worse and now I cannot even get a refund. This is the WORST acne product I have ever used and I’ve tried them all.

        1. I used the acne cream and my face I’d sullen, red, blistered and hurts! I’m throwing this gross bottled crap away. My face looks aweful. My eyes are puffy too.

          1. send it back for a full refund- why waste your money? it doesn’t work for everyone, nothing does.

      2. Well, Mary Kay gives 100 % back and there is no time limit. If you are not happy we will take the product back and or replace it with something that does work. Good Housekeeping also endorses the Time Wise products with 100% money back guarantee.. Please know your facts.

        1. Since when? I have multiple friends who sell Mary Kay and I’ve never been offered a money back guarantee! The only thing they ever offered was to exchange products!

    2. Can you please tell me what ingredients are so harmful and what ones are illegal?
      I have done a lot of research on their ingredients, including looking on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website (which is an independent group that tests skincare products for the health and safety of the public). R + F’s sunscreen received a very good score, and other products received better scores than ones that I have in my bathroom right now (that will change!).
      I asked a R + F Consultant for the ingredient lists. So far, I haven’t found anything very harmful – but I could be missing something. Why would 2 dermatologists put illegal ingredients in their products and threaten the good reputations they have from Proactiv? Doesn’t make sense to me – what am I missing?!

    3. They are chemical based products!!! Do you all know that it only takes 26 seconds for all the toxins to go through your bloodstream the to your organs??? a what cost do you want results??? If you don’t care about your health well go ahead and keep using this products!!! European countries banned close to 1,400 chemicals from cosmetics do you know how many in US??? 11!!!! Yes, 11!!!! The FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry!!!! Do yourself a favor google animal rendering and rendering plants and also google mineral oil!!! If the products are not Vegan or has European standards they basically are made in those rendering plants!!!! and I want to warm you about mineral oil it is a distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and you will find this in 99.9% of the products you use SCARY!!!! Also mineral oil is 2nd leading in aging!!! average a woman use 515 chemicals DAILY!!!! Now you wonder why how many people get some many diseases!!! As a mom i want the best for my kids and my family!!! If you want to know more about what I represent f eel free to respond to this. I’m a health and wellness ambassador and I’m here to help people be healthy, look younger and live longer 🙂 I love what I do! We are truly health and wellness from head to toe from inside out!!!

  26. These products do not work for at least in my case. They are way over priced and I NEVER got the results I was promised. I would never refer this to a friend and it is just a waste save your self and never buy any Rodan and Fields products

      1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and did not achieve the results you had wanted. Most people start to see results within two weeks, but unfortunately, some take much longer. It depends on the condition of the individual’s skin.
        The products are designed to work together as multi-med regimens. For best results, the entire system should be used together. It sounds like you might have been using a product from the Reverse line (for dark marks and discoloration). Did you use the entire regimen or a single product? That would affect your results.
        Did you purchase through a consultant? All R+F products have an empty bottle 60 day money back guarantee.
        To maintain integrity of the company, it’s products and it’s associates, Rodan and Fields’ Terms and Procedures prohibit any consultant from selling products on websites other than the official Rodan and Fields website. If the product was purchased over eBay or Amazon, there can be no guarantee of the quality.

        1. Mary Kay offers 100% money back guarantee, NO MATTER WHAT or how long you have had the product. Good Housekeeping also backs Mary Kay Time Wise products and also will give 100% money back guarantee.. Please know your facts.

          1. This is false information. I used to be a MK consultant. Good Housekeeping does not give people money back for MK products. Also, I had a customer who received used product. So, yeah, they will let you return it. R+F also has a money back guarantee, but they won’t send the used product to another customer. Please know your facts. 😉

          2. I totally agree. My Facebook friend, who is a R& F consultant, posted a comparison on skin care products and the info on how long Mary Kay TimeWise products last was totally incorrect. When I responded that she was incorrect, she unfriended me. I guess the truth hurts. Mary Kay products are the best! I’ve been using them since the 80’s. I have never had a problem if I need to return something. My consultant handles everything very quickly. And yes a total 100% guarantee.

        2. And let’s say additionally it’s absolute bull rap to tell someone that they should see a difference in their dark spots in two weeks…. Are you kidding me? I am a stare liscenced esthetician who works in a doctors office. If there are products that make true cellular change, especially with melanocytes…. telling someone two weeks is an utter lie, it takes about 6weeks to see visible change.

