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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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Rodan and Fields is a company created by two dermatologists who were trained at Stanford University. These two dermatologists found there were many treatments for common skin issues that were just not available on the US market. They also determined that people suffering from various types of skin disorder were very self-conscious and generally unhappy. Rodan and Fields created a line of acne fighters that were available without a prescription (their first product offerings were prescription only) and they’ve kept going from there.

The Rodan and Fields official website shows many categories of skin care products but under the Anti-Age line, they offer a small assortment. There is the Anti-Age Night Recovery Cream, Multi-Function Eye Cream, and Night Renewing Serum, as well as a sunscreen, wash, and toner. These products can all be purchased separately, but there is also an Anti-Age Regimen which includes the toner, wash, and sunscreen in a set.

The official website contains a lot of information about the company and also has a glossary, common questions area, and posted success stories. You can choose to become a preferred customer as well, which gives you free shipping, discounts, and special offers.

Product Details

The Anti-Age line from Rodan and Fields contains a few different products, but one that stands out is the Anti-Age Night Recovery Cream. This product claims to moisturize, repair cellular damage, retain water, and also boost your skin’s natural collagen production. Out of all of the Rodan and Fields products, this one contains the most ingredients so it is a good product to look at first.

Anti-Age Night Recovery Cream contains: Water, Tricaprylin, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Shea Butter, PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Cetyl Alcohol, Jojoba Esters, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, St. Paul’s Wort Extract, Melon Fruit Extract, Astrocaryum Murumuru Butter, Yeast Extract, Avocado Oil, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Glycerin, Caffeine, Cholesterol/Potassium Sulfate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cholesterol, Micrococcus Lysate, Creatine, Ascorbyl Tocopheryl Maleate, Linoleic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract, Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark Extract, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract, PEG-8, Lecithin, Lauryldimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tromethamine, Maltodextrin, Fragrance, Caprylyl Glycol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Disodium EDTA, Sorbic Acid, Phenoxyetranol.

The Good

  • Products were created by dermatologists.
  • The full list of ingredients is available for each product.

The Bad

  • Expensive. The Anti-Age Regimen which is a toner, wash, and sunscreen is $160.
  • There aren’t a lot of proven anti-wrinkle ingredients listed with these products.
  • The product descriptions don’t go into detail about what the product will do.

The Bottom Line

Rodan and Fields was created by Stanford trained dermatologists, which is nice, but the products don’t really contain many proven wrinkle fighters. The Anti-Age Regimen set only contains a toner, wash, and sunscreen and costs $160. That seems very expensive for a set that doesn’t include some kind of lifting serum or cream. We recommend trying to find a sample of these products before spending that kind of money.

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194 Comments/Questions/Answers to Rodan And Fields

  • 1

    samantha long

    Can not believe I got talked into spending that much $ on this product… is no different than any other out there. Used for a month…NO difference at all… all…at all. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • 2


    The products are supposed to be used for a certain length of time. I’m not sure why you expected to see results so quickly but obviously you were not informed correctly.

  • 3

    Lollie Charland

    I would lie to become a prferred customer, and order the “Anti-age” Skin Protctor cream.,.but can’t find out how to do it!

  • 4


    Hi I am a consultant for Rodan and Fields and would love to help you become a preferred customer. I swear by these products and they DO work!!!!

  • 5


    Do you have an acne line. How much and how many steps?

  • 6


    Yes they do have an acne line called “unblemish”. The prices vary depeding on if you are a retail or preferred customer, or a consultant. The price ranges from $110.-$160. and it is a 4 step product line. I have quite a few friends on this line and they love it. I was a skin care junkie until I found this company. I love the products. I use the anti-age and reverse lines and they are amazing. Contact me and I will get you set up. They also have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

  • 7


    I’ve been thinking of trying but the prices do seem really high and the ingredients questionable??

  • 8

    kimberly melton

    The prices are for a 2 month supply atleast and some of the face washes are a mask also. I started using this product and love it enough i became a consultant. They also have a line you can call to speak to nurses if you have a question. Plus a money back garantee. Hope this helps if you have any questions let me know I would be glad to help.

  • 9

    Ann Pollack

    I bought both the ANTI AGE and REVERSE products and do not understand why the creams run out so much quicker than does the wash and toner. We’re not getting our monies worth…

  • 10


    where are you a consultant? I would like to find a local consultant. I live in Michigan.

  • 11


    I’m a licensed esthetician and you should be able to see results from a skin care product in 4-6 weeks so using for a month is a proper amount of time to expect results. I would never by products from someone who doesn’t need a have an esthetics license. Rodan Fields is skin care for the “tupperware” party world. I use and recommend Dermalogica to everyone I come across.

  • 12


    They are unreasonable for the amount of money you are spending. You can get these same ingrediants in drugstore products.

  • 13


    Under the “Bad” I see mention of the product being “expensive”, this is for a 60day supply of the product. I compared the prices for a 30 day supply of the commonly used drugstore brands (Olay Regenerist, ROC and Loreal) and these products are less expensive and are part of a multi-med approach that works. These products are great and a 100% money back guarantee can’t be beat! I have even told my customers I would pay the return shipping if they don’t like the product.

  • 14

    Keller momma

    Sounds like you are basing this review on price and ingredients only. $160 is cheap compared to Objai and other lines that are selling well that are not doctor strength. I have looked into these and because they are designed by dermatologist (MD). They are different than the variety of products on the market. These doctors have case studies and are regulated & approved by the FDA. They do not dust ingredients into their products like most companies do. I have seen an array of before and after pictures that are not photo shopped of real results. These doctors went to Nutrogena to sell proactiv and Nutrogena turned them down. Within 2 years Proactiv had more income than Nurtrogena did globally. An investment Nutrogena definitely regrets. These doctors changed Acne with Proactiv, the same way they are changing Sun damage and wrinkles. Why the higher cost? Because these are not cheap ingredients. These creams combined add up to a medical strength. Everyone knows that going to the Dermatologist isn’t cheap. Then add on the RX’s they give you and WHAM $160 for an entire regimen doesn’t look so bad.

  • 15

    Keller momma

    Have you tried Dermalogica? Well have you also given this a fair shot and tried it yourself? These two standford trained Dermatologists have more than an estheticians license. The nurse thats on call 24/7 has an estheticians license. Enough for me.

  • 16

    Keller momma

    Interested to know what you used? Did you ever consult their nurse to see if trying another process or product would help? I have had to change up a few things and I am happy now.

  • 17

    Keller momma

    What product from the grocery store can you try for 60 days and return empty if you dont like it?
    Can you call Olay to consult their nurse to discuss any of your concerns?

    If these doctors had come to you years ago when they were first launching Proactiv and asked you if you wanted 5% stock in the company- Would you have said no knowing how Proactiv has become a house hold name? You’ve been crazy to not get in on products that keep selling because THEY WORK!

  • 18


    I have used the best products sold and the ingredients in their products are the best. If you don’t see a difference in 4-6 weeks, it is in your genes, keep using. Always use sunscreen.

  • 19

    Stacey Hurn

    If you are not satisfied with the products, be aware that you are able to return the products for up to 60 days EMPTY!!!

  • 20

    Stacey Hurn

    My name is Stacey Hurn and I am not only an RN, but a skin care consultant with Rodan and Fields . I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the products, the prices, and what to expect. If you have questions, feel free to call me at 256-874-5679. :)

  • 21

    Stacey Hurn

    Elaine, I can help you, even though I live in Alabama. You do not need someone in Michigan. I am able to help you from here! Call me. 256-874-5679. I am a nurse as well. Thanks!

