ReVive Review


Like many anti-wrinkle products that are available today, ReVive is a topical use cream that bills itself as a non-invasive Botox alternative. And who wouldn’t want firm, young skin without having to spend a fortune at the doctor’s office? But how well to ReVive’s big claims hold up to a closer look. ReVive is the brainchild of one Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, a prominent plastic surgeon. Dr. Brown was on a research team that conducted a $2 million dollar skin in order to develop a viable topical treatment for burn victims. The results of this study would ultimately go on to become the formula for his ReVive line of skin care products.

So what was the “miracle” that came out of Dr. Brown’s research? The primary active ingredient found in ReVive skin care products is a bioengineered molecule that has been named Epidural Growth Factor. Also known as EGF for short, this molecule was originally developed to treat patients suffering from severe burns. Putting his medical background to use, Dr. Brown came up with a proprietary formula for ReVive based on EGF’s benefits, and the product claims to revitalize age-damaged skin deep down on a molecular level.

Product Details

Currently, ReVive sells a small groupd of patented skin care products. Their signature product is a potent EGF concentrate serum. Many of the other ReVive skin care products also make use of patented, bioengineered molecules while sticking to the brand’s original approach to molecular level skin care. In addition to their concentrate serum, ReVive also offers an eye tonic, a cleanser and moisturizer. The company claims that their molecule-based products also address collagen production, but little information is given regarding how this is done. Collagen is a naturally produced substance that keeps our skin firm and plump. As we age, our body’s natural collagen productiong slows and many current anti-wrinkle treatments seek to reintroduce collagen to aging skin. Some products also seem to include high levels of Vitamin C, which act as an antioxidant and protect skin from environmental factors.

All of this research and development doesn’t come cheap, however, and some potential users could be put off by ReVive’s three digit price tag. For example, a 2 oz. jar of Moisturizing Renewal Cream is sold for $150.00. And for the big spenders, the company offers a $1,500 beauty regimen kit. Obviously not everyone is going to get the full kit, but the manufacturers do recommend putting together a beauty regimen based on several core ReVive products in order see optimal results.

The Good

  • Product makes use of several heavily researched technologies.
  • Products are available both from the official website and at high end retail locations.
  • Official products website includes an on-line LiveChat feature, but we did not have the opportunity to test this.

The Bad

  • This product is one of the priciest that we have reviewed so far.
  • No free product sample is offered.
  • Not all products are suitable for all skin types.
  • We could not find a money back return policy on the official product website.

The Bottom Line

We do have a few reservations about this product. Obviously, the doctors involved in the original $2 million EGF study walked away with a ton of studies to back up the molecule’s effectiveness at treating severe burns, but ReVive offers no real information about how they want about repurposing the technology as a wrinkle treatment. Also, some potential users could find ReVive’s high cost prohibitive, especially when compared to some of the simpler, more affordable options on the market.


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