          1. Rebecca, what is a ‘stare liscenced esthetician’? I’ve never heard of that.
            I went to see a dermatologist for 3 years for age spots on my face and I bought products recommended by her that she sold in her office. I have to disagree with you – I saw improvement in my spots in just over 2 weeks (yes, they were subtle improvements, but I saw them and took progress photos to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself). Perhaps it’s the ingredients?

          2. I was a skeptic and I admit I just became a consultant. I like to give facts not blow up the product to make money. However I think saying two weeks that your spots diminish is an exaggeration. I was on my consultant that I wanted to see results because I was ready to get my money back at about 30 days because the difference was not drastic. I started accelerator pack and my results were amazing. I am not a sales person and I am trying this out but not sure if I will stick to selling. What I will say is that as with anything it takes time. In 60 days time I took an after picture and I saw a difference. 5 months later the results were amazing which is why I gave the business a try. Remember the products do not completely erase lines or spots. However it greatly diminishes to where the results are visible to you and others around you. Like with any product it can’t be for everyone that is why there is a 60 day money back guarantee. As far as over priced, well if you shop department store products it is in the same price range. Please don’t compare high end skin care to store products. Also all companies make money. Instead of paying the stores they are paying people directly. How is that a bad thing?

      2. Did you use the accelorater ? If not your rep did not give you the correct stuff you need reverse #1 and #4 and accelorater only not to the full regimen

  27. It’s fascinating. The vast majority of the comments here fall into two categories:

    1. The product is terrible, doesn’t work, my skin looks horrible, I’m [breaking out/suffering from discoloration/peeling] and I tried calling the company and I’ve gotten awful customer service.
    2. Rodan + Fields is the #1 growing company, I’m a rep, I love working for it, Forbes Magazine calls it a great business model.

    In other words, the negative reviews are about the product, and the positive reviews are about how you can make money. Not a ringing endorsement for the product. Interestingly, the Facebook thing is similar – GET IN NOW! BE A REP! Never “try this because it works.” Sounds like an amway-style pyramid venture.

    Yes, there are a few positive product reviews – generally “Works OK but really expensive.” Again, not a ringing endorsement.

    1. I feel like acid has dropped on my face.. Oozing and bright red. I’m so pissed! All the positive reviews has to be by an sales associate. I think they are trying to melt our faces off.

      1. I had the same thing happen to me. I was using the sensitive skin cream and I woke up to swelling, red, painful, raw skin on my face and neck. I contact my rep and her response was stop using it!! I did….

        1. I know a lot of people who use these products (I have only used the microdermabrasion paste and I admit it’s only because it was a gift – but I do like it) and I have yet to hear a bad review. I have seen them either in person or their before and after pics and I can easily see the positive difference it is making in their skin (and their confidence levels). But that is my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have no idea who is writing these posts and therefore, I’ll take them – good AND bad! – with a grain of salt.

          Every company in every industry has customers that aren’t happy with the product. You can’t please everyone.

      2. Hi Kitty. Did you speak with your sales consultant about this? Did you get you money back as we have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Did you follow the directions on how to ween your skin to the product? I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I have heard this can happen if you do not ween your skin. As it kinda goes into shock.

      3. I am shocked at how many people say they waster thete money……are your Rodan + Fields reps not telling you about tge 60 day empty bottle money back gaurantee? Some people react to different products…but there is a gaurantee in place for these people. So sorry if your rep didnt let you know.

    2. You obviously haven’t read all of the comments. It does work. Everyone’s skin is different. There is no miracle cream that’s going to cure all skin conditions of all skin types in one use for 50 cents or less. The reason people sell it, is because they’ve used it and it works. And, by the way, you might want to look up the definition of pyramid scheme. You will discover that R+F is NOT a pyramid scheme.