  • 22


    Elaine, I am a consultant in Illinois, I could answer your questions or try to find you a local consultant in Michigan, where I travel quite a bit. Which part of Michigan by the way?

  • 23


    I have been using the unblemish products and I have to say that I was very impressed…I thought my skin was beyond repair, but I felt good again and the acne scars weren’t that obvious anymore…I felt like my skin was really clean again and I will keep using this product…

  • 24


    I used obagi for 2 1/2 years and loved it, however it is expensive to keep up. One of my neighbors started selling Rodan & Fields and talked me into trying her product. I used it for several months. I did not like it because I felt like my bare mineral make-up did not go on well over this product. It was clumpy. You also have to reorder within a certain period of time to get their discount. I was not ready to reorder any of my products. When you are put on an automated re-order program you will end up spending just about what I spent with obagi. I have gone back to obagi. Obagi runs specials quite often offering 20 to 25 % off on their products.

  • 25


    Somehow I thought doctors went to school for 10 years to learn their trade…a bit more than an esthetician…and certainly way above tupperware consultants. I am having great results.

  • 26


    I’ve been using the Ant-age and the Reverse for about 6 weeks now and I love it! I am now a consultant. Most prescription products dry me out; but these have mde my skin dewey again. Email me if you need help ordering!:) products

  • 27


    Just because an ingredient is IN a product doesn’t mean there is enough in it to be effective or make a hill of beans difference.

    Every R+F product has a clinical trial on record for the product itself as packaged. Most drug store lines hold up the clinical trials of single ingredients outside of their product. They “fairy dust” a peptide in a product and then try to pass it off as effective.

    Also if you don’t like a drugstore cream, so sad too bad for you. If you don’t like R+F products you can send them back for a full refund, no questions.

  • 28


    You may be using more than needed. I apply mine with a gauze pad or my fingertips and never use a cotton applicator. That wastes the product. Check with your personal consultant or call Nurse Mary at the RF Connection.

  • 29

    Macy Lee

    My sister and my husband used this product for 2 months, and no positive result came out. Plus, my husband acne is getting worse. Don’t waste your money.When I call them about questions on the return product, they gave me bad attitudes/manner on the phone call. ~.~ Can’t believe it.

  • 30


    Each step compliment one another. Yes you can buy these ingredients off the counter but will not find near the same results as R and F because there is a process to keeping skin healthy. Washing, toning, moisturizing. With the price you pay you have expert advise 24/7. People buy stuff over the counter all the time. This adds up. What you pay for is NO results. Cheaper is not always better. Here we offer results and guess what… that is what your money pays for… NOT the cream in the pot.

  • 31


    maybe you using too much at a time? You only use what is recommended. I use the REVERSE and am a consultant in DALLAS TX. I have had my supply well over 60 days and got the results I wanted from REVERSE.

  • 32



  • 33


    Just because someone is a nurse doesn’t mean they can analyze your skin and tell you which products are right for you….especially over the phone! Skin analysis has to be done in person. R&F is dermatologist created but it’s being sold by unqualified people looking for a way to make money. $160 for a 60 day supply is ridiculous considering the amount of products out on the market. AND Hydroquinone is banned in most countries and is considered dangerous and can actually cause skin damage when used over long periods of time.

  • 34

    Helene Le

    My boss & I just recently started using the Anti-Age line this past week & so far we’re LOVING this product by Rodan and Fields. This stuff has my face feeling smooth like a baby’s bottom. The step 1 exfoliation cream isn’t grainy like most exfoliating products out there, so it gently scrubs the dead cells on your face. The step 2 toner doesn’t sting your irritate your face like other toners I’ve used the past. The step 3 day cream/sunscreen & step 4 night cream keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. If Rodan & Fields offered their products in wholesale vs retail….My boss & I would stock up on this product for personal usage. The only con to this product is the price tag…it’s pretty expensive, but not as expensive as other similar high-end products.

  • 35


    Everyone’s different. I use the Unblemish and it helps me! You can return anytime you want!

  • 36


    Macy Lee- Simple healthy acne clearing treatments are still available. Try Sulfur Soap. Best on the market today (based on lots of reviews I read before I started useing it)Is Joesoef’s Natural Sulfur Soap. Just try it, but go easy after you start seeing results cause you can over do it. I buy two bars at a time now…one for shower and one for sink..

  • 37

    Elisabeth Murray

    I was unaware that some of my products were in a bag in the trunk of my car during this hot summer. Does anyone know if this effects the products and if I can still use or sell them?

  • 38


    I have been using these products for abuot 6 months, and my skin just keeps getting better! I went to a plastic surgeon’s office for help at first, who has his own esthetician, and yet his own wife is using this line! My consultant is a trained esthetician who now works for R+F. She told me that these products are quickly becoming the number one competition for esthetician’s, not to mention they can’t buy into this line and then mark it up 200% as they can some of the others. Since you can return the unwanted product, it’s a win-win. I would much rather have a dermatologist’s opinion on my skin. I would highly recommend trying this product line before spending hundreds of dollars on a facial.

  • 39


    Ooops- I odviously can’t spell while typing on my phone :)

  • 40

    Lily R.

    I have to say i agree with the above tupperware comment. This is just network marketing. The product is not any better (and worse actually than the Olay aging line, IMO). It’s just a bunch of people saying how great it is, and acting like marketers. Blech.

  • 41


    I am using the anti-age regimen. I noticed a change within the first week, I am now on week 7 and I am very pleased with my results.

  • 42

    Jamie Hickey

    You need to look further, Rodan & Fields just launched a new anti-aging regimen (4 step) which includes a mask, toner, am & pm creams. And then most exciting is their patent pending “roller” system (AMP MD Delivery System)! This works along with the night time regimen to produce microscopic openings on the skin’s surface so that a peptide based night renewing serum can be added to the face which reaches as low as the dermus layer of the face allowing your skin to actually produce new collagen!This allows you to sleep while your skin rejuvinates and clears away fine lines and wrinkles like no other product on the market. Go to the Rodan & Fields website to read more about this new product and to see all of the clinic trial results that go along with this line of products. No more botox or restilin treatments for us ladies — this product line is amazing!!!

  • 43

    Joan Ludwig

    Are there any animals products found in R&F products and is there any animal testing done?

  • 44


    I agree with the Tupperware comment. A family member just signed on to be a consultant and all she can talk about is how much $ she’ll make; nothing about how great the product is. I’m totally turned off.

  • 45


    Also, check out how the “consultants” on this webpage are chomping at the bit to get customers!! Even trying to outdo each other! Blech.

  • 46

    shirley nelson

    I have used a variety of skincare lines over the years such as Clinique, Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, Merle Norman, Oil of Olay. My daughter had amazing results with Pro Activ, so I decided to give this a whirl.The doctors invented the Pro Activ line. I am a nurse looking to transition into Esthetician type work, and came across Rodan and Fields during my research for esthetician training. I have spent thousands of dollars on skin care for Acne treatment from the age of 12-30, so thought I would research a dermatology based line. I completed the online skin type tool and based on my skin type, I started with the Reverse and the Soothe lines. The Reverse is to clear aging spots/discoloration, and the Soothe is to calm irritated skin. I have now switched to the Anti Aging line and will try the AMP MD tool soon. I decided to first try the products for 6 months on a personal use basis, and then decide from there regarding the business opportunity. I have seen a marked improvement in my skin in 6 months. In addition to the skin care program, I have improved my diet and nutrition to include more water and antioxidants, superfoods. It is likely a combination of all, but I do like what I see. There are additional products to enhance the line such as a microdermabrasion paste, that you can use on your face or body, hydrocortisone cream for any flareups and stand alone sunscreen SPF 30. And the mineral peptides that also have an SPF and are similar to the mineral foundation powders. There are sample serum capsules and sample microdermabrasion paste packets. I agree that a travel size/sample size would be great feature. This is an up and coming skin care line that I will continue to use based on my personal results.

