Roc Skin Care Review

Have some questions about how Roc Skin Care works?

Roc Skin Care is a well-known name in the beauty industry. Johnson and Johnson is the company that makes Roc Skin Care. The business history stretches back to 1886. You can’t purchase from the official website, but there is a list of retailers where products are available.

What is Roc Skin Care?

Roc Skin Care is an anti-aging line that has a popular name in the industry. Ingredients are listed for all products, so that’s a huge positive. We checked the FAQ section and found nothing about how long you’re supposed to use the formulas before seeing results.

Quick Facts on Roc Skin Care

  • The line is huge. This could make it hard to choose the right products.
  • There’s no guarantee from the company.
  • The business has been around since 1886.
  • You cannot purchase directly from Roc Skin Care.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“In the beauty industry, Roc Skin Care is a well-known name,” said our Skincare Editor. “But, just because you know the company name, doesn’t mean it lives up to your expectations.”

Here’s What People Have to Say

In our research, we found a couple issues that come up often – so these need to be addressed. Mixed reviews and side effects are the problems with Roc products.

People who weren’t happy with the Roc Skin Care products said:

  • “I had to stop using it. It seemed to magnify my wrinkles.”
  • “I am extremely disappointed with this product.”

However, there are pleased customers as well.

  • “Pleased with the results.”
  • “I have used RoC for years now and it does make a difference!”

Side effects were another common issue.

  • “I’ve only used this product for a little over a week, and after the first 3 days I started to breakout.”
  • “My face broke out in a red rash and pimples.”

Others specifically said they experienced no such thing.

  • “I was fortunate enough to not really have any side effects to this.”
  • “My skin responded well right away with no ill side effects.”

Are We Positive About Roc Skin Care?

Are we already out of the house looking for Rock Skin Care products? Well, we like that there are some proven ingredients and the positive reviews are always a good sign, but we are hesitant about recommending this line. There are far too many mixed reviews and side effects are not something you should have to consider.

What Do We Like Better Than Roc Skin Care?

Of all the reviews we’ve completed in 2016, the product that struck us the most was BioGeniste. It is made up of clinically tested ingredients and we love to see such amazing customer reviews.

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77 thoughts on “Roc Skin Care Review”

  1. I have used your Daily Resurfacing Disks and Deep Wrinkle Serum and broken out in a horrible rash around and under eyes. Even had swelling under the eyes. Scared me to death. I was using no other products for about 3 days, and this happened. i stopped immediatley when seeing the reaction. Is there anyway to get a refund? I paid over $30.00 for the two items. Thankyou, Barb Christman

    1. Barb, i just had this same thing happen and am scared of this swelling! did you use anything to make it go down? did it go away when you stopped using the product? Any help would be so much appreciated.Thankyou!

      1. regular tea bags will help with the swelling and make your skin feel better too instantly… (black tea) like regular lipton … also, this product and any with R in them tend to do this, the trick is to use them every 3rd day when starting for about 3 weeks then every other day etc. They forget to tell you that…

    2. Barb, the same thing happened to me too. It burned my skin all around my eyes. Now I look like I’m tired all the time. This product does not work. Good luck…Cali

      1. I recently used the roc eye cream for sensitive eyes.It left me with a red rash,now I’m left with discolration under my eyes.

  2. I purchased the RoC MultiCorrexion Skin Perfecting System because I am trying their
    RoC Mulit-Correxion Night Treatment to hopefully remove agespots under my eyes. The Multi correxion moisturizer stings my skin is that unusual. Also I am black, so far the result on the RoC Mulit-Correxion Night Treatment are good on some spots but the major spot not so mucn. I have been using their products for a little over 3 weeks. My question is are the products good for black/ brown skin.

    1. My skin is a medium brown and have been using the daily moisturizer with SPF 30 deep wrinkle. I had a very bad reaction and broke out in a bad rash all over my face and my lips and eyes swelled up.

      I have been using the night cream just fine, but will definitely not be using the daily one anymore!

    1. Ronel, are you saying that it won’t be available in South Africa? I’m South African and stay in the tropics in SE Asia. I buy my roc products online at Its the only product that works for me. I’m ‘brown’ with serious pigmentation and in the sun every day. After having tried a variety of products I’ve learnt to be patient and have used it non-stop for 15mnths now.

  3. I have been using Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream for atleast three weeks. Although I’m only 22, my skin was a little dull and tired as the result of wearing makeup since I was 11 and living in New York City. Since using this productmy skin has transformed. I feel like this product has taken 7 years off and my skin is glowing. I’m not a sales rep, but for this product, I wish that I was. If you do try it, you’ll know for sure if it’s for you within a week and a half.

