Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Review


Renew Intensive Skin Therapy is marketed as a fast-absorbing lotion meant for people with extremely dry skin. This product does not help in the renewal of skin cells and does not address the signs of aging however it does claim to heal dry skin. Moisture loss is one of the main problems with aging skin, so because Renew does contain melaleuca oil, it may have moisturizing benefits. Renew is said to be beneficial in healing severely dry skin and it is also said to be effective as an insect repellant.

Product Details

Renew is said to work by retaining more moisture in the skin to truly help heal the skin. One of the main active ingredients, Melaleuca Oil, is supposed to be a fast absorbing healer of dry skin and effective as an itch reliever in place of chemical products such as Benadryl. This product would not be recommended if you are solely looking for a product to improve the appearance of wrinkles, as it is not promoted for doing so even though it claims to be an intensive moisturizer. Some of the main ingredients found in the Renewal lotion are Deionized Water, Glycerin USP, Petrolatum USP and Melaleuca Oil. The Melaleuca Oil is said to be a great anti-infective agent in that it works to clear bacterial infections such as acne, fungal infections like athletes foot, and viral infections such as cold sores.

The Good

  • Renew is relatively inexpensive and affordable for the average consumer.
  • Based on its active ingredient, Melaleuca Oil, it may have moisturizing benefits.

The Bad

  • Renew does not aid in reducing the signs of aging or smoothing the skin from wrinkles.
  • There are no before and after pictures throughout the website to show how well the product actually works.
  • The product website does not include information from clinical trials or scientific research.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a product to help renew the skin and decrease the dryness that often comes to the skin in winter or colder times, Renew may be beneficial. If you are looking for a product that will help decrease the signs of aging however, then consumers will want to look elsewhere for a more effective product that contains advanced ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. When consumers are in the market for skin care products, they expect the latest and best ingredients to be included in the formulas. Even when it comes to moisturizing agents, consumers should only pay for products which contain ingredients which will produce dramatic results. It would be better if the manufacturer would provide clinical research data or at least before and after photos to demonstrate its effectiveness as Melaleuca Oil is not a very common ingredient.

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