  • 47


    how do i purchase the roller?

  • 48


    I have used all the high end department store products for years and have never seen the results that I am getting with Rodan and Fields, I was able to clear up my adult acne and move on to the anti age AMP MD Roller without breaking out. I am already seeing results and I dont have to inject poison into my skin to get the results. All the negative comments are people who have not given the products a chance and are probable happy washing their face with soap.

  • 49


    what about Rosacea does this help? and if so will rosacea ever go away? I was told to use the soothe first for awhile. but have brown spots and I think the anti age sounds good. R

  • 50

    Celeste Krenz

    I had the opposite experience. I expected to have to wait 60 days to see results but I used the reverse and in 4 weeks I loved what happened. I don’t have to use foundation anymore. My skin is pinker and my brown spots (sun damage) are almost gone…I love it.

  • 51

    Celeste Krenz

    Leah, most of the consultants that are on this page are people who used the product, loved it and decided to share the results. Have you seen the before and afters? What brought you to this page anyway? It is a great product…it works and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money paying for an office visit to a derm. If you’ve tried it and don’t like it feel free to comment but seems unfair to dismiss it without any personal experience.

  • 52


    i want to stop all further shipments. my grandson did not have permisson to order this product and it broke his face out worse than ever

  • 53


    No mention of the fact that some of the ingredients are toxic? I would pay the price for natural skin care, but propleyene glycol is antifreeze and EDTA is dangerous too. I’d check this list of ingredients against the’s cosmetic’s database and see if you want to risk using it. I’d rather have a couple of wrinkles than a cancer.

  • 54


    Soothe absolutely helps with rosacea, my stepmother just started using it and literally after two days it was unbelievable. she stopped using her MAC foundation/concealer and now only uses a bit of bronzer, her skin looks totally even and healthy. I even went to her house last night after a few glasses of wine she usually gets that red “wine” face, nothing, she was glowing. im very happy for her because i know she was always so uncomfortable with it…hope this helps!

  • 55

    Elizabeth H E

    Networking (Tupperware) is a way to get the product out there. R&F wanted to sell it that way instead of the retail stores. They pulled their products from Nordstroms to sell direct. It was a business decision that has nothing to do with the product or its results. I have not tried the product (yet)but have done the research.

  • 56

    Elizabeth H E

    This gives no useful information. Stay “Anonymous”.

  • 57


    She must not have any person results from using the products yet! Once she does she won’t stop talking about the products and neither will all her friends and family when they see her incredible skin! The products sell themselves!

  • 58


    JUST NETWORK MARKETING? Perhaps you should do some research! you will find that NETWORK MARKETING has allowed many many people to be finacial secure and it has created more Millionaires then any thing else out there. The products are amazing and the results are too!

  • 59

    Stacey Hurn

    Call the customer care number listed on the back of the product and they will not only stop shipping it, but will refund your money.

  • 60

    Stacey Hurn

    I have found in my lifetime that everyone works for somebody, no matter what you do!

  • 61

    Renee R

    I am a new user of Reverse…only two treatments and I already feel like fading is taking place. I have one comment regarding your description of what comes in the Anti-Aging Regime. There are 4 items. The first is an exfoliating mask along with toner and AM and PM creams. I know people that have had much success with these products. I cannot wait to start on the Anti-Aging when I am finished with the reverse.

  • 62


    What you did not mention is that Hydroquinone is banned for ingestion in most countries! 1.5 – 2% Hydroquinone is acceptable in all countries and is sold in MANY products: Murad, dermDoctor and Rodan + Fields! The drug is regulated to PREVENT misuse! If you are going to comment on such things you should elaborate or give the proper facts! And you are MISINFORMED because Hydroquinone is not banned in most countries! As a matter of fact you need to have a prescription for dosages higher than 2%. Rodan + Fields has about 2% in 2 of their skin care lines, which is an acceptable amount WORLD WIDE!

  • 63


    I haven’t yet used the R&F products but am looking into it. That’s why I am reading all these comments.
    My daughter and I recently went to our local Macy’s for a facial with Chanel. Loved the products but they most certainly didn’t have a money back deal and only one month of moisturizer cost $120.00. Thant was ONLY moisturizer. Did it even work??? I have no idea, I couldn’t afford to but just the moisturizer let alone the whole system. $160.00 for an entire system seem very reasonable to me after seeing what the department store had to offer.

  • 64

    Ann Marie

    I cannot say enough good things about my Rodan & Fields experience! I am using Anti-age for about 2-3 weeks and my skin looks the best it’s ever looked. I’ve tried so many other expensive products and am so happy to be using a DERMATOLOGIST grade product. The department store/ retail lines are way over-rated compared to the results I’ve experienced.

  • 65

    Ramona Gaerin

    I am a red head with freckles – I use REVERSE and it literally makes my freckles disappear! Plus it fights wrinkles. It is a great product and I have tried everything to fade freckles and this product WORKS!

  • 66


    The results of the Rodan and Fields products speak for themselves. I have had amazin results, the people I know and are using these products have had amazing results. And as for expense, well if you add up the cost of everything under your bathroom sink, that didn’t work, wouldn’t you rather spend purchase something with a 100% money back guarantee that DOES work?

  • 67


    I have been using the Unblemish line for 6 months and my skin looks great. I have slowly weened off of everything except the face wash. I found a less expensive natural moisturizer, I use a peroxide spot treatment (which I hardly ever need anymore) and an eye cream. I love the face wash, but I am nervous about the sulfur and all the ingredients.. I would like something more natural..

  • 68

    I Lynn

    Nina, I have been doing a lot of research on the R and F products and the business opportunity. My biggest con was also the un-natural ingredients. I wander why no one else had addressed this issue? Consultants reading this…. can you address this? Thanks

  • 69


    I have found Rodan and Fields products at Ross Dress for Less on several different occassions. just an FYI

  • 70

    Diane Levy

    I have been using the Rodan and Fields anti aging regime sicne Octobr, 2010. I used to get injections but now I do not. I find this product remarkable…just aks any of my friends who marvel at my skin and its re-nourishment since using the product.

  • 71


    Hi Kristine, are you saying that RAF is a better price overall than leading drugstore brands?

  • 72


    Lily, what cridentials do you have to support your statement that one is better than the other? I am a permanent makeup artist. I have a client that had really bad skin, dry and looked much older than her years. I saw her a month later and asked her what she had been doing…her skin looked visibly different. I had just spent $160 at my med spa on (1) anti age product. And, I agree with Stacey, everone works for someone! Do you think that Walmart produces Olay products?

  • 73


    I forgot to state that she has been using R&F. I have two other clients that use it as well! Their skin looks amazing…

  • 74


    Sounds like you should consider reporting the mis-use of your credit card!

  • 75


    @ Keller momma, The Obagi products contain 4% hydroquinone- that is prescription strength and you cannot get it from an independent consultant. My problem with the Rodan and Fields products are the way they are marketed and sold by people with no health care or skin care knowledge. Several consultants I have spoken to tell their customers that these products are the same as Obagi only less expensive. They explain this because it contains 2% hydroquinone ( which doesn’t require a prescription and a trip to the dermatologists office) is layered to equal the 4%. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Also, they should stop telling customers that the new anti-aging tool will replace Botox. Again, misinformation. The products cannot reach into the muscle layer. Botox acts by paralyzing the muscles of the forehead, therefore ridding of the wrinkles.