    The only thing is I do believe that you should find a wrinkle fighter to use with it because it has no proven ingredients to reduce/prevent wrinkles. I REALLY LOVE IT and will continue using this product for a very long time.

  4. I like the Made from Earth website because they list all their ingredients in plain English. On the box every ingredient has the standard latin based name and the English explanation of it. For example, “butyrospermum parkii butter – shea butter”. Very convenient. Cause latin and me never really got along too well…

    their face firming serum is amazing…feels healthy and organic, and alot less expensive than the other DMAE serums on the markets

  5. I have been using Roc for about two weeks, I’ve bought the product in the gold packaging but I would like to know which one of the Roc products would meet my needs which is on one side of my face is a wrinkle staring below my left eye down my check. Since using Roc it seem to be making it less visible but should I be buyine the serum instead of the product I bought?

  6. I have used the MULTI CORREXION™ 4-Zone Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 for one week and I have broken out in a rash all over my face. Since the 2nd night. I thought my skin just had to adjust (and I hate I spent $30 and its now basically down the drain…)How disappointing. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem. Glad my eyes didnt swell!

    1. Stick with this product trust me it works but unlike other products its honest in saying it takes time for your skin to adjust “R” is a strong ingredient and your skin needs time to asjust. Use it every 3rd day/night for 2 weeks, then every other day/night then you can start using daily/nightly… once you get past the transition period you’ll be very glad you did… they forget to tell you that : (

  7. I tried ROC retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle night cream & the filler neither product work at all. I am sorry I even tried this.

  8. Ive been using ROC products for 4yrs & im 37jrs and my skin is amaizingly beautiful. My mother used is for ages and she was 65yrs & people coulnt stop asking her age cause she looked like a young girl no wrinkles! thats a promis. I love the ROC range and will never stop.

    1. Which product did you use and what is your nationality. I am black and wonder if it will work on my skin. My skin is starting to sag

        1. That’s not true BJ – for a product that affects pigmentation (among other things) skin pigment is a valid thing to ask about!!

  9. I have been using Roc anti aging creams and cleansers for about 2 months now. the only difference I see is that I look older around my eyes than I ever have. other than that I have seen no results at all.

    1. This product is the worse I have ever used. I think I may have damaged my eyes because of this product. It burns and has made my eyes swell, itch and look much, much older. I have always looked younger than my age but I wanted to stay on top of my skin care and began using Roc…it has ruined my skin! My eyes look like something out of a horror flick!! DO NOT USE IT!!

  10. I have been using ROC Deep Wrinkle cream day and night cream. It has faded my sun damage shin and reduced my pores. I have also been using the eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles. Noticed the deep wrincles are starting to fade, but having trouble with the dark circles. Do not wear this product with out sun screen. It will make your skin sensintive to the sun and cause irritation.

  11. my husband gave me Roc Multi Correxion Anti-Age Moisturiser for Christmas and now my face has been burning and my skin feels rough and when I’m out side in the air my face feel 10 times worse. Whats in this cream can anyone tell me.

  12. I cant believe the mess Roc “complete lift” day and night cream made of my face. Totally covered with milias which now are being lanced by my dermatologist. Never will buy Roc again. My once clear skin is now a mess.

  13. im 46 im sensitive skin , but i need some lift in my face, i need to know this liftid cream is good for my skin, its really work

  14. I used Roc multi-correcxion night treatment 2 days for brown spots and dark circle and my skin became red,swelling and itching at some place,do I have to stop or it just normal for continuous to use?If stop what can I do to make that red swell and itching in my face go away? Can anybody give me an advice/ ThankS

    1. Stop using the product. I used both the eye cream and face cream for 2 weeks ignoring the tingling sensation I was having telling myself it must mean that’s it’s working. Now my face is swollen all over and I have awful red bumps everywhere. My face itches and hurts. I stopped using it 2 days ago and see no change in my skin yet. I am so scared! I sent Roc an email complaint but have not heard anything back. They do not care that they are hurting women.

  15. I recently purchased ROC Retinaol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum. I only applied it once because it caused severe itching. I rubbed my eyes and now my eyelashes are just stubs. Also the scent really bothered me it was pretty strong.

  16. I won a bottle of RoC anti ageing face cleanser (with a bottle of hand cream) as a promotional give away at my drug store. After using this product twice, I broke out in an all over face rash (not visibly too red, but terribly itch) and my eyes started to swell. Along with that the corners of my eyes now have a bumpy, flaky, scaley feeling to them, ontop of the horrible itch. And guess what? You cant scratch because your flaky skin comes off. And soothing ointments? nah, those burn like the firey pits of hell.
    Beware RoC cleanser users!!

