Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula Review

What You Should Know

Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula claims to support skin, hair and nail health with a daily boost of collagen, but there are some problems with the supplement and the company behind the supplement. We were unable to locate an official website or any contact information for the manufacturer. We found one Canadian website, but that was for a different, single product from the company. We did find several articles on the Kardashian family and mention of the Kardashians on the Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula bottle. What we didn’t find was detailed information on the type of collagen included in the formula or mention of how much of each amino acid is supplied.

Product Details

Collagen is a supplement offered in many forms by many different manufacturers. Rejuvicare is a product of Windmill Health, but there are some issues with the product line. We visited the Windmill Health website and we only found Windmill Health branded supplements – no Rejuvicare. The address listed for Windmill Health in the product description of Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula is different from the address listed on the company’s contact page – though both are in New Jersey. The product label says the supplement is distributed by Windmill Health, so who manufacturers the supplement?

To make matters more confusing, we found mention of Barton Nutritional so we checked to see if that company sold Rejuvicare or claimed the product line – but we found nothing. Barton Nutritional Systems does sell a liquid collagen supplement, but it does not go by the Rejuvicare name. As a matter of fact, the Barton product line looks slightly less main stream than the Rejuvicare line – based on labeling alone.

One bottle of Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula sells for less than $13. The bottle lasts one month, making this product a spectacular deal, but collagen is not the only ingredient in the formula. You will find grape seed extract, Tonalin, grape skin extract and melon pulp in the formula as listed in the other ingredients. Some users have reported feeling changes in mood, anxiety and stomach discomfort after taking Rejuvicare Collagen Beauty Formula.

The Good

  • Less expensive than other collagen supplements.

The Bad

  • No manufacturer is listed.
  • Consumers complain they cannot contact the company.
  • The type of collagen included is not listed.

The Bottom Line

This is a cheap, liquid collagen supplement marketed with a push from the Kardashian family. We have no idea who makes the supplement and no idea what type of collagen is supplied. No matter the price, we believe the consumer has a right to know what they are taking and who made the supplement.

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  1. Please, can you confirm if you are manufacturers of Rejuvicare liquid hydrolyzed Collagen.
    We want to import 500 or 1000 units to Valparaiso port, Chile.
    Can you send me prices and conditions.
    We also want to know is you produce or distribute L- carnitine

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