  • 76


    STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID!!! These products, while they may be effective for some, DO NOT take the place of Botox or Restylane! They have a completely different mode of action.

  • 77


    Started Reverse 3 weeks ago. I do feel there is some fading of uneven tone. My skin does look a bit nicer, probably due to the exfoliating first step. However after just a couple days the top broke off of the scrub and it took me 4 attempts to get through to actually speak to a rep (and almost an hour of my cell minutes.) I was told to mail the product back and then they would send a replacement. I was extremely unhappy. After becoming a PC, I was expected to take an open, leaky bottle to the post office, on my dime, and mail it back, wait weeks, then get a replacement? After about five minutes of arguing the rep finally agreed to send it out. I certainly don’t feel preferred. Not happy w/ their customer service and I’m not sure the product is worth it enough to stay. We’ll see.

  • 78

    Cara Menard

    The performance ingredient is what you are looking for in a product and how far down the list of ingredients it is – in the product I just reviewed it is the hexapeptide that is the anti-aging ingredient. Matrixyl 3000 as an ingredient is great for peptide anti-aging therapy. I am a Medical Aesthetician – research is key.

  • 79


    Must have been leftovers from when they were retail.

  • 80


    Lollie-I am a very happy product user (Unblemished for two children,anti- age for me and Reverse for me and Soothe for me my ex-husband helps his razor burn and roseacae)We all have excellent results and I would be happy to tell you all about them!Oh,And I am an ecstatic Consultant in addition to my real estate business.You know I am not about to waste my hard earned money on fluff!!

  • 81


    I wonder how many of these positive remarks are coming from consultants selling the stuff. Biased, in other words. I want a great product at a reasonable price. Seems like everyone I know speaks of Obaji as the Gold Standard for collagen renewal, wrinkle reduction, and age spot removal. How would anyone compare these 2 companies?

  • 82

    Bayou Country

    I quess the worst part of the whole product is the road hard put up wet women trying to sell a skin care line when you would never want to look like they do.

  • 83


    I have used perscription drugs and creams for over ten years…I saw results on my skin in one day.. This is no lie! My rosacea has disappeared and my skin has never looked better. Saved my life!

  • 84


    The last time I ordered Anti-Age and Reverse I was charged $384. Now, my rep is telling me that it’s $396? Should I be paying sales tax as it will be shipped to Ca? And, can I purchase it for less thru Amazon? Kindly respond

  • 85


    You did not respond!

  • 86


    I have been a medical esthetician for over 20 yrs and the 2 best products on the market are neocutis and obagi

  • 87

    Lyssa Wieland

    Stacey, I’m currently using R&F’s Reverse line. I’ve been on it since the end of July. In Sept they added the AM & PM antiaging cream. I am suferring from some “sticker” shock as I’ve spent $500 in this brief time period. Why doesn’t R&F offer some classes on how to apply their products? Why not have everyone get a printout (with that specila light) of how their skin looked beforehand so they can see if it’s actually improving?

  • 88


    I absolutely love these products. I have been using for over 4 mths now and are just amazed at the results. I am a consultant and have not looked back. I am also an african American women so not all products work for my skin. I would love to talk with you Kerie if you have any questions?

  • 89



  • 90


    Wow! What a “mean girl comment”.

  • 91


    Not everyone wants a needle stuck in their face. The roller is a very good alternative. Yes, it doesn’t have the instant results of paralyzing your muscles, but over time it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. I know because I have done both.

  • 92

    Susan Dupre

    I have been using the product for about 5 weeks now. This is the first product I have ever tried other than Obagi, which is way more expensive that I actually “felt” in working the first week. I tried the Reverse first and after 10 day I actually could see my skin getting brighter and the age spots starting to lighten. I could not believe it. Because I am impatient I have switch to the amp md and anti-aging system so I can get rid of my under eye bags. I saw a difference in two days. I’ll do this for a while and then go back to the Reverse so I can finish off those age spots. I am over the moon. Friends that hadn’t seen me since I started this to me my skin is glowing. Yep. I am sold big time. So much, that I am now a consultant. I have even been doing one hand and arm in Reverse. When I hold my arms and hands out you can really see the difference. The hands don’t lie. :)

  • 93


    I’ve been using R+F Anti-Aging for about a month and a half now. I had to stop using it because I started getting little white bumps (clogged pores/milia) all over my face, as well as an increase in peach fuzz and my pores started to look very enlarged. Since I’ve stopped using this product, the pores look smaller and the milia are disappearing along with the help of hylatopic foam, but unfortunately the fuzz is still very noticeable. Anyhow, I liked the way it made my skin feel. If there is a rep out there who can explain what was going on with my skin, that would be great because I still have some of the product left and don’t want to throw it all away. I’m not sure if the toner was too strong or if it was just pulling all the impurities out continuously for 6 weeks? Thanks…

  • 94


    I’ve been using Reverse for a week. My face, eyebrows, lips, hairline, itch SO bad. I have scratched my forehead so bad, it is bleeding. Obviously I can’t continue using it. Has anyone else experienced severe itching? :(

  • 95

    Medical Aesthetician

    The Medical Spa I work at offers Obagi Medical products. Although they work very well, it is true that than can be costly. I have a few clients that went to a Rodan+Fields party and purchased the anti-aging line considering it was a little less expensive and they were told the two products were very similar, just cheaper. After using the products for two months, their skin broke out and they didn’t see any positive results. In conclusion, they stopped using the products and said, “I’d rather spend my money on products I KNOW will work.” -Alita on Obagi Medical

    Obagi is worth the price, last very long, and most importantly WILL work.

  • 96


    Fran I feel that your response is unfair. Just because these people are happy with their results doesn’t mean they have to be working for the company. I happen to be a very happy customer of Rodan + Fields. I use the Reverse line currently and at 55 my skin looks better than it has in years. And yes, I have tried many very expensive brands, in fact, more expensive than the Reverse line. It works, my skin is healthy and my sun damage is disappearing!! Very pleased.

  • 97


    They are pretty darn close and you don’t have to inject your face with a product made from Botulism. Yes, Restylane works instantly, although it cost about $750 and your lucky to see the effects for a full year, yes I have tried it. Keep in mind this procedure does not even include your skin care products. I guess if money is not an issue for you then yeh, go for the Restylane, then keep your skin healthy with your Rodan and Fields skin care regimine. Sorry Mary, I don’t think anyone here “drinks Kool-Aid” they just want HEALTHY skin that looks as good as possible.

  • 98

    Potential Consultant

    I’ve been doing alot of research on this Company and their Products. I’m thinking about becoming a Skin Care Consultant. I’d like to talk to a few different Consultants, so please e-mail me. So far, what I’ve found out is..that this is a great up and coming Company with a although not Natural but Terrific Product and I’d certainly want my skin to be Beautiful again. The few naysayers I have read about are nothing in comparison to the many happy, positive clients and reviews I’ve read. Thank You R + F for having such a Great Product !

  • 99


    I was given a sample of the Reverse paste and liked it, but I am concerned about the networking aspect and agree with above posters who liken it to tupperware.

  • 100


    Rodan + Fields cannot compare to Obagi. R+

    f is nothing but one of those telemarketing schemes. Don’t fall for it.

