Rhonda Allison Review

Do you have a few questions about Rhonda Allison?

Rhonda Allison is the name of a person and a company. The founder hit the ground running in 1992 and has been expanding the line ever since. You cannot purchase directly from the official website, but you can search for a retail location. No prices are listed.

What is Rhonda Allison?

Rhonda Allison is a skincare line that started with a chemical peel. Since then, products have expanded into anti-aging and overall health. You can find a list of ingredients for each formula – a big positive. Unfortunately, there are a few issues. We found alcohol and, in some cases, three different sources of water in one formula. The customer is not paying high dollar for fancy water.

Quick Facts on Rhonda Allison

  • The ingredients for each product are listed on the official website.
  • You cannot purchase direct.
  • Water is a primary ingredient in all formulas we reviewed.
  • Alcohol, a strong irritant, is used by Rhonda Allison.
  • Sometimes alcohol is listed multiple times.
  • Other irritants include lemon peel oil, peppermint oil and camphor.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Rhonda Allison?

“We rarely make a decision before looking at a company in detail from all sides,” explains our Skincare Editor. “Rhonda Allison is different. We found alcohol, sometimes listed twice, in every formula we reviewed. This is a known irritant that can cause significant skin damage.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found some reports of skin irritation, which didn’t surprise us.

  • “Caused irritation. I have sensitive skin.”

However, that’s not the cause for everyone.

  • “I’ve now used at least 10 of her different products and experienced positive effects with no irritation or break-outs.”

There’s also the issue of fragrance. Though we found no complaints, the fact that the scent is so strong could mean it is damaging the skin without the user knowing it.

  • “Smells delicious and relaxing.”
  • “The bonus is the fragrance. I put a few drops on the top of my hands throughout the day so I can enjoy the smell of this product.”

Is It Time to Buy Some Rhonda Allison Products?

We are a little hesitant to recommend Rhonda Allison products. The use of alcohol and fragrance is overpowering. Both can cause skin irritation, even if the user doesn’t feel the damage. Then, as time goes on, that can lead to further premature aging. This is especially troublesome if you’re looking to fight just that.

What Do We Like Better Than Rhonda Allison?

After hundreds of products, the one that stands above all others is BioGeniste. This anti-aging solution is packed with clinically tested ingredients and it’s supported by some amazing customer reviews.

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