    3. let’s be real here. saying one kind of skincare will work for everyone is like saying every woman should wear a size 7 stiletto everyday and love it. do some women wear a size 7 stiletto everyday and love it? yes. do i? absolutely not. and i never will.
      here’s what people don’t understand about r+f. these products are a step below prescription strength. they’re no joke. so jumping into a regimen without easing your skin into it is not the way to go. i’ve suffered from horrific acne my entire life. i’ve tried everything known to man, including acutane (how is this medication even still legal??) – and nothing worked or was sustainable… until i found r+f unblemish. i now live my life blemish-free, and without a single drop of makeup. are you going to tell me that these products don’t work??
      i became a consultant because of my experience. i provide topnotch customer service to my friends and family… i have enough happy customers to support my family… and ALL of my posts focus on “try this because it works.” i will never upsell a product. i will never endorse something that doesn’t work.

      be fair. don’t stereotype people who are working hard and getting great results, just because you’ve had a bad experience. do you have any idea how much free product i’ve given away, so that i could help cusomters like you find the RIGHT products?? i’m sorry about your terrible experience – and your negative attitude. if you were my customer, you’d be singing a different tune.

  28. Since I started using Rodan and fields I have had tremendous headaches and every morning I wake up with red swollen eyes. Very disappointing for all the money that I spent on this. Have used other products and never had these issues.

    1. I don’t know of anyone who has gotten headaches from R+F. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if you had these symptoms, you should have stopped using it after the first time and returned it for a refund.

    2. Red swollen eyes is a sign that you are applying too close to your eye. Creams (no matter the brand) travels up to an inch as it absorbs into your skin. Rule of thumb: stay one entire inch away from your eyes when applying. This is especially important at night because you risk sleeping through whatever discomfort would alert you to rinse the product out of your eyes if you do apply too closely.

    3. They have a great return policy. I had the same issues with my eyes. I returned, canceled membership and had a refund within a week.

    4. Hi Missy, I really sorry’s out your luck with RF, we have a 60 day money back, you can return your product for a full refund. Talk to your consultant, they can help you.

  29. I am not a consultant just a happy customer. I have used the Unblemish skin care regimen for about a year now and I am so glad that I stuck with it! A little bit about my acne before I started Rodan and Fields: I usually noticed my acne get bad right when the weather started getting hot the past couple years and of course I would break out during my period. I first thought I would try natural products to try and get rid of the acne by using different types of oils: coconut oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, etc. I was not successful it just made the acne worse. So I decided to try The Unblemish regimen. In the beginning it was a terrible experience, breaking out like crazy, irritated and flaky skin. I also found out I was pregnant about the same time that I started the regimen which didn’t help my acne since my hormones were out of whack. It continued like that for almost 4 months! By about the 4 month marker of me using the regimen I was noticing less and less acne. By the 5th month I maybe had 1 zit! One year later I love my skin! I was scared that I was going to start breaking out again because of the hot weather but I haven’t which is awesome. I also love their Soothe 30 spf sunscreen, which doesn’t ever make me break out!

  30. I absolutely LOVE my R+F products! Every single regimen is used in my home. We use SOOTHE for when our skin is sensitive, sunburnt, rashed, mosquito bitten, etc. I use REVERSE in the AM for my sun damage and age spots & UNBLEMISH in the PM to keep my face and body breakouts at bay. My husband uses REDEFINE 2x day mainly for his pores. We have never had a single bad reaction, and have had nothing but tremendous service from anyone we have dealt with in the Company. When I read the kind of reviews that almost seem to enjoy bashing a Company, I have to wonder their motive. Very few comments seem to har any substance backing their claims. I am certain that some people have had poor experiences. Every Company experiences this. The products work for me, my family, and MANY of my friends. I have never felt so
    confident in my skin, received so many complements on my skin, or inested so well in myslef.

    1. Devon–I just read your review. I too have some sun damage on face and neck, and my dermatologist recommended photofacials. Some people have told me that R&F may do the trick. Is this a product a person has to use for life, or do you just use it for several months until your skin looks nice? What is the difference between REVERSE and the Accelerator pack? Thanks!

  31. To be honest the only reason I began using this product is because my granddaughter is a consultant. I have been using it for over 3 months and I am pleased with the results. I have had two friends asked me about my face and how good I look. As with any product you have to be faithful about using and following directions consistently. Don’t expect results overnight. I am happy with my results. I am a 79 year old grandmother and know one believes my age.


    1. Anna, your percents are a little off but let me explain why they are as good as they are.
      Rodan and Fields has a ZERO percent advertising budget. So the company is able to pass those dollars into the consultants as well as many other operating budget savings because of not being a brick and mortar.