  • 101


    I am a loyal dermalogica 7 Pevonia user; I imagine, to be fair, that perhaps the R&F products will offer some benefit; however, one must consider that when someone who otherwise has not been compliant to a skincare regimen, and level of care w/most lines (Obagi,Dermalogica, R&D,etc..) should generate positive results. I like Dermalogica w/no fragrance,etc. I imaginge I wld fare well with Obagi, as well.

    I am particularly uncomfortable & offended by any MLM business model whose premise is to “market” to friends and family..

  • 102


    I researched R+F since Aug. 2011. I have very sensitive skin and have bad reactions to most all products. I even spent tons of money on Obagi products only to wind up with dry, peeling, bleeding skin that scabbed and took months to heal. I decided to try R+F Reverse in January 2012. Within 2 weeks my dark age spots were almost completely gone, my skin looked so healthy and fine lines were already disappearing. I am still using R+F products and am not having any problems. This is the first line of products I have not had any adverse reaction to and love the results I am seeing. I love R+F so much that I have just joined as a consultant and am proud to be partnered with an amazing company that provides top of the line products.

  • 103

    The review of the ANTI-AGE regimen is not completely accurate. It has more products than listed in review. The regimen contains a wash/mask, toner, day cream w/sunscreen, and night cream for $193 retail price or $174 Preferred Customer price or about $145 consultant price.

  • 104


    Love that it cleared up my acne but it IS expensive so I only order the minimum amount required (in order to receive perks etc) which is $80 every 2 months ($1.33 a day). Right now I use the UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash ($36) & the UNBLEMISH sunscreen in the AM (although on my last order I decided to go with the REVERSE Environmental Shield SPF 55) and then at night I use the ANTI-AGE Eye Cloths ($26) to wipe off my eye makeup (I cut mine in half) and then use the ANTI-AGE Daily Cleansing Mask ($36). If I run out of the mask or if I get lazy (or I’m traveling) then I’ll just use the wipes to clean my face. Even though I love how my skin feels I know there are other products out there that are just as good and a fraction of the cost. When you don’t have the $ you just have to face the facts.

    My cousin is in the skin care field and used to sell Dermalogica and now sells R&F. I also used to use ProActive which was created by the same 2 woman. Loved that regime as well but after a while it seemed to stop working which I have been told that they all do that and that’s why you should change it up… like shampoo and conditioner but not sure if that’s true or not.

  • 105


    My cousin also used to sell Obaji and will say that Obaji, Dermalogica and R& F are all great products.

  • 106


    My cousin used to work at a dermatologists office and they sold Obaji & Dermalogica and that’s all that she and her daughters had at their house and she would still say they’re great products. However now she’s started her own practice and uses R&F.

    Arbonne is another great brand as well.

  • 107


    Just an FYI sometimes your face will get worse before it gets better! Give it a chance and you won’t regret it! And reading the comments reminded me of the facts that just because the ingredient is mentioned on the bottle doesn’t mean it’s the same amount etc so even though I don’t really have the money I will continue to buy it! :)

  • 108


    Geez… sorry one more comment and then I have gotta turn off the net! The “tupperware” comments… you have NO idea how many people these companies employee! I think the idea is terrific.

  • 109

    Michel Blais

    I am sorry that you feel that way. The consultants are a walking testimonial to the products because they use them and know they work. I am glad that you have found something that you feel comfortable with. I think that if you look at the Mary Kay model that the premise is the same. You should not ever feel pressure from your consultants as the products sell themselves because they work. The issue with most of the Dermatological prescription only products are that if you do not like them you do not get your money back. R+F is 60 day empty bottle Money back gaurantee.

  • 110


    Tried the reverse product line. It seemeed to work okay. I did not like the fact that every 2 months the company will automatically send out the product you previously ordered and withdraw from your account. They give you a few days to resond before shipping out the same product (I was told that they give you only a 2 month supply) that way they can keep sending you/CHARGING you every 2 months. The amount of suncreen in Reverse is the same size as my travel size toothpaste! Unless you are well off, not worth the cost! Very expensive for my middle class budget! Also, I don’t ike to be told “When” and “how much” I have to buy their products. In order to change your order, you have to spend at least $80.00+ to edit from the previous month.

  • 111


    I also did a lot of research on R+F before beginning as a consultant. What I have found is that it is an excellent product from two doctors who have proven knowledge of skin care with the success they have had with ProActive. They could have stayed in the high end department stores, but wanted to make their products more accessible, thus the direct marketing. They also stand behind their products with a 60 day, empty jar, money back guarantee as well as 24/7 access to a nurse to answer any of your questions or concerns. I sold Tupperware many years ago and trust me, this is not a Tupperware operation.

  • 112


    Well Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Princess House, Southern Living are just a few proven direct sales companies. History has shown that regardless of the business type or model, there will always be shady and unethical schemers trying to scam and take advantage of people just to make a quick buck. Unfortunately direct sales, or network marketing has seen more than its fair share.

    The advantage to marketing your products via direct sales over a store front is money of course. Lower overhead and employee costs; in that your sales force is made up of consultants. The consultants are independent business owners working strictly on commission and NOT employees; therefore you avoid having to pay for fringe benefits or other costs associated with “employees”.

    If a company has actual products, not to mention products that are clinically proven and FDA approved, any reasonable person would see that alone is legitimate. In addition to clinically proven, FDA compliant products, R+F is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has had its products written about positively in the American Academy of Dermatology. Furthermore respected beauty and healthy living publications such as Allure, Prevention, Elegant Bride, Self, Vogue, Family Circle, and even Scrubs (magazine for the nursing profession) have product tested items from the R+F line. The products tested always make the “Must Have” or “Best Have” lists for these publications.

    R+F’s headquartered in San Francisco. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I can attest to the company as being an integral part of the community; giving back through its foundation and participating in community charity campaigns. Outside of its consultants, the company provides employment for many people, which is important to the area. The Doctors are well known all over the world, but especially in the Bay Area, where one of them still has an active dermatology practice in Oakland.

    Legitimate Direct Sales companies that utilize Independent Consultants can be compared to any company that sells a product or a service for which it pays commissions to its sales force; whether it be retail sales, banking, or real estate. In most companies that have a sales-commission platform, there is usually a tiered system; such as Executive Sales, Senior Sales, and then bottom of the rung sales person. In most instances the Senior gets a cut of the sales person’s commissions, and the Executive gets a cut of both the Senior and sales person’s commissions for as many teams there are below him/her. In addition the Executive Management Team usually gets a cut or some type of bonus for how well the entire company does in sales. The only difference with a Direct Sales company is that as an Independent Consultant you are 100% commission and do not receive benefits or retirement through R+F because you are not an employee, but a business owner. Furthermore, as a consultant, you make your own hours and no one is going to fire you because you didn’t make “the numbers” for that month. You get what you put in… Period!

    As far as the products: Anyone with common sense will know that NOT EVERY PROUCTS IS FOR EVERYBODY. This nugget of truth is why R+F offers a 60-day empty bottle guarantee. The products aren’t designed to just give the appearance of a change that is only temporary, so that once it is washed off your lines, wrinkles and sagginess is obvious again. R+F products are made with the intent to actual transform your skin on the inside so that what you see on the outside is naturally beautiful, glowing skin; a result of tighter pores, fewer wrinkles, and fewer fine lines.

    The initial cost might seem pricey to those that aren’t accustomed to purchasing the higher end skin products. But, the customer is purchasing an entire regimen of 4-products, which lasts at least 60-days, and many of the products can actually last longer. If you did a side-by side comparison to 4-like products from lines offered by Lancome, Estee Lauder, or even the Olay Red Line, you’d find that R+F is either comparable or less expensive ounce for ounce. If you opt to take advantage of the preferred customer program to receive the 10% discount and free shipping, then to maintain those discounted benefits R+F only requires that you purchase at least $80 every OTHER month.

