Renee Rouleau Review


Renee Rouleau is an eponymous line of beauty products created by Ms. Renee Rouleau. Renee set out to create a multitude of specialized skincare products that cater to various kinds of skin types, instead of just your basic three skin types which are dry, normal, and oily. Renee Rouleau started out by opening a spa, but later launched her own line of skincare products. Many celebrities are featured on the official website and apparently they use Renee Rouleau spas and other products.

The official Renee Rouleau website has well over 50 products available, and these range from cleansers to masks to moisturizers. The site offers a few skincare kits that combine various products and put them in a convenient, one-stop package. In the anti-aging department, the products that really stand out are the Instant Line Filler and the Swiss Collagen Complex.

Product Details

The Renee Rouleau anti-aging products seem to contain some fairly common ingredients that similar products use. Many of the products have anti-oxidants and vitamins in them that may benefit the skin. Let’s take a closer look at the two anti-aging products mentioned above.

The Renee Rouleau Instant Line Filler is supposed to give you smoother skin with less wrinkles almost instantly. This product utilizes hyaluronic acid as one of its main ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer that is common in many anti-aging products today.

The Renee Rouleau Swiss Collagen Complex claims to improve your skin’s hydration and works beneath the skin to better moisturize. This product uses yeast extract, which may work as a plant based collagen enhancer. The official Renee Rouleau website doesn’t have very thorough descriptions of many of its products, and the full list of ingredients isn’t available. The products are fairly expensive and range from about $30.00 to $70.00 each.

The Good

  • The official website has an area that will help you determine your skin type and recommend various products.

The Bad

  • There are no testimonials available on the official website.
  • Fairly expensive. Many products are over $30 for .5 ounces.
  • No money-back return policy. You can exchange unopened merchandise for gift certificates only.

The Bottom Line

The Renee Rouleau product line is fairly diverse, and you should be able to find a product or two that sounds interesting. We noticed that this website really encourages new customers to use multiple products at once and it is always recommending something else to consumers. While helpful, this struck us as a little on the pushy side.

There really isn’t anything spectacular about the Renee Rouleau anti-aging products that we could determine. They don’t really contain many useful ingredients and they look more like moisturizers instead of a complete wrinkle solution. We would rather stick to a product that uses a combination of powerful, proven ingredients instead.

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