    2. Not sure where you heard reps get 40% but that is totally incorrect….and truth be known……Rodan and Fields started selling their skin care in Nordstroms just like many other skin care and makeup companies do…..the only difference is Rodan +Fields products work….and it follows a 60 day empty bottle money back gaurantee. Yes, it may not suit everyone, but why would a company offer a gaurantee like that if these products were crap. Allergies, sensitivities come with using any product. At least Rodan + Fields has a gaurantee in place for those customers.

    3. Honey, we don’t make 40% profit. I’m not sure where you got your info but it’s all wrong. Perhaps you should try the product first. 😊

    4. Don’t you realize that this is the exact same thing as buying at a store? The manufacturing company sells it to a whole saler, who sells it to a store, who sells it to you…every step of that includes a profit and price markup, until you see the price at the store. Exact same profit margin. Did you really think all your products were coming straight from a manufacturer? There is usually a 100% markup between the wholesaler and retail store (standard retail markup), making every product you purchase worth less than 50% of retail price…and that’s before the price the wholesaler got it for. Yeah, I’d say 35%-40% of the retail price is what the product was actually made for. Just like you said. The pricing is not unique to direct market sales.

    5. Do you not think all products in stores are marked up? They started out in high end department stores where the cost was similar. They paid advertising and for good product placement just like all over premium brands. In those situations the stores and the people at the top are making all the money. Don’t you think it’s far better to support small business owners who are your friends or relatives rather then big corporations? I feel like your comments are just jealousy for not taking advantage of this tremendous business opportunity.

    6. Well as far as cost goes, you can say that about anything, so that is an invalid point. Companies will price it according to how they asses its worth, no different than a car manufacturing company or any other company for that matter.

    7. I get better results with Estée Lauder and it does not cost as much. I returned the product in July and still have not received $321 in my bank account. That is 60 days and still no money returned, no apology for gross negligence, and when I call or email they refer me to another person with a recorded message that says,” Check you bank account for a refund.” Sixty days later still no refund. The worst customer relations ever! Not a good way to run a company!

    8. It’s not a terrible product at all. It’s the only skincare line that I’ve tried that got rid of my Rosacea and Acne!! So happy I found this company!

    9. Anna, I agree with you MLM is a just a lame way for women to feel like they are running a “business “(which is BS because women that I know who participate in these selling schemes don’t even have a business license to sell.) But in all honestyour, that’s how EVERYTHING we buy in retail works to.someone is always making money off of someone

  33. Nice !!! I love the product as well. So sad to read people bad review about this. Everybody have different skin type , what’s work for me doesn’t mean it’s work for you.
    Before I try this product , I try so many creams for my face and it doesn’t work as well.
    If RandF doesn’t work for you , maybe you should stop using it and move on, find what’s work for you. Instead of keep complaining about it, and if it’s work for you than stay with it. I think this product is really good for me, and it work for me.. Than yes I will stay with it.

  34. I am an Avon Rep and believe me we do reimburse people in the wink of an eye / no questions asked / our products are amazing nor are they expensive / Avon has been In Business for 125 years so I guess there’s a reason for it eh ………

  35. I’ve never found a product that works for my skin. I have really bad acne and scarring from marks , hypersensitive dry skin, and I’ve always had red irritated cheeks. Unblemish and soothe from this company has saved my confidence and changed my insecurities… I’ve tried Clinique, organic at home remedies, neutrogena, olay, aveeno green … Nothing has EVER worked or compared. My skin is incredible!

  36. Why can’t people just leave a simple review of their experience with the regimen. If it doesn’t work for you get the refund and move on. Geez! Stop being a victim. When you buy a dress and it doesn’t fit you return it and find another. So much hate. Some people like MLM, some are better at it than others. It’s legitimate, it pays there are different types of sales. If it’s not your cup of tea, move on. Peace out.

  37. I’ve had trouble with my skin for a few years now. Enlarged pores and oily skin. The first time I tried my products my pores were clean and no oily skin during the day or morning when I woke up. BUT I won a 100$ worth of products and got a cleansing mask and toner. I will not pay over 400$ for a regimen. But I do have to admit that it’s done wonders for my skin. I see the negative reviews and understand that not all products are made for everyone.

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