    Not sure about the rest of the country, but living in California, you spend more than that at Starbucks or the gym. If I’m going to spend money at the gym to make my body look good, then I think I can fork over a 1-time $140-180 and then $80 every OTHER month so that my face looks equally good. It’s like why bother making sure the inside of your car is spotless, when the exterior is dented and rusted? As far as genetics, it only accounts for 20% of how you look; the other 80% is lifestyle and maintenance. All I know is that I’m 44 and am constantly told that I don’t look a day over 30. For that I thank R+F, and even if no one ever bought another product from me, I would continue using the ANTI-AGE Regimen for that reason alone!

  • 113


    It seems that there is alot of success with this line. There are however a few ingredients that are not desirable. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, 4 different parabens, dyes and fragrance… to name a few. There are safer lines of products that are less expensive (less than half)with phenomenal results, with excellent ingredient policies that exclude some of the ones mentioned. Check into these ingredients. If there is even a question of their safety, I would look into alternatives.

  • 114


    You may want to look into the ingredients…especially if you are an RN…sodium laurel sulfate, dyes, fragrance, parabens.

  • 115

    gail thames

    These products contain very dangerous drugs and they know it

  • 116


    I’m interested in knowing what those other skin care lines are. Parabens = deal breaker!

  • 117


    Hi! I am also an RN and consultant-Whoever you have purchased from could offer you instructions on application. While the printout is a neat idea, you won’t need it if you do your own before and after photos. It would be obvious after 2-6 months of use. You don’t HAVE to have the moisturizers. I would use the reverse with eye cream and then use antiage after the 2-6 months.

  • 118


    Just so you know, I am not a consultant. I treasure the product from rodan and fields “soothe”…. Been dealing with roscea for a majority of my adult life and I had an old high school friend introduce it to me. And it’s dome wonders. At my age 42, your skin changes due to hormones on a monthly basis, so your skin is constantly changing. So don’t be so quick to judge the product until you use it. And btw dermalogica is like revlon products…please don’t compare dermalogica to rodan and fields. Rodan and Fields blows away

  • 119


    I am a consultant with Rodan+Fields, and you’ve either been misinformed or not informed. ONLY if you sign up as a preferred customer are you on automatic order – which by the way will save you 10% and get free shipping. However that is your choice, as is it your choice that if you are not ready for product in 60 days all you need to do is make a phone call and they will hold your order for the amount of time, up to 60 days until you want it. You control what you get every 60 days if you sign up as a Preferred customer.

    I have customers, who prefer to buy retail from me and they do it when they need to. And no automatic shipments and no automatic charges to credit cards.

    As a customer, when you originally buy the product you control how it works for you – there is no automatic in the enrollment when you make your first purchase.

    As far as the amount of sunscreen in the reverse – if you use the product as they are instructed (by the stanford trained dermatologists) it will last you the 60 days.

  • 120


    My question is this. I have a friend who I am planning on ordering from and If I don’t like the product and I wont to cancel, is it difficult? Will I have to spend an hour on the phone to cancel. Just wondering? Thank you for your input.

  • 121


    My question is this, How difficult is it to cancel if I am not happy? Will I have to spend hours trying to get through. Just wondering? Thank you for your help.

  • 122


    Sodium Laurel Sulfate…is in most toothpastes. Most of these comments are from uniformed people. Just google the results to see for yourself and google the “other” company that was just sued for doctoring their photos. RF is an amazing company with fabulous products…and yes I did join the doctors, cause I’m know fool! These other companies just want the doctors to make more money, not single mothers and families. Tupperware or not you couldn’t join a better company than RF.

  • 123


    Hi Robin,

    If you are not happy, you can contact your consultant and he/she will be happy to help you return the product. R+F has a 60 day, empty jar, money back guarantee! You also receive an e-mail a week prior to your regular shipment, at which time you can make changes or cancel. Your consultant is your direct line to any questions you have about the product and your account. You also have access to the R+F nurses who can answer any product questions you may have.

    Hope that helps!


  • 124


    Thanks, Chris, for the detailed, level-headed description of what a direct sales company does, and thanks for stressing that no one thing works for everybody. That said, the positive feedback concerning Rodan and Fields does seem to outweigh the negative, by far. My wife has had great results with their products.

  • 125


    I too am an Esthetician and OBAGI has a ton of complaints. The technology is outdated and there are far superior correcttive professional lines on the market, that DO NOT contain CANCER CAUSING AGENTS!

  • 126


    I incorporate PROFESSIONAL treatments and treatment line into my protocols however VOTRE VU base Skincare sets work for everyone and I can incorporate a medical treatment protocol for those that need it, but most see their skin BEHAVE differently because it’s being nourished properly.

  • 127


    Bwahahaha! It’s not telemarketing! You just lost any credibility. (not that you had earned any before that, but I’m just sayin….)

  • 128


    They now allow you to delay or cancel with a click on their site. No phone call needed. Most of the time a consultant can tailor your regimen to you, though. I added a step from the soothe regimen to help the drying from retinol. I called my consultant and she had great information so that I didn’t even need to click the cancel or delay tab.

  • 129


    ALL DOUBTERS NEED TO READ THIS! I was a doubter-said to my wife, “come on, this is just like any other direct sell products, they suck you in with all the reward promises ect.” WELL, let me say that not only does the products work, my wife’s skin is noticably better but the money rewards to selling it are there also. She along with two of our daughters have a booming new stream of money and my wife has done so well actually got to have dinner with the Drs. in Nashville. Bravo R+F

  • 130


    Have you been contacted about getting the AMP MD (roller)? If not, I would gladly assist you if you are still interested. It is pricey, but it will last a very, very long time if you take proper care of it. 203-314-0582.

  • 131


    That is indeed great to hear, especially on behalf of his wife. I love it and I became a Consultant.

  • 132

    kathleen emde

    I have used both products. Obagai was a good product but very expensive and I see the same and better results from Rodan + Fields. I am a Rodan and Fields consultant after I got the results from using the products. I had previously used the obagai and liked them but 1/2 price and amazing results??? You can send anything back within 60 days… no questions asked… easy peezey

  • 133


    Probably most of them…’s all marketing…. The best way to improve your skin is from the inside out….quit eating crap!

  • 134

    Carrie Trussell

    Have you tried the products, Mary? I will let you try them. I want to change your mind and know this will. Just let me show you what they can do…

  • 135

    Carrie Trussell

    The products work! I can slap “olive oil and root extract” on my face all day and still have wrinkles! I want to have a young-looking face and R+F does it for me! Thank you, R+F! The last organic-enthusiasts I talked to told me that sunscreen caused cancer, not the UVA rays. Haha! I’m over “natural”. I want results!Lol

  • 136

    Carrie Trussell

    The premise is actually NOT to necessarily market to friends and family. You get out there and expose people to what the R+F line has to offer. The truth is that a lot of people, friends and family included, have these skin concerns. Why not include the ones you love to have healthier skin and especially to have better self-esteem? My husband has had cystsic acne his entire life and has felt the low self-esteem of what this can do to a person. Sincew using the UNBLEMISH line, he can finally feel comfortable with talking to people without the fear of looking at them. Also, R+F is based on the concept that the consultant market the products online, through network sites and such. No one wants people to use products that they do not need and/or want. But the truth is, “WE ARE ALL AGING ALL OF THE TIME.” So, why not look younger IF you want to? Nothing wrong with that?