    (still trying to treat under my eyes. i suggest stopping using the cleanser and finding a moisturizer that doesnt burn your face. carefully apply around your eyes. dont wear make up and clean very gently (it removes skin) I also had a patch of this skin the size of a nickle show up on the side of my face, and above my lip. its not very pretty..)

  17. I threw away the product info. I used the multi correxion skin rewing serum and also eye treatment on warm wet skin. Will this damage my skin? and how?

  18. i love Roc. im almost 48 and know i look like 40!!!forehead deep wrinkles are so much less visible and i started on the eye cream…liking it alot . took a few weeks to notice with eye proof it works!

  19. I just purchased RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Serum and am looking for sunscreen. Would you recommend RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 30? It states on the serum bottle to use one free Of retinol Or alpha Hydroxy Acid. I used this product 2 days in a row and have had no reaction yet. I was a little disappointed at some of your posts – I will use it every 3rd day now. Any suggestions on sunscreen?

  20. I will never use these overpriced,over-hyped products again.I used the suggested products for my skin type and the results were disastrous. If anything, I look OLDER! Don’t waste your money.

  21. Recently I purchased Roc Multi Correxion cream. the product itself is great, however the stick part of the pump fell off and then the cream would not go through the tube. I have had to pound the bottle each time to get the all product out. Is this an ongoing problem? I wouldn’t buy it again if this is the case.

    1. Just to say, that I have been using roc for many years, no side effects, It is only the last year that I can’t find a store to purchase. I am 66 years old, and must say everybody that meets me think that I am much younger. So I will not use anything els. It really works for me. I live in South Africa with a very hot dry and sunny Climate.

    2. Me too. I had some antibiotic ointment on hand and put it on the drys and red areas.
      It’s like a chemical burn. The ointment is helpful.

  22. roc eye cream for sensitive eyes left me with an allergic rx. Now I’m left with discoloration under my eyes.It makes me look 10 years OLDER !!!!!

  23. used your roc retinol correction max wrikle resurfacing system spent a lot of money products that do not work, it made my face red an dry, called to see what was the correct way to use product since there are no direction in the kit, you need to tell people how to use it. If it doesnt work you should give a refund

  24. Do you have the ingredients list for this product: RoC – Retin-Ol Multi-Correxion Mulit-Corrective Anti-Aging Moisturizer Day/Night

    I would also like to review it.

  25. I began using the Gold Cleasing Disks, the Gold cleasing cream with the 1&2 step cream& serum plus the gold Serum plus the nightly intensive wrinkle filler. I also purchased the Eye Cream and the Tall tan tube of awesome primer to used before applying your makeup or use alone for a glowing face. Im using a morning lotion with SPF 30 PLUS A NIGHTLY cream of another well known skin care line. I believe ROC has been giving me exceptional progress. I do know a LITTLE goes a Long way. Make sure you read each botle. I do know several of the steps require you to wait until the first step/cream has dried completely before going to the next step. I have been using ROC eye cream prior to this gold brand but no longer can find it so i thought why not give this a try. You only us a tad bit. Also too much of any item isn’t good no matter which line of Beauty Products . I have experienced some tingling and redness but i haven’t had it remain any longer than a few seconds. We are busy women but this process cant be thrown into our faces & have all the steps applied witjout it causinng complcations. If this is causing redness to linger and swelling t persist. Maybe skip a step for several days. I have very/sensitive skin so i HAVE TO BE careful. Good luch. I love the ROC GOLD LIE. SO FARRRR..

  26. I have been using the products for about a week…I already see the changes in my skin. I am 56 and have tried numerous products…this really seems to work for me. I also like it because it doesnt smell like perfume or sun block (ick).

  27. I bought Roc multi correxion cream as I was looking for a multipurpose cream..I have not been happy with skin is more dry than ever….was told by shoppers drugs that you stand behind your products 100% i call shoppers back…they dont handle roc concerns…tried to call johnson and johnson customer service…omg….10mins listening about security and still wasnt done..called back.was told I had to listen otherwise I would not get thru to customer service…so now I am trying this way…I paid enough for this cream and was so hoping it would work…but it did not…I have had it for about 3 or 4 wks…used daily….still lots left as I was told to only use a little bit daily……so I so would appreciate some response as to what I can do to resolve this issue….PLEASE…or did the lady in shoppers say this to make a sale.??? Would appreciate some kinda of response from someone….THANK YOU….

  28. Is the Hylauronic acid Roc uses in their deep wrinkle serum derived from rooster combs or from another source Many thanks

  29. I am an esthetician and this is the worst product I have ever tried!!! My face broke out with a horrible rash that took a long time to go away. At night it made my eyes crusty and irritaded. My chin was red with tiny blemishes. I just bought benadryl and hope things calm down. Dont buy this product! !!

