Resurgence Review


The Resurgence range of skin care products is manufactured by a company called Murad. This skin care range was conceived by Dr Howard Murad who is a Board Certified Dermatologist and also a Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA. The official website for Resurgence also tells us that Dr. Murad holds seventeen dermatological patents and has published a number of books that discuss healthy skin care. The official website also tells us that the Resurgence range of skin care products is specially formulated to deal with the specific problems and challenges related to hormonal aging. The Resurgence skin care products are sold in a set that contains a Renewing Cleansing Cream, an Age Diffusing Serum, and an Age Balancing Night Cream. The Age Diffusing Serum in the set is especially targeted for aging skin.

Product Details

As women age, and particularly as they enter menopause the body undergoes a number of changes, as does the skin. The official website for Resurgence rightly tells us that one of the disadvantages of this aging process is a reduction in the amount of collagen that the body produces. This reduction in collagen production leads to wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin.

The main anti-aging product in the Resurgence skin care set is the Age Defusing Serum. Two of the main active ingredients in the Age Defusing Serum are Acetyl Hexapeptide, which is also known as Argireline-3 and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 which is also known as Matrixyl. We know that both of these products help to increase the level of collagen produced by the body and in turn have a positive anti-aging effect on the skin. However, the Resurgence range of skin care products are not the only anti-aging products that contain these two potent ingredients. There is a detailed official website for the Resurgence range of products and the set can be ordered directly from this website. Unfortunately, the Age Defusing Serum cannot be purchased on its own. Rather, it must be purchased as part of a set.

The Good

  • The Resurgence skin care range was conceived by Dr. Murad, who is a world renowned skin care expert.
  • Those who order the Resurgence skin care set will also receive the Glow Bonus Pack of skincare products.
  • If the products are returned within 60 days there is a full money back guarantee promised.

The Bad

  • The Resurgence skin care products cannot be bought individually and the full set is quite expensive.
  • The Age Defusing Serum is not the only product on the market to contain Matrixyl.
  • The renewing cleansing cream in the Resurgence set does not seem to contain any anti-aging ingredients.
  • Two out of three products in the Resurgence set are not specifically formulated as anti-aging products.

The Bottom Line

The official website for Resurgence is impressive, mainly due to the qualifications and experience of Dr. Murad. However, if we take Dr. Murad out of the equation the bottom line is that users need to purchase an expensive three-product set in which only one product contains proven wrinkle fighting ingredients. Some of Resurgence’s competitors do not require that you purchase a whole skin care set to get the proven benefits of Matrixyl.


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