  • 137

    Paula Page

    Where do you rank Obagi products? I have been using for nearly 20 years and have been very pleased!

  • 138


    do your products have any mineral oil in them?

  • 139


    What are those products???

  • 140


    Network marketing has nothing to do with anything. Come on ladies, really? I’m a Licensed Esthetician as well. I will agree with the Tupperware comment here. However, there are many good products on the market. I’m not in favor of this company only because there is no real scientific white papers to back any of this up other than 2 derms who have developed a skin care line like most derms do. Do your research. Be smart in choosing skin good skin care. You won’t find it on the shelf at a retail store and if you know and understand how products work, it would shed a lot of light on what you put on your skin.

  • 141


    Just wondering if at some point you can stop using this product or is it forever?

  • 142


    I recently attended an R+F meeting with a friend. In the presentation, the speaker said the products were the #1 skin care brand sold in Nordstrom nationwide and #2 or #3 in Macy’s, Neimans, etc while they were owned by Estee Lauder. I did a simple google search and found Estee Lauder’s 4Q07 meeting minutes. On page 4 they say “it is imperative that we are disciplined and take action to turn around or divest brands that aren’t performing to their full potential. Last week we sold the Rodan + Fields brand back to the doctors who created it. The brand didn’t develop as quickly as we had hoped.” The presenter made it sound like EL was not happy that the drs executed their buy-back agreement. Was this EL’s way to save face that a good product was leaving them? I’m sure she just repeated what she was told when it was presented to her. My friend is thinking about joining, but things like this make me hesitate to join.

  • 143


    I just want to comment about not being a doctor or “expert” to sell akin care…
    I have been a drug rep for 14 years. I sold heart Meds to cardiologists! Although I am not a physician, I can read, learn, and decipher studies associated with products. The same is with skin care… Just because I am not a dermatologist does not mean I am not qualified to educate about an excellent brand!

  • 144


    This company does animal test.

  • 145


    plus you are in charge of your order start stop it when you want.

  • 146


    Well, then you should know that Botox doesn’t provide “instant” results either. I’m a nurse practitioner, but I’d never claim that I’m a skin care expert because of that. That’s not my area of expertise. Just because some of you are RNs doesn’t mean that you’re skin care experts. I came to read reviews of this brand because I have suddenly had several consultants contact me about purchasing these products. I use Obagi and have for over a year. I was blessed with great skin anyway, so I can’t say for sure that any of the expensive stuff is totally worth it, but I do like Obagi. Key factors are drinking water, eating healthy, exercise and sun protection.

  • 147

    Kacee Van Horn

    Someone earlier commented they didn’t see results after 4 weeks so they were not satisied. I too used the product 4 weeks and didn’t see much difference (the Reverse line for brown spots), but my consultant told me it took years in the sun to get those spots, that I shouldn’t expect them to go away overnight. So I kept using the products, and now, 8 weeks later, I can’t belive how much the spots have faded. And I didn’t even think I had uneven skin tone before, not until I looked in the mirrow after a couple of months of using Reverse. Wow. And as for expense, after using Natura Bisse Tensloift, R&F regimens are VERY reasonable. Supposedly results are best after 6 months, can’t wait to see what my face looks like in 4 more months!

  • 148


    Can you tell me if the soothe #2 has been helpful for hand and foot syndrome with chemotherapy??

  • 149


    according to the peta website, rodan + fields does not do animal testing

  • 150


    Actually if you do your research you will find that these exact same products were the #1 selling clinical skincare line at Nordstrom in 2007 and were sold in high-end dept stores like Henry Bindel and Bloomingdales until the doctors decided to buy back the line from Estee Lauder (whom they had sold it to) and exit retail infavor of direct selling. And you know what…they now sell 4 times the amount in one month that they did in the retail setting in an entire year! Now that is the power of direct marketing at work. Also, it is important to note that we at R + F receive more FREE press and raves from beauty editors in mags like O, Glamour, Essence, Vogue, Bazaar, Real Simple and many more than ALL the other direct selling companies combined!

  • 151


    I have a question for you…you are already going to use skincare right? If a friend or family member has a product that is a great quality and you see results on their face from a product that they believe in, why wouldn’t you want to give your hard-earned money to someone you know and like or love to help them pay their mortgage rather than giving it to a big corporation or dermatologists office (that’s already making tons of money)?? Seems like a no brainer to me. I am not saying that you should buy things just to support a friend but at least try what they think is something wonderful enough that they would share it with you especially since you have 60 days to return!

  • 152


    I have a friend who is trying to get me to sign up as a consultant. After reading all these comments I a seriously on the fence. And I haven’t even used the products yet so why should I hype them? My friend said it takes too long to see the results to wait to sign up….I am very confused at this point as to what to do.

  • 153


    I have been using R + F for 8 months. Dark areas on face improved and got lighter. That is all. NO difference in reducing lines, wrinkles. I am in my 50s. Been using sun block for years. Products are very expensive for the amount you get. And yes I agree with some previous comments about ingredients…if you are of child bearing age, you must do everything you can to reduce your exposure to some of the chemicals found in ALL cosmetics. I will probably switch to another line that can offer me good product with results at less cost per ml.

  • 154


    Nina. U say it contains chemicals. You know wat everything you eat and breath is chemicals. So if you wanna look good then enjoy your life. Stress also cause lots cancers and stuff. So since life is short stop complaining and enjoy your life. :)

  • 155


    I have been using R&F for 3 months. I am using the Anti-Age line. I am very disappointed with it. It makes my skin very dry. I even signed up to be a Consultant but canceled it once I saw my results. It is just not for everyone, I guess. I had better results with Olay.

  • 156


    I am not a consultant – just saying that up front. I started using R&F two weeks ago and I have been amazed. I have used a lot of products over the years (I am 45) and this has been by far the best line of skin care products. I also got a set for my 14 year old daughter that has had acne issues for two years and now it is almost clear. It is a bit spendy, but not any more than other high quality skin care lines.

  • 157


    I’ve also been using the R+F anti-aging and the AMP MD product. I now have milia which I believe has been caused by the AMP MD product. It is funny that you mentioned peach fuzz because I just noticed alot around my jaws the other day. I will no longer use the AMP MD product.

  • 158


    Hi Trisha, I have been a happy consultant for 2 1/2 years. There are many people with various opinions and skin care concerns. This company is of the highest integrity and product standards. You have to make a decision based on what is right for you and what you are looking to do. This is an exciting time to join with Rodan and Fields and I am so glad that I did!

  • 159

    Janice Howell

    Do you gave samples to try?

  • 160

    Janice Howell

    Do you have samples of Reverse to try first?

  • 161


    I am wanting to try the REVERSE regiman. Do I really need all 4 steps or could I just get the wash and the lightening treatment? And if I quit using this after I get results, what will happen? Will brown spots come back or will it get worse? Thanks!

  • 162


    Does this company test on animals ?

  • 163


    My doctor prescribed Hydroquinone for me. Obagi also used Hydroquinone and Retin A, and this is by prescription only. And, yes, Hydroquinone is banned for ingestion in most countries and the carcinogenic action in lab animals was with much higer dosages.

  • 164


    The Smoothe line doesn’t remove my Bare Minerals makeup. I have to use a cloth to get it off first then use the cleanser. What’s the point of buying an expensive cleanser if it doesn’t remove your makeup? Will try to find another line.

  • 165

    LaSha Powell

    No, Gregg. The products are not tested on animals.