    1. I am experiencing similar outbreaks. There are red sores all over. They feel like burns and, of course I have ever stopped using the products. I purchased it at a chain drug store and will be returning it. Not sure what to use to get ride of it but I will research further.

  30. Would like to buy Roc products, but Edgars, Truworth stores does not supply Roc anymore. Were can I purchase, Live in Eastern cape nearest Place P.Elizabeth

  31. I have a question,i have seen this product advertising on tv I wanted to get it today I seen an e-mail address checked it out an I see all these bad reviews now I am scared,i am 54 yrs.old so I guess I will stick with my regular stuff

  32. I would not buy ROC products. The retinol is too strong and caused extremely itchy, red, flaky skin on my cheeks and under my eyes. Cetaphil products seem to be helping the symptons. At night, I use petroleum jelly on my face. This is a very big help. However, I’m going to a dermatologist tomorrow. I had no idea there were so many of us with the same problem with ROC products! I should have looked here before spending so much money.

  33. I am 47 years old, and I have tried so many products over the years, it would be impossible to count. I feel like an expert. I have been using Roc daytime products and the resurfacing (cleansing discs) There is no product that can compare to the results of this amazing product. From the first day I noticed results. I am curious about one thing though. On my eyelids and the side of my eyes periodically they dry out incredibly, and even bleed. I am having other health issue, so I am unsure if it is related to that, or if it could be that this is a typical thing from any of these products. I do not experience any swelling and nothing under the eye, just the lids. Anyone?????? I must say I am completely amazed at the above negative comments. These products are an absolute miracle worker, I’ve always washed my face twice a day, and since age 40 used various types of anti aging so called miracle products. I recently ran into a photo five to seven years old, and I LOOK YOUNGER THAN IN THOSE PHOTOS. This is a great product. Note if you do use the nite time product, you will experience tingeling and even burning to begin with. But your skin will eventually get use to that. Its because the retina actually is stripping your older dead skin, and exposing new, more sensitive skin. Thanks for your feedback.

  34. Started to use the multi correction eye cream a few weeks ago. Within days, the area under my eyes became very dry, crusty…then crusty, red and very wrinkled. I looked 90 years old! I stopped using the product immediately; a pharmacist thought cortisone may help but we both agreed it may be best to leave them alone. I assume the I ‘m sensitive to retinol; my eyes are no longer dry and crusty. They started to itch and that has subsided but they are still red. It must be a burn. Vaseline seems to soothe the burn at night. I will continue to use Vaseline .
    Does anyone have a 1-800 phone number for ROC?

  35. I was using the ROC for over 15 years & never called or sent a compliant, but I called them recently about the ROC pump container , that was only half full or it seemed to be to be ,knowing that it only lasted a week ,so to get to the point ,when I called them , like I said after using the product for over 15 years & I must of used every product they have ,I just had one compliant & that was the pump seemed to be half full & they acted like they cared ,I WOULD ACT LIKE I CARED TO IF I WANTED SOMEONE TO GIVE ME $20 OR $30. DOLLARS EVERY 2 OR 3 WEEKS & THAT`S THE PERSONS JOB! WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE ,IS TO ACT AS NICE AS THEY CAN BE & they said they would send me a $2.00 coupon ?? A $2.00 COUPON ?? after over 15 years & spending hundreds of dollars ,they did not care a all they just wanted to get to the next caller to do the same ,I even sent them the same email but for some reason Yahoo would not let me send it, to top that off the ROC even asked me if I wanted to post it on FACEBOOK ,I should but I didn’t . well for using the ROC AGAIN ,THANKS BUT NO THANKS & YOU CAN THAT TO THE BANK WITHOUT MY MONEY !!!

  36. Just a note to all the savy skin ladies. I’ve used ROC night serum since I was in my twenties. I’m now 40 and woman ask me what I use. I’ve been told several times that I look like I’m about 25. Routine is crucial in skin care. I cleanse my face with coconut oil and moisturize with coconut oil, but I always use the Roc serum at night on my face and neck. The key to using a retional product is not to use anything else with it. Keep it simple and always use a sunscreen EVERYDAY! Love and beauty to all…..

  37. I’ve spent a small fortune on skin products. O have rosesca and enlarged pores. Wrinkles are just starting to appear because I religiously have used oil of Olay w spf15 daily since I was 28. I’m now 60. I believe I’ve caused damage to my skin since trying several other products thinking they might be better. Word of warning: driver side of my face is aging faster than the other.

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