  • 166


    Do these products work
    On dermatitis of the face

  • 167


    Laura, Yes you do really need all 4 steps… step 4 contains 50+ SPF which is very important to avoid adding to your brown spots. This is just like any product we use… our skin isn’t going away so what I would suggest is that after you get it under control you switch over to our Redefine regimen which will keep it under control while controlling wrinkles, pores and pigmentation…. Let me know if interested.

  • 168


    It may not be telemarketing, but it appears to be a pyramid…the more people you get under you the more money you make. I have seen a lot of this with other products.

  • 169

    M. Erickson

    Is this safe for my 10 year old child with eczema?

  • 170


    What are the safer products that are less expensive?

  • 171


    M. Erickson the sooth line can be used as young as 4 months old with great results. Look up results under the sooth line. Remember if at 60 days your not happy with the results return the empty bottles for full refund. I am a consultant if you have more questions I am happy to help.

  • 172


    It’s very hard to return the product I’ve returned my unused product about a month ago and have yet to get a refund. I used reverse for 2 months and so no real difference in my skin. The ingredients in the products are not strong enough to lighten or brighten skin. I am a woman of color and have fairly light skin and still there was not a notice my difference. Just check the ingredients and their concentrations–common sense. My dermatologist recommended Retina-A and dark spots gone in less than one month. I wouldn’t like all my money back from Rodan and Fields.

  • 173

    Mary White

    Would it be possible for me to purchase your products wholesale to resell in my business? I am currently a Merle Norman studio but have been considering changing lines for about 6 months now. I have looked at different lines and plan to make a decision in the very, very near future. You can call me 843-464-2464

  • 174


    I would really check into products fully before I put them onto my face. If they are not natural then not for me. To many chemicals. I’m sure they seem on the outside like they are working, but I’m just wondering what are the affects over time?

  • 175


    I recently purchased the Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen as well as the Macro E. I was told that I could immediately begin using both products. I went home and used my macro e, waited a couple days and started parts 2-4 of the reverse regime. I again used the macro e (was told I could use it every other day.) I woke up two days ago with a very swollen, red and rashy face and neck. The area around my eyes are so swollen that when I smile my eyes nearly close. It’s very painful. Anyone experience similar problems with these products? Any advice? The swelling doesn’t seem to be going down over time either.

  • 176

    Kathie McCarthy

    I had very bad Rosacea to the point where I had both redness and blister like pimples. I went to a dermatologist who gave me a RX that did not work. After two weeks of using Unblemished and Soothe it is gone. This has changed my skin dramatically. I started as a user and now I am a consultant because I believe in these products!

  • 177

    Cyndy Harvey

    After reading most of the comments, I believe I am ready to try Rodan and Fields Reverse Line. How much is it,how long does it last and where can I purchase it? Thank you.

  • 178


    oh forgot to mention that it last 60 days and the price ranges from $290 (includes Roller) to $144. Prices vary depending on if you purchase as a Retail customer, Preferred Customer, or as a Consultant

  • 179

    Kathleen Cappella

    have you done a review on TreSkinRX? Pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera Skin Care

  • 180


    Reverse skin care does not work. Used for 2 months saw no change in dark spot or skin. To expensive. Will not buy again.

  • 181

    Terra ortiz

    The anti aging regimen comes with a face wash too. This review is wrong

  • 182

    Whitney forbes

    Hi , I use the unblemish line and it’s the only thing that is keeping my skin clear enough to not flare and keep scarring. I’ve battled with severe acne my whole life almost and I can say for ME it works well. That’s the good point . BUT, as a practicing esthetician for many years now I really don’t appreciate the the stay at home moms giving “facials” and selling the product. It takes jobs away from people who actually have a knowledge of the skin and have spend much time paying to go to school to learn and have some kind of an expertise. I’m sure if you were in my position it would be very understandable . What’s happening is something like a pyramid scheme type of sales approach . I don’t like this about the company . Also , yes it is VERY expensive but also You would spend just as much if not more at a doctors office for anything severe. One more thing is even though I will continue to recommend the product as it has worked for me and many others, I do have to warn some , including myself… A lot of the ingredients in these products are not safe…. Banned in many other countries due to there proven carcinogenic effects. I would not use these while pregnant at all. The FDA is behind on many products and foods they allow to the American people. So please do research and weigh out the risks and benefits for you personally

  • 183


    I must say., I was almost happy with this product until I encountered a problem with customer service and my ” consultant” who put in wrong order($1200.00 worth or product) now I cant get a refund !!! And the consultant has the product. I have been completely screwed. And no one will help. Needless to say they lost a valuable customer. Do Not waste your $ MONEY$ on this over priced, non consumer friendly product!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 184

    Denise Sirabian

    To Cassie, I don’t know who told you that it was ok to use the macro every few days but everything I have read says once a week. I have been using the redefine and I love the feel of it on my face, it is very silky and I have noticed a difference in my complexion. I have used the drugstore brands which don’t last as long and have never noticed a difference. I love these products which I use to order from the US and became a consultant in Canada.

  • 185

    Jan Bryant

    If you’re going to spend money on drugstore products, expect to get drugstore results. I love R+F so much that I am now a consultant. I can answer any questions you have about all the products.

  • 186


    Cassie! Your consultant should have told you how and when to use the Macro E! And did you follow the directions for Reverse? Ouch!

    Brianne, you need to deal with your “consultant”. why would they have your products if it was placed on your account? Doesn’t make sense.

  • 187

    Veda O'Hearn

    I have received a sample packet of Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion paste from consultant Rebecca West but unable to reach her at phone # on her card. I like this product although my skin is super sensitive and would like a couple more packets to make sure the product doesn’t compromise my skin.

  • 188

    karen towne

    does your redefine products have oil in them

  • 189

    R Jones

    unscrupulous sales reps order products for you without permission. Think they call that FRAUD

  • 190

    Laurie Pusselo

    I am happy happy sellin Nerium!! Wanted to find out about R+F and there’s not much there….2 derm’s that created some products (many) from what I see with no science at all and too many steps, in which the main doesn’t even address anti aging..
    I was kinda scareed of what I’d see in researching them, but I’ve known from the beginning that Nerium is #1!!

  • 191


    Is the rodan and fields reverse line non comedogenic?

  • 192


    From the comments herein I see some slightly improved drug store products that do not look for and address the SOURCE of the skin aging issues (…fillers). With 2 dermatologists the R&D is very thin, there is only one source of supply I know of that started with extensive research dating back 30 years and has evolved since with incredible new products regularly due to their large research labs and links with Purdue, Stanfords etc. For acne we have an very good 3-step system that works, antioxidant levels in your body (comments from other noted here as I’ve seen rosecea leave as example) can also have an impact depending on the issues being experienced. Products from 20+ years ago beat what is on the market today, less expensive. Good luck with your skin care.

  • 193


    Used Redefine products (and micro-dermabrasion paste) for seven weeks. Finally couldn’t take it any more. My skin kept getting worse and worse. I’ll be 60 tomorrow — haven’t had acne for over 25 years, and suddenly my face look red and bumpy — and felt SORE. SOMEthing seemed to be making my skin allergic! I haven’t looked this bad since I was a teenager! Stopped using it today. Went back to my regimen of $10 face cream (alpha-hydroxy night replenishing cream) and neutragena cleanser and toner and already my face FEELS less irritated and looks SO much better. I don’t know what is in these products but it’s obviously causing some kind of bad reaction with my skin. For this much money, I was hoping for miracles, I suppose. But I sure wasn’t expecting severely worse skin than when I started!

  • 194


    I recently purchased the Redefine and loved it but I had a headache all week. I have Celiac disease so I’m allergic to gluten. I was wonder if the products contain any